Sep 11 2012

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Never Forget 9-11 or That We Are At War Still


Reprinted from 2011 with added photo gallery

September 11, 2001 started out like any other day for me as it did for most people. My niece, who was staying with me, had just moved back to Michigan from New York City were she had been going to school to become a lawyer. She was already up and on the computer when I got up and came downstairs. Not really thinking about it, I turned on the TV. My life and the indeed the lives of every American would never be the same watching what I saw on my TV screen that day.

We both watched in abject horror at what we saw. When the second plane hit, we knew it was no accident, we were being attacked! My niece desperately tried to call friends she had left behind in New York City. Everyone was calling and lines were jammed. My niece had worked just blocks from the World Trade Center She had been back only a month. No one knew at that point who was behind the attack, then news of possible other targets, the White House, the Pentagon, other planes, and other cites.

How many more attacks and where? Other cities, other buildings and infrastructures?
For the first time in American history, Americans were watching war being waged in America right before our collective eyes.

I watched, transfixed for three straight days, never left my house. I watched because in some small way I felt that it was a way I could share the pain with my fellow Americans in New York City, the Pentagon, Flight 175, Flight 93. I wanted to get in my car and go to New York to help or something however I knew I could not enter the city at that time. So I watched, helpless except to pray until a dark depression gripped me and I knew I had to stop and begin to go on again, just like all those who had lost loved ones that awful day.

How could I forget that day? Those images of destruction and death and heroism? Those who lost their lives, their families? The pain, the fear, the confusion? President Bush sitting in a class room receiving the news from Andy Card, President Bush at ground zero, his arm around a firefighter promising justice for the fallen?

How can I forget the enemy that planned and executed the attacked that left almost 3,000 innocent people dead and their families left to grieve and somehow on go?

No I will never ever forget that day. Neither I will never ever forget that America and American’s enemy, fundemental Islam that continues to wage war until their goal, convert or die is accomplished

No I will never forget nor will I forget this promise and my commitment to it

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.
George W. Bush, Speech after 9/11 attacks
43rd President of US (1946 – )

Indeed we must not forget as our survival depends on it.
I write this as a reminder of that commitment to and for
everyone who reads this post

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