Apr 14 2017

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“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing. And that you may be always doing good, my dear, is the ardent prayer of yours affectionately.” Thomas Jefferson letter to Martha Jefferson — 1787

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.
John Philpot Curran


Time to put our focus and energies on our home, Michigan!

It is natural to focus on a national campaign, especially this past one where our very nation’s existence was at stake. And as we all well know, it was a historic campaign in more ways than one.

And then we beat Hillary and we have a Congressional majority and Michigan went red for the first time since 1988. We have a new SCOTUS judge, a proponent of originalism — meaning that judges should attempt to interpret the words of the Constitution as they were understood at the time they were written — and a textualist who considers only the words of the law being reviewed, not legislators’ intent or the consequences of the decision.The last two years have been amazing after suffering through eight years of an Obama administration.

I admit that I have been very taken up with everything that has transpired on a national level however, it is time to focus on home, Michigan

2018 is a very important year as it is an election year. The Governor, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, all 110 House seats and all 38 Senate seats and Debbie Stabenow 8th District Congressional Senate seat are up for election.

The good news is we have the most Conservative House is decades and many of those Conservative House members will be running for Senate seats. So we need to keep the House Conservative

Debbie StabenowCan Stabenow be defeated? A September, 2016 survey of American voters conducted by Morning Consult, a media and technology company based in Washington, D.C., found that U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, was tied for 6th among U.S. senators with the highest disapproval ratings.

Of course we need right candidate. Several names have come up, Randy Richardville, Candice Miller even Kid Rock. I recently heard that retired Michigan Supreme Court judge Robert Young is considering and I believe he would be a great candidate. Run Bob Run!

There are two people we can count on to run for governor, current Attorney General Bill Schuette and current Lt. Governor Brian Calley. I know of one Conservative candidate who as not yet announced.

Bad news is that same Morning Consult, named Gov. Rick Snyder as the 4th most unpopular governor in the nation. Democrats will most certainly use the Flint water issue against any Republican. The Flint water issue was a big failure of Snyder’s in that he did not get ahead of it and allowed the Democrats to be first to control the narrative, which was to pull all blame on the governor with an “R” by his name and then be able to use in 2018.

So any GOP candidate will have the task of distancing himself from the nation’s 4th most unpopular governor while at the same time be articulate in giving a vision for Michigan based on GOP’s Conservative platform principles.

whiter, jesse jackson and Virg -RTWOn the Democrat side, Jennifer Granholm clone, Gretchen Whitmer is running for governor, low likability and easily tried to the failed polices of Jennifer Granholm but has money and probably has usual big money Democrat donors unless this man is taking a cut out of her resources….Dr. Abdul el-Sayed

Dr. Abdul el-Sayed a devoted Muslim just announced his candidacy (his slick web site is HERE) and it is rumored he is Soros backed and also has the backing of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood-linked network of Islamic organizations. He is being called Obama. 2.0. Young, attractive, articulate, intelligent.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.18.02 PM“Sayed served as the executive director of the Detroit Health Department and Health Officer for the City of Detroit, appointed by Mayor Mike Duggan. At 30 years old, he was at the time of his appointment in 2015 the youngest health director in a major U.S. city.”….
Sayed is known as a warrior for environmental justice. He talks about “standing up to corporate polluters,” and how, in his family, he was taught that having “love and compassion” for the vulnerable are “more important than where you’re from.”

“How could any good progressive Democrat vote against that in good conscience?” asks Manasseri.

Sayed is highly educated, a Rhodes scholar who attended Oxford University in 2009 and became a practicing epidemiologist.

Muslim Can for Gov“He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said.”

“Meet ‘next Obama’ groomed to make political history
‘He’s young, attractive … speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity’
Read More Here

He could very well force Whitmer to the Left. Bernie vs Hillary?

Be concerned.

The Democrats have the “fire in the belly” like we had last year fighting to see that Hillary Clinton never occupied the White House again. Democrat/Liberal anti-Trump revenge is a big motivator for them.


No Jennifer Granholm clone or Muslim brotherhood backed governor of Michigan with a Democrat House or Senate!

So my fellow Michigan citizens, turn your eyes back home, to Michigan and begin to prepare for 2018 now.


In case you missed it, in surely one of the fastest reversals on record (about 165 hours) Lansing’s (my hometown) City Council in a special council meeting rescinded Democrat Virg Bernero’s executive action making Lansing a Sanctuary City, the new spin term being ‘welcoming place”.

Apparently money and angry citizens talk as Michigan Chamber of Commerce made it objections known and so did hundreds of citizens with calls in City Hall, post on the mayors Facebook page. A poll taken on the almost 20,000 member Facebook page, “I Grew Up in Lansing!!!” was in overwhelming opposition to the mayor proclaiming Lansing a “welcoming place”.

Congressman Mike Bishop came out against the sanctuary city status saying, “City Council’s Monday vote as “a completely reckless decision” that puts the community in danger.” Bishop’s 8th District includes Lansing

So where was our Governor, LT. Governor or Attorney General on the mayor of our Capitol City trying to usurp the law? Silent as the grave.

One bright fellow on Facebook suggested the state revoke the City Charter of Lansing and since there are according to Virg’s executive order, “twelve counties, cities, and townships across Michigan designated “welcoming communities” maybe this fellow should run for governor!

However, the fact that so many in the Liberal City of Lansing came out against the mayor’s order was refreshing.

Virg and tuckerThe mayor, who you may recall ran for governor in 2010 and was quickly dubbed the “angry candidate” showed the reasons for that title and a complete lack of reality on two appearances on the Tucker Carlson show. Felliniesque

For comedy relief, the You tube videos of the mayor making a total fool of himself

Tucker to sanctuary city mayor: Don’t you believe in laws?

Lansing, MI considering ‘sanctuary’ reversal

“Cindy Gamrat sues House of Representatives, former speaker, estranged husband”

If you care to read more HERE

No doubt that as an outspoken critic of the status quo, Gamrat had a target on her back. However, if you know that why would you give those targeting you a loaded .45 and dare them to shoot?

And call me jaded but I think this case will try to be settled out of court for cash.

The former aides and whistler blowers, got $170,000 in their settled suite. their lawyers both got the same amount. Settling is lucrative.

Todd Courser was suing for 10M plus but dropped his case because of ill health.

It has been reported that so far over half million (tax) dollars has been spend on this affair by the state.

I do have a question if any attorney happens to be reading this, Can I sue everyone involved to get my tax dollars back?

However, if illegality is proved in Gamrat’s suit, I will be the first to report it.



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