Jun 13 2013

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*Action Alert* TODAY! Medicaid Expansion Vote!

“How willing they (the states) have been since the New Deal to take the Federal government’s money.. And it seems to me that they (the states) have compromised their status as independent sovereigns because they are so dependent on what the Federal Government has done, they should not be surprised that the Federal Government, having attached the — they (the states) tied the strings, they shouldn’t’t be surprised if the Federal Government isn’t going to start pulling them.” – Chief Justice Roberts Supreme Court Health Care Law Oral Argument, Day 3, Medicaid Expansion

Unfortunately, the Medicaid Expansion passed out of Committee yesterday aided by GOP votes (despite persuasive testimony from myself, other Tea Party organizers, Liberty groups, and a Skype appearance from a Heritage Foundation medical policy expert) and is scheduled for today’s House Calendar (item 66) for a second reading.
I can not provide as yet the new watered down substitute bill because changes were made in Committee and the bill is not yet on the Michigan Legislature web site but an analysis is HERE
However, since there was a big caucus yesterday and the House leadership, Rep. Jase Bolger can control the process AND the Medicaid Expansion bill was his baby and from everything we have been hearing the Governor wants to “get er done” after the session ends for summer recess, we believe the House WILL VOTE TODAY ON HB 4714!

Action Item

If at all possible please CALL your Rep AND Senator. Calls are more persuasive. If the line is busy, keep trying AND SEND AN E-MAIL. If time permits go right down the line and call another House Rep.!
Your message can be as simple as ..We do NOT want a Medicaid Expansion in any way, shape or form.

(Below I provide links to excellent information on why the Medicaid Expansion should be opposed.)

House Speaker Jase Bolger
Phone: (517) 373-1787
Toll Free: 877-BOLGER-1
E-mail JaseBolger@house.mi.gov

Find your House Rep HERE

Find your Senator HERE

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Randy Richardville
By Phone: (517) 373-3543
By Fax: (517) 373-0927
By Email: SenRichardville@senate.michigan.gov


~More Information on the Mediciad Expansion ~

Grassroots in Michigan articles, Search for “Medicaid”
A series of articles by The Mackinac Center for Public Policy on why the Medicaid Expansion is bad for Michigan HERE

You may watch or listen to today’s House Session HERE


When you call, please oppose HB 4786 that dramatically raises the fees for vital records! This will at some time effect YOUR pocket book AND sets up a special fund for the monies instead of going to the General Fund. Introduced by Rep. Matt Lori who introduced the Medicaid bill, voted out of Committee Wednesday with EVERY Republican voting yes except House Rep. Martin Howrylak
This is also on today’s House calendar as it was another fast track bad bill to “git er done” BEFORE the legislature adjourns for a summer break


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