Jan 05 2012

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Senator Jones Strikes Again

Well it had to happen however what is so surprising is that it happened so soon after Senator Rick Jones comments to me. Yes I did receive an apology from Jones and accepted despite the fact it contained a lie..i.e Jones claims we “had an established history of communication” Never did. Unless you call receiving Grassroots in Michigan e-mail Newsletters like several other thousands across the state”established communication”

This time Jones compared Truscott Rossman founder Kelly Rossman-McKinney to a prostitute. No I am not kidding

In a MIRS story on Dec. 28, Rossman, head of a top Lansing public relations firm, named Jones and House Democrats as the biggest losers of the year, calling the senator “unavoidable for comment. He is all about the media release rather than the public policy.”

Jones then called and emailed MIRS with an unsolicited response to Rossman’s remarks:

“As an elected Senator I am honored to fight on behalf of my constituents for the best public policy.  Unfortunately Kelly, like a ‘hooker’, works for whichever client hires her — policy be damned. She always gets worked up when I oppose her clients. Business must be tough. I find it funny that she took on a Republican partner.”

Evidently when it comes to woman disagreeing with him Jones can not control himself.
And I have to wonder if “fight on behalf of my constituents for the best public policy” includes voting for ObamaCare (SB693) and the Appropriation bill to fund it(HB5014, Senate version)?

My comments about this latest “Jones incident” when contacted by Susan Demas of MIRS…

“There are several things that are obvious from yet another unfortunate incident involving Sen. Jones
Senator Jones apology to me was anything but sincere and only done for political expediency and that Senator Jones has a pattern of bullying woman.
If their are other victims unknown at this time, I would urge them to come forward
And unless Jones receives  *strict consequences for his actions, the list of woman who are the victims of his bullying will continue to grow
However I disagree with Ms. Kelly-Rossman-McKinney on one point, the real losers are Jones constituents

If you were to ask me what I thought the “strict consequences” should/would be….

*Immediately, removal from any Committee Chairmanship (Judicial). And in the future, a Primary opponent so the voters in his district will have an opportunity
to replace him with someone who will represent them in an honorable manner and with their best interests as a priority as opposed to mere political gain

Ms. Kelly Rossman-McKinney, like myself has send a letter to Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville about Jones’s conduct. THIS time consequences need to be more than an insincere apology as Jones behavior is a disgrace to the office of Senator and to his constituents.

If you agree and especially if you are one of Jones constituents (based on new redistricting) Please join me and e-mail/fax Senator Randy Richarville and tell him so.

Senator Randy Richarville Contact Information
By Email: SenRichardville@senate.michigan.gov
By Phone:
(517) 373-3543
By Fax:
(517) 373-0927

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  1. jim tapper

    jones must go

  2. Phillipa L. Zylanoff, M.D.

    Jones is very unprofessional. His constituents deserve a better choice to represent them.

    1. Joan

      I agree, thanks for your comment

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