Mar 03 2013

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FOLLOW THE MONEY Obama Care Voter Pt. 1

Michigan Citizens


“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Wendell Phillips, (1811-1884), abolitionist, orator and columnist for The Liberator, in a speech before the Massachusetts Antislavery Society in 1852


1. Always follow the money

2. Voting for Right to Work does NOT give you a pass on other issues.

3.“Pelosi Postion”(pass the bill to know what is in it)  Rep. Martin Howrylak (R-Troy) voted no, and said during committee he has not been able to read the grant (HB 4111) being offered. “I cannot, in good conscious, support anything I haven’t had access to,” he said.

4. The bill, HB 4111 now goes to the Senate. It could be voted on this coming Tuesday

Please contact your Senator (HERE) and inform them

“I do not want an (Obama Care) Health Insurance Exchange in Michigan. Period. I will be monitoring your vote.



  Senator John Pappageorge (R) of Troy  is also term limited  

John Gleason is a former Democratic member of the Michigan State Senate, representing District 27 from 2007 to 2012. He served as Assistant Minority Caucus Leader. He resigned his senate seat following his election as Genesee County Clerk on November 6, 2012.

All other Senators are up for reelection in 2014


Some Organizations supporting the Exchange

Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM), Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Manufacturing Association and The Michigan Business and Professional Association

Special interests in Michigan will profit? 

Organizations and “stakeholders” who could profit from an Insurance Exchange BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN,

Health professionals,Hospitals,Insurance brokers/agents,Labor,Local government,Long-term care,Mental health,Non-hospital safety-net providers,Pharmaceutical manufacturers,Public health,Research/university

List of Michigan’s Obamacare Exchange “Work Group” Members (2011)

Organizations supporting the Medicaid expansion

AARP Michigan, Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, Michigan Association of Health Plans, Michigan Health and Hospital Association, Michigan Osteopathic Association, Michigan Primary Care Association, Michigan State Medical Society, and the Small Business Association of Michigan.


Rep. James (Jase) Bolger - House Majority Leader

Phone: (517) 373-1787
Toll Free: 877-BOLGER-1
Email: JaseBolger@house.mi.gov

District 63, Marshall


Feb 7, 2013 “The federal government has a history of working with states to start long-term programs while providing only short-term funding, and then sticking state taxpayers with the future financial liability that program creates.”

March 1, 2013 “House Republicans did everything we could to prevent the implementation of a government-run health exchange because we believe putting patients and doctors in control of health care decisions serves our citizens best, not a federal bureaucracy…”

FOLLOW THE MONEY   Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate   $10,000  9.08%

General Business    $11,650   10.58%

Health     $5,755    5.23%

Energy & Natural Resources  $8,100  7.35%


Health   $25,950   4.06%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate    $51,625     8.08%

Party (GOP)  $336,641   52.68%

“Uncoded “   $130,765   20.46%


Rep. Mike Callton- District 87, Nashville

Phone: (517) 373-0842
Toll Free: (855) 373-0842
FAX: (517) 373-6979
Email: MikeCallton@house.mi.gov


“We can study this until the cows come home. I’m ready to go”

August 2012 House Health Policy Committee on SB 693 to establish a state Health Exchange. Rep. Callton was one of only two House Reps to vote for the bill to pass out of Committee for a vote. Rep Gail Haines was the other.

FOLLOW THE MONEY  Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Health   $15,197    12.46%

Labor    $5,000    4.10%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate   $4,050     3.32%

Candidate Contributions (self funded)  $65,523    53.73%


Health  $27,750     40.75%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate   $12,500      18.36%

Uncoded”    $40,262     59.13%


Rep. Hugh D Crawford - District 38, Novi

Phone: (517) 373-0827

FAX: (517) 373-5873
Email: HughCrawford@house.mi.gov

FOLLOW THE MONEY   Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


General Business  $5,656    24.92%

Energy & Natural Resources  $4,650    20.49%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate  $3,450   15.20%

Health  $2,500   11.02%

“Uncoded”  $2,090    9.21%


Energy & Natural Resources   $4,650   20.49%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate   $3,450  15.20%

