Nov 30 2012

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Congratulations! Heath Care Exchange Bill Defeated, On to Right to Work!

The Michigan Health Care Exchange bill (SB693) was defeated in Committee! This is a victory for the grassroots, its your victory. Huge thanks to all of you who called e-mail faxed and personally went down to the Capitol.

I attended the Committee meeting and decided to give my testimony HERE

Sidebar: When reading my testimony you will see why ALL of us must support Hobby Lobby by patronizing their business. Amazing story of courage by the owner of the family run business. Modern day hero.
And supporting the Exchange bill? AARP No real surprise there but more on that organization later.
To see minutes and all testimony of the Committee meeting, for and against go HERE and scroll down

Listening to those who testified for the bill to pass out of Committee for a vote on the floor and questions by Committee members, without fault each one admitted that there were unanswered questions about the rules (since HHS has not responded to questions and can write them at will, so they are in flux) or they “didn’t not know” They also mentioned “user fees” of some sort and they fact that these Exchanges once the initial Federal grant money was gone to set exchanges they MUST be self funded by 2016. That means YOU the taxpayer of Michigan would be on the hook for operating costs!

How the members of Committee voted is below. PLEASE take a moment to e-mail or call a simple thank you to those members who did the right thing and voted NO to the exchange.
NO Paul Opsommer (R) 93rd District(517) 373-1778
NO Ken Kurtz (R) 58th District (517) 373-1794 KennethKurtz@house.mi.gov
NO Mike Shirkey (R) (Jackson) (517) 373-1775 65th District MikeShirkey@house.mi.gov
NO Tom Hooker (R) 77th District (517) 373-2277 ThomasHooker@house.mi.gov
NO Ken Yonker (R) (517) 373-0840 72nd District KenYonker@house.mi.gov
NO Matt Huuki (R) 110th District (517) 373-0850
NO Paul Muxlow (R) (517) 373-0835
 83rd District PaulMuxlow@house.mi.gov
NO Holly Hughes (R) (517) 373-3436 91st District HollyHughes@house.mi.gov
NO Joseph Graves (R) (517) 373-1780 51st District JosephGraves@house.mi.gov

YES Gail Haines (R) (517) 373-0615
 Committee Chair, 43rd District GailHaines@house.mi.gov
YES Mike Callton (R) (517) 373-0842 Majority Vice-Chair, 87th District MikeCallton@house.mi.gov
PASS Wayne Schmidt (R) (517) 373-1766
 104th District WayneSchmidt@house.mi.gov
How the Democrat Committee members voted:
YES Stallworth, Darany, and Greimel,
PASS Segal and Hovey-Wright.

After the vote, a news source quoted, “House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) issued a statement saying there will be no state-run exchange. Bolger spokesperson Ari Adler said it is “highly unlikely” the bill will be reconsidered.”

However, the governor by default still intends to move to try and set up a state-partnership exchange (SPE).
I will be sending more on that later.


I will continue to update you on one of the most important pieces of legislation in Michigan’s history, a Right to Work (RTW) bill waiting to be introduced.
This legislation is CRITICAL for Michigan because:
1. The major reason Michigan is a blue state is the lobbying efforts on behalf of Liberal/Democrat candidates and causes by Unions paid for with union members dues.
2. For Michigan to remain competitive in drawing and keeping business especially in light of the fact that our Midwestern neighbor, Indiana passed right to work this year. To quote Represenative Mike Shirkey who is poised to introduce RTW legislation, “making Michigan a leader of worker freedom and one of the most economically competitive states in the nation….maybe the world.”
3. Liberty of Michiganders, the right to choose if they want to be a dues paying Union member.

Please be prepared launch into action very shortly on this issue, we need all hands on decks. The Democrats have threaten a literal World War 3 over this issue using every procedural trick in the book because they know the devastating impact on the loss of amount of dues unions collected would mean less money funneled on behalf of their candidates and causes.

Stay tuned and stay ready, modern day minutemen!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for Michigan, people like you are the heart and soul of Michigan

Joan Fabiano, Founder Grassroots in Michigan

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