Jul 01 2013

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Grassroots in Michigan Offers to Fund Senate Workgroup Evaluation of Patient-Centered Medicaid Reform

As you have heard Senator Richardville has formed a work group on the Medicaid Expansion bill. Several as yet unnamed Democrats have been added as well to the Group

GOP Senate group to study possible Medicaid expansion
State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, has formed a work group to study possible Medicaid expansion in Michigan — an issue that he said is not dead, despite a decision last week by senators to leave for break without taking a vote on it.

Since free markets solutions seem to be the only issue the Governor has yet to consider we decided this would be an excellent opportunity for the work group to be informed of some of those innovative free market solutions as an alternative to a Medicaid Expansion presented by Michigan’s medical community, paid for my our coalition. We will update you of those who take us up on that invitation.




Our Press Release

TEA Party Coalition Offers to Fund Senate Evaluation of Patient-Centered Medicaid Reform

Hartland, MI – Michigan State Senators can now increase their understanding of patient-centered health care reform thanks to a coalition of Michigan TEA Party groups. TEA Party groups from across Michigan have agreed to pay the registration fees for State Senators attending an upcoming forum on alternatives to government run health care.

This day-long healthcare forum is sponsored and organized by private Michigan physicians, the Michigan Alliance for Sustainable Healthcare, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Benjamin Rush Society and Docs4PatientCare. The forum, “Othercare: Liberation and Innovation in American Healthcare,” will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding about viable alternatives to government-centered health care; healthcare that is decentralized, empowered and collaborative. The sponsoring host of the conference is the Altarum Institute and it will be held at their Ann Arbor location on July 20. See www.sustainablecare.org

“By providing funding for the registration fees, our coalition is encouraging key Senators from the recently formed Medicaid work group to avail themselves of all perspectives on health reform. The current debate over Medicaid expansion seems to be overlooking patient-centered reform.” said Wes Nakagiri, Founder of RetakeOurGov based in Hartland, Michigan. Senators appointed to the work group include Kahn, Caswell, Robertson, Pappageorge, Marleau, and Booher.

Other coalition leaders provided their perspectives on this important forum. “This conference fits in well with our objective of providing sound information for citizens and policymakers,” said Sharon Lollio of Rattle With Us based in Plymouth, Michigan. While Joan Fabiano, of Grassroots in Michigan based in Lansing added, “We believe Michigan has an opportunity to be a pioneer in innovating cost saving and better health outcomes alternatives to a Medicaid Expansion. This forum offers an occasion for work group members to be presented with pioneering alternatives from members of Michigan’s medical community. ”

Coalition members sponsoring this initiative include Berrien County TEA Party, Blue Water TEA Party, Grassroots in Michigan, Lapeer County TEA Party Patriots, Madison Project, Rattle With Us, RetakeOurGov, and VanKal TEA Party.

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