Aug 06 2014

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HUGE Victory for the Tea Party!

“We may not win them all, but we will win some and we’ll be coming back for more.”
Sharon Lollio,  Rattle with Us Founder


 don't Tread on me


Tea Party backed newcomer Lee Chatfield scored a huge win last night over incumbent Rep.Frank Foster in the 107th District! Republican voters rejected Foster’s support of Medicaid Expansion, Common Core and support for amending Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include “sexual orientation” (Are you listening Lansing?!) Equally repugnant to voters was Foster endorsers, the Powering the Economy PAC, funded by the Detroit Regional Chamber sending a mailer encouraging Democrats and independents to vote for Foster during Tuesday’s primary!

Frank Foster Flier

Will the Party hold the Detroit Chamber responsible at all? Imagine if the Michigan Chamber was advocating for crossover like this, the furor? Even if the Party does not, will individual members? Could there be a rep ‘boycott’ meeting with the Detroit Chamber going forward?

Other Tea Party backed or supported winners are:
As of this writing, Justin Amash, 3rd District Representative in Congress, 7th District State Senator Patrick Colbeck, Lana Theis, 42nd District State Representative, Jim Runestad, 44th District State Representative, Cindy Gamrat, 80th District State Representative, Todd Courser, 82nd District State Representative, Gary Glenn 98th District State Representative, Triston Cole, 105th District State Representative
Congratulations to All!!



Next Up?…Say Yes to Wes!!





Thank YOU for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan!
Joan Fabiano, founder Grassroots in Michigan

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