Aug 28 2013

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Medicaid Expansion Passes Michigan Senate

Michigan Citizens,

Unfortunately, the “Wall of Shame” just got bigger this evening as GOP Senators joined by Democrats voted to pass the Medicaid Expansion (HB4714). It was a marathon session with long recesses and Caucuses.  The first vote was 18 to 19 with Senator Patrick Colbeck not voting in order to deny Lt Governor Calley, the tie breaking YES vote. Senator Colbeck who gave several impassioned speeches on the floor against the expansion deserves our deepest gratitude as he went against Snyder’s and Big Health machine.

A re-vote was then ordered. And finally someone emerged willing to flip, Sen. Tom Casperson providing the classic example of power and money over any principles he may have had. If anyone deserves a Primary.

It was painfully obvious that Casperson was the flipper (going from a No to a Yes) when after the recess he offered an amendment, tying hospital payments to a percentage of Medicare rates.

And joining Casperson in the Primary category are GOP Senators voting yes (unconfirmed count): Hansen, Kahn, Kowall, Marleau, Richardville, Rocca, Walker plus the flipper Casperson

The bill now goes to the House when they return on September 3nd. The House can vote to concur or not with the Senate vote and send it to the Governor or they can reject Senate changes and send to conference committee. If it goes to conference then the conference committee version must go to each chamber for an up or down vote (no amendments allowed).







Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to secure your pitch forks and torches for Sept. 3rd

Stay tuned….










Thank you for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan.

Joan Fabiano
Grassroots in Michigan

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  1. midmichigan

    Just like a school bond issue, they keep pounding until it’s passed. The Governor and all who supported this are a damn-double shame.

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