Dec 07 2011

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The Politics of Destruction

There was once a time in America when character, honesty and yes even chivalry were necessary prerequisites for leadership. Evidently, those days are long gone. As an example  I point to Senator Rick Jones comments after learning I had filed a Senate ethics complaint against him for cyber bullying

As quoted in several news sources: “I have genuine concern about her, and I don’t wish to comment on any private conversations we’ve had,” Jones said. and “Mr. Jones said, he “cares about Ms. Fabiano’s health.”

A perfect example of the politics of destruction. Senator Jones in a vain attempt to throw the spotlight of truth away from himself tries to cast doubt on my mental health, politics of destruction in action.  Although apparently in Jones world, there must be something wrong with anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Private conversations? Fabrication. Just another smoke and mirror tactic to try to manipulate people into thinking there was any private conversation between Jones and I, politics of destruction in action. and of course a “private” conversation is hard to prove or disproof isn’t it?. Just another tool in the arsenal of those who engage in the politics of personal destruction.

We just had an example of the politics of destruction in action with Herman Cain. Just throw out whatever you can and see what sicks. And no matter how false or outrageous the allegation is, some people will choose to believe it. That’s how it works, try to plant falsehoods in the minds of others to throw the focus off you and onto another.  And this is exactly why people do not get involved or come forward when they should. They are afraid. Afraid of false and scurrilous allegations that hold the  possibility of destroying  relationships and the object of the attack.  I  had received reports from others that said they had experienced similar behavior from Jones in the past. Unfortunately, because of fear of repercussions they choose not to get involved. and after reading Jone’s comment here who can blame them? However there are two comments left publicly on this site, that claim they had experienced similar behavior from Jones in the past, please judge them for yourself HERE And”genuine concern” Is there anyone who believes the sincerity of that?! This comment would be laughable if it wasn’t part of a campaign to deliberately discredit.

But let’s be clear, this isn’t about me or even if had some kind of medical problem which I do not, this is about the inappropriate, unprofessional and bullying behavior and actions of Senator Jones. He choose to send e-mails, I did not. Nonetheless, Jones continues to ignore the obvious evidence, an e-mail captured by a snapshot. Reality is be ignored by those desperately attempting damage control via the politics of personal destruction instead of admission. The whole thing could be resolved by Senator Jones admitting that his comment(s) were inappropriate and unprofessional for a Senator, apologize and accept the appropriate consequences for his behavior. But obviously that is not a choice Jones intends to make.

So now the choice is Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville, will he do the right thing and convene an investigation?

Feel free to ask him…

Senator Randy Richardville’s Contact Info
By Email: SenRichardville@senate.michigan.gov
By Phone:
(517) 373-3543
By Fax:
(517) 373-0927

Stay tuned Michigan citizens

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