Oct 13 2010

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TEA Party News – Election 2010

SOS TEA Party Rally

18600 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MI

What: OUR vote is the lifeboat Michigan needs. The November election is just around the corner. Now’s the time to rally with like-minded conservatives to Save Our State.  Speakers include Jim Keena – a TEA party favorite and Thayrone X from WAAM radio
Featuring conservative candidates from key races we
MUST win in November in order to Take Back our Country like Rocky (Gary Peter’s
District 9), Tim Walberg (Mark Schauer’s District 7) and Rob Steele (John Dingell’s 15th District)
Bring your signs and come rally with us to SAVE OUR STATE. Hosted by: Brighton TEA Party, Lakes Area TEA Party,, LetFreedom Reign Rattle With Us, RetakeOurGov and TEA Party Patriots of West Oakland County

Just in from the Ruth Johnson Campaign

Reception Fundraiser for Ruth with former Michigan governor John Engler next Tuesday, Oct. 19 at 6:30pm in Novi. Details HERE RSVP HERE by Oct 18 OR Contact: amstafford64@yahoo.com

If you can not make this fundraiser consider giving just $20.00 on this 20th day before the election. We must stop the Soros funded Progressive candidate Joelyn Benson!

News You May Have Missed

10 Reasons Why Ordinary Hard-Working Americans Are About To Really Start Feeling The Squeeze

Unless Congress acts the Bush tax cuts will expire January 1, 2011 but with a Liberal controlled Congress that is unlikely……From the article ….#10 Apparently the U.S. government (and many state and local governments) think that this is a great time to stick it to the American people by hitting them with a slew of new taxes.  There are so many tax increases scheduled to go into effect in 2011 that it is hard to keep track of them all.  In fact, there are many (myself included) that are calling 2011 the year of the tax increase But the Americans that are going to get it the worst of all are those that are going to get hit with the Alternative Minimum Tax.  One out of every six American households is going to be hit with a tax increase averaging $3,900 (thanks to the AMT) and most of them don’t even know that it is coming. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE


To Calculate YOUR 2011 Taxes IF Congress Fails to Act! Click HERE

Sarah Palin Backs Michigan’s Dan Benishek Running for 1st District Congressman

Sarah Palin is backing Tea Party favorite Dan Benishek to represent northern Michigan in Congress.  TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Pro-family/Pro-life Candidates Likely Winners

Although mostly ignored in this election the majority of Americans do not support abortion nor homosexual marriage. Democrat candidate for governor, Virg Bernero has been running TV ads proudly proclaiming his pro-abort position and in Sunday’s debate with GOP contender Rick Snyder, Bernero said ” On the issue of gay marriage, we have a state constitutional provision in place. I do support civil unions. I personally don’t have any problem with gay marriage.”


Tea Party Express to Visit Michigan on “Liberty At The Ballot Box” Tour

10:00 am -12:30 Jackson
4:00pm -6:30pm – Troy

Check the Tea Party Express site for soon to be announced Rally locations in Jackson and in Troy HERE

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