Nov 28 2012

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Critical Message on Passage of (Obama Care) in MI!


You may e-mail the Committee Clerk: Malika Abdul-Basir
E-Mail: mabdul@house.mi.gov and ask that your e-mail be entered into public testimony!
Phone: 517-373-7256

House Standing Committee Meeting
Health Policy, Rep. Gail Haines, Chair

DATE: 11/29/2012
TIME: 8:30 AM
PLACE: Room 519 House Office Building, Lansing, MI

SB 693 (Sen. Marleau) Insurance; health; MiHealth marketplace; establish.


For a Fact Sheet of Why Doing Nothing is the Right Thing” …(With House Rep  contact information) scroll down to Click on Picture

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” Samuel Adams


First I want to apologize for having to send this during the Holiday season. I shouldn’t have to: the legislature should not be in session at this time of year. With an election just concluded and the official holiday season begun, the priority should be enjoying the season with friends and family.  However, because it is the tradition for the majority of the contrary to properly focus on the priority of holidays and family, it is a convenient time for politicians to hold a lame duck session during which they pass controversial and unpopular legislation. I am very sorry to have to tell you that legislation for an (Obama Care) Health Exchange will be going forth, as soon as Thursday, tomorrow morning!

So immediate action is needed ASAP!

The original Senate bill on implementing the Health Care Exchange will be amended or a new substitute would be introduced and given a new number. Additionally, the appropriation funding bill $9.8 Level One grant will come up again for reconsideration.
Unfortunately, even though all the facts available make clear that the right thing, the smart thing, and the perfectly legal thing to be done now is to do nothing, Governor Rick Snyder wants this and there are too many of his willing sycophants who’ve put their political careers above the best interests of Michiganders. Thirty pieces of silver come to mind.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Michigan officials will settle on a state partnership exchange (SPE) or the full blown State Exchange which Snyder is pushing for as I write this and what he has wanted all along.

My suggestion is to contact your House legislator with your opinion and this option:  Make the bill a special order of business on THIRD-READING for a specific date.  This would delay final action. (How a bill becomes law, p. 60-61)

This would be the most deliberative, responsive action and responsible action for your legislator to take in a lame duck Holiday session when the Governor and his enablers are pushing to ram the bill through before adjourning for Holiday. Senate majority leader Randy Richardville was quoted:  November 27, 2012 that “he’s planning on a three-week session, although there are tentative session dates for Dec. 17, 18 and 19.” 

Ladies and gentleman, elections have consequences. And the consequence of electing Rick Snyder and those who put career over the duty to their constituents and Michigan, is the implementation of an Obama Care Health Care Exchange. In order to implement Republicans have come up with a “convenient” interpretation of the Election. For a through explanation of this “convenient” interpretation of the Election and its ramifications for future elections, I highly recommend you  to take a moment to read this article authored by Shelli Dawdy, founder of our sister Group Grassroots in Nebraska.
We will be posting a “Wall of Shame” of those legislators who vote YES to Obama Care along with the promise that we will NOT forget.

Although we can’t endorse a lame-duck holiday season session, at least one piece of good legislation – Right to Work (RTW) – appears close to passing a vote. I do not have a bill number, as there are several current bills and there will be amendments such as eliminating police and fire from the bill. However, you may still encourage your legislator to vote YES for RTW as you encourage them to Make the bill a special order of business on THIRDREADING for a specific date. to delay final action and confirm their NO vote on the any Health Care Exchange.

What is a Right to Work law? A Right to Work law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union. Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act affirms the right of states to enact Right to Work laws. in Michigan, a “blue” state and the automotive Capital of the country is groundbreaking and should help to encourage other states to pass similar legislation. In addition, Right to Work legislation will help to keep Michigan competitive with our close Midwest state, Indiana who signed Right to Work bill into law this year.

That being said, I want to thank everyone who continues the good fight against Obama Care here in Michigan, you are the heart and soul of our state.

Joan Fabiano
Founder, Grassroots in Michigan


FACT SHEET and Contact Information CLICK PICTURE
















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  1. Luann LaRoy

    Please DO NOTHING to implement a health exchange in Michigan. We DO NOT want obama-care or anything resembling it. Thank you.

  2. karen raszkowski


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