May 02 2011

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Justice Done: Navy Seals Kill Osama bin Laden: How it Happened…Americans Fly Their Flags in Celebration

In an brilliantly executed raid Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden, terrorist and murdered of over 3,000 innocent Americans and others on 9-11.
God Bless Our Troops. God Bless Our Republic!

Getting Osama bin Laden: How the mission went down….At an April 19 meeting in the Situation Room, the president approved the air assault as the course of action. He ordered the force to fly to the region to conduct it.

Last Thursday, just after his East Room announcement that Panetta would succeed Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, the president held another meeting in the Situation Room, and went through everyone’s final recommendations……

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“We will not Falter, We Will Not Fail”

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