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Letter to Hoffa2

Letter to Hoffa2

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  1. Maryann

    Dear Mr. Hoffa Jr.
    I was appalled at your Detroit speech, calling for the war on American Patriots. Just because there are those that do not believe in Unions policies, or the power the Unions have in Washington, that does not give you the right to call for a uprising, and stating that you want to take us out…
    There are alot of Union Members that don’t happen to agree with your point of view, and feel that the Unions are out of control. You don’t care about the Union Members, they are just a means to an end to you. and hopfully before this nation becomes to much more divided, your heard of sheep that think that using violence is the only way to put america back on track will wake up.
    Unions are the reason that GM, Chrysler, and many more companies are either in bankrupsy, or have filed bankrupsy, and or are taking their businesses to other countries. Mr. Hoffa, your bullying tactics no longer has a place in our society. You and the likes of you need to be locked up for insighting violence against Americans that don’t happen to agree with your agenda.
    Union Members are not the only Americans Mr. Hoffa, and as an American, I’m offended that anyone that stands up against bullying polices such as yours would claim otherwise.

    A Union Member
    Maryann Hunt

    Maryann Hunt

    1. Joan

      Here, here Maryann!

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