General Business  $5,656   24.92%

Health   $2,500   11.02%

“Uncoded”   $3,338   11.94%


Rep. Cindy Denby District 47, Handy Township

Phone: (517) 373-8835
Toll Free: (866) 828-4863
Email: CindyDenby@house.mi.gov

FOLLOW THE MONEY Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $14,350 35.54%


“Uncoded” $14,355 35.55%


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $13,150 45.80%

General Business $4,700 16.37%

Health $2,300 8.01%



Rep. Anthony G Forlini  District 24, Harrison Township

Phone: (517) 373-0113
Toll Free: (888) 347-8024 [888 DIST024]
Email: AnthonyForlini@house.mi.gov


Feb. 14,2013 But Rep. Anthony Forlini, a Republican from Macomb County’s Harrison Township, is on the fence. He expressed concerns that the government-run marketplace will undercut private insurance agents and wondered if it would be better to send all calls related to the health care law to federal officials. “I’m trying to figure out how to get to a yes,” Forlini said.

Feb. 27,2013 “Face it; we’re middle management in this. And either we’re going to accept that or we’re going to turn it all over and let someone else drive this car,” Mr. Forlini said. “This is going to hurt to do this, don’t get me wrong. What isn’t going to hurt? This is at least is going to take away some of the pain.”

FOLLOW THE MONEY Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Candidate Contributions (self funded) $25,194 39.16%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $1,750 2.72%

“Uncoded” $33,786 52.52%


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $10,550 12.75%

Health $7,250 8.76%

“Uncoded” $42,341 51.16%


Rep. Frank Foster District 107, Petoskey

Phone: (517) 373-2629
Email: FrankFoster@house.mi.gov

February 28, 2013

State Rep. Frank Foster, R-Petoskey, has been appointed to serve on the Michigan Talent Investment Board by House Speaker Jase Bolger for a term ending Dec. 31, 2014.

The 47-member board advises and assists Gov. Rick Snyder with oversight and recommendations regarding compliance with the federal Workforce Investment Act and overall talent development in the state.

FOLLOW THE MONEY Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $18,925 12.91%

General Business $15,349 10.47%

Health $7,300 4.98%

Energy & Natural Resources $15,800 10.78%

“Uncoded” $69,172 47.19%


Energy & Natural Resources $15,800 10.78%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $18,925 12.91%

General Business $15,349 10.47%

“Uncoded” $69,172 47.19%


Rep. Ben Glardon District 85, Owosso

Phone: (517) 373-0841
Toll Free: (877) 558-5426
FAX: 517-373-7937
Email: BenGlardon@house.mi.gov

FOLLOW THE MONEY Top Special Interest Donations as Percentage of Total Donations


Agriculture $5,195 7.36%

General Business $4,375 6.20%

Party(GOP) $4,350 6.16%

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $2,845 4.03%

“Uncoded” $46,684 66.11%


Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $13,700 18.31%

General Business $6,139 8.20%

Transportation $4,350 5.81%

Health $3,140 4.20%

“Uncoded” $30,350 40.55%

Coming Up: FOLLOW THE MONEY Obama Care Voters Pt. 2

Thank you for all you do, YOU are the heart and soul of a free Michigan

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  1. jrkieling

    Yes Joan u r starting to.smell.the flowers. I’ve been telling this same story since my cow came back home and the milk is sour. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats. When u put 2 & 2 together they become a stronger not us the people. If were going to make a change. We need to.start hurting.the party’s were it counts. I say we start splitting the votes so none of them get back in office. If we (TP) can’t win then either will they. We have enough people to sway the votes to put a person out of office as much as in office. In the next 3.5 yearswe can vote 3rd party ticket. When they see we have power in votes. We will take back control. Washington DC needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Right to Left. No.more lifer’s who have a free ride until they die. At are exspence account. Last.time i checked. I pay for my SS, medical, school.etc… the bus needs to come.to.a.stop Now. And they All need to be thrown off. Nobody gets a free ride off America. And that goes for the rest of the world.too. sorry i got a little wound up there. U brought up good points i hope others read & feel as i do. JR Kieling USA

    1. Joan

      Not starting to smell the flowers, knew the bouquet a long time ago..Thanks for stopping by to comment

      1. jrkieling

        Anytime! And can’t wait to til up the garden to replant!!!

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