Aug 14 2012

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MI ObamaCare Alert!

From Tina Dupont of the Tea Party of West Michigan



Michigan Right To Life has been convinced (guess by who) that a state written exchange will keep us from paying for abortions. Although we are staunchly pro-life make no mistake that Michigan Right to Life (MIRTL) has a strong lobbying group in Lansing as you all know and they are, as I write this, working on our House members to get them to vote to use 9.8 Mill (our federal tax dollars) to start the process of writing a (ObamaCare) state exchange.

Please please, this has to go viral. We must pressure MIRTL to stop this madness and call our Michigan House yet again to encourage them to stay the course. Rep Haines has put up a very valiant fight for us and we must buck her up now so that she can hold her stand against this horrible confiscation of such a large chunk of our economy by Obama and his group of thugs! We know that it will not matter who writes this thing as the feds (HHS) will force us to pay for abortions. HHS has total control and they want this badly. The exchange will be available in later years if we find we cannot stop this thing. It does not have to be done today, now.”

Unfortunately, of late RTL has interjected itself on the wrong side of issues as it did when the politically influential Nebraska Right to Life organization  choose to support taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens, by lobbying legislators to override the Governor’s veto on LB599

However Tina is correct. The exchange MUST NOT HAPPEN.

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States Should Flatly Reject ObamaCare Exchanges

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