Oct 28 2011

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*ALERT* National Popular Vote..It Lives in MI!

We all most probably have heard of the horror movie series “Friday the 13th” and the villain Jason who after appearing to be dead is resurrected and continues to live on in sequel after sequel And so it is with the National Popular Vote Compact (NPV)

Both are scary

And Both Have a lot of Money Behind Them


We have done a series on the National Popular Vote Compact, HERE and HERE
In depth explanation on what the NPV is,its origin,who is behind it in Michigan, who voted for it in 2008 in Michigan, “following the money” and GOP National Committee voting on a resolution opposing it.

In a nutshell the National Popular Vote is:
NPV is a political scheme cooked up originally by Liberals who were irate over Gore losing to Bush.
Although it does not replace the Electoral College exactly it circumvents it by a compact that states enter into that decides the Presidential election by the “popular vote” of those states. Only if enough states have joined to ensure that the result will be to hand the presidency to the popular-vote “winner.” It’s clever because it avoids the need for a constitutional amendment, which requires a two-thirds vote in Congress and approval of 38 (3 of 4) state legislatures. Further, legislatures COULD vote their state out of the Compact AFTER the election! The ensuing chaos would make Gore vs Bush look like child’s play.

So even though there has been no bill introduced in the House (Rep. Matt Lori was tapped) The House Committee has scheduled “Presentations and testimony” regarding National Popular