Oct 22 2012

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All Politics are Local

My dog, Miss Emme Lu Who and Jeff Hall’s dog Miss Allie help me to deliver yards signs for my local candidates

I have been pretty silent lately but it’s because I as well as others have been engaged in local races. I believe all politics is local.

Policy change starts in our own communities and then spreads out to state and national. It’s where we have the greatest opportunity to work along side and get to know our candidates and to affect significant change such as millage rates and school boards.

And it’s locally where many who now hold higher offices started out. I remember when Debbie Stabenow started out on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners in 1975.

Maybe you are not engaged in state or national races this year for various reasons however YOUR local races gives you a chance to become engaged..And there is still time!


My supported candidates in Delhi Township

Jeff Hall For Supervisor

Re-Elect Trustee Derek Bajama

Steve Dougan for Treasurer

Denise Dragonetti for Clerk
Contact ddragonetti@comcast.net

Re-Elect Vince Dragonetti for Ingham County Commissioner

If you live in Lapeer County my friend and fellow Tea Party organizer, Bill Gavette is running for school board


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