Aug 14 2014

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“WES PRESS” 2nd Edition

Hello Precinct Delegates and other interested parties,




King and QueenIt troubles me when some in our party proclaim that delegates should be a rubber stamp in support of the Governor’s choice for Lieutenant Governor – both in your vote and your voice.

They are saying you are welcome to volunteer your time, treasure and talent but don’t bother us with your hopes and concerns.

I reject the notion that delegates should be seen and not heard. I reject the fact that many precinct delegates were signed up simply to be used as pawns in a game to protect the “King” at all costs.

Many in the conservative movement began signing up precinct delegates years ago because we understood that important decisions were being made at our Republican State Convention. The candidates on the ballot in November’s election for the positions of: Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, University of Michigan Regents, Michigan State University Trustees, Wayne State University Board of Governors, Board of Education and Michigan’s Supreme Court are all decided by precinct delegates at the state convention.

Our state’s future and the lives of you and your family are affected and influenced by which candidates come out “winners” at that convention. And because of this, TEA Party and Liberty groups have been dedicated to holding meetings providing information to those who are truly interested in bettering our state. We have been doing this on a regular basis throughout the year since 2010, not just a few months before an election.

We don’t view precinct delegates as pawns to be used, but as intelligent, concerned citizens who desire to be informed before casting votes of such importance.

We believe precinct delegates should be engaged and encouraged to participate in helping state and local candidates who best reflect our values and principles actually get elected. We don’t solicit precinct delegates to make one vote that will best suit our purpose, then send them on their way.

I believe the future of our state and country should have strong representation and continued involvement at the grassroots level.

My hopes are that by reading this post, you will begin to understand the power you who are attending, will wield at state convention. I hope that if you were recruited and never heard back from those that recruited you, you now understand how serious your vote will be on August 23rd. Your vote will influence the direction and future of Michigan over the next four to eight years.

You ran as a PRECINCT delegate – that means your neighbors believe you to be an informed and educated representative, not the pawn of a special interest group. A precinct delegate is a decision maker for the true middle class that powers America.

We are the heart and soul of our party. It is through our hard work that our party will grow and prosper. Thank you for your involvement and commitment to this goal.

Be a King NOT a pawn!




Wes Nakagiri
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
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