Dec 11 2012

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RTW Passes as Union Thugs Rampage!

Today Michigan took a giant step towards freedom when the House passed the final Right to Work Bill.

However, it was not without incident, as expected. Outside on the Capitol lawn Union “protesters” destroyed a large white tent with box cutters while shouting “scab” and “Walmart tent” and “get em” The tent was set up by a coalition of limited government activists and manned by Scott Hagerstrom (AFP -Michigan) who had reserved that portion of the Capitol lawn.

From an on the scene Tweet:

Nick Hawatmeh @NicolaHawatmeh

Police called for over 2 hours as women, elderly were rushed & assaulted in @AFPMichigan tent. Thugs promise they will “destroy” supporters.

Video of “protesters” tearing down tent  *WARNING* Profanity


Scuffles after right-to-work tent falls

There were several protesters arrested in a separate incident

“Capt. Harold Love says the female trooper was being pulled into a crowd Tuesday.”

Other protesters plan “civil disobedience” with the goal of being arrested and one protester threatens “We will come after you”!

Meanwhile the eight protesters arrested Thursday during protests at the state Capitol, WILL face felony charges.

And among the out of towners was “Rev.” Jesse Jackson (who makes his living stirring any pot by playing the race card) joined in a sit-in with major Progressives Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, and Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (my Senator :( inside the state Capitol Tuesday.

Rainbow Push (Detroit) was protesting today. Rainbow Push is a literal shake down organization started by Jesse Jackson who besides being known as a race baiting rabble rouser is also infamously known asthe married civil-rights man who romanced the ex-professor while serving as spiritual adviser to President Clinton during Sexgate and even took his pregnant mistress to the White House.”

You just can’t make this stuff up

In a speech from the House floor I personally heard Democrat Rep.Geiss say, “And there will be blood”

Other House Democrats were equally undone as well as Progressives around the country who were ducting taping their heads and having fits of the vapors! Michigan, how can Michigan be a RTW state!!!!!

“Michigan is home of the heavily unionized U.S. auto industry, with some 700 manufacturing plants in the state. The state has the fifth highest percentage of workers who are union members, at 17.5 percent

The Detroit area is headquarters for General Motors Co , Ford Motor Co and Chrysler, which is majority-owned by Fiat SpA.

The UAW was founded in Michigan after a 1932 protest at a Ford plant in Dearborn”

And a blue state…right now….But The Times They are a Changin!

Stories continue to come in as I write this however, there are no reports of any serious injuries.  We will continue to update you and provide a  Roll Call from today’s vote and comments from the floor when they are made available.

But for now, a victory for freedom, Michiganders….

Merry Christmas Michigan!


(What is a Right to Work law? A Right to Work law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union. Section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act affirms the right of states to enact Right to Work laws. in Michigan, a “blue” state and the automotive Capital of the country is groundbreaking and should help to encourage other states to pass similar legislation. In addition, Right to Work legislation will help to keep Michigan competitive with our close Midwest state,Indiana who signed Right to Work bill into law this year.

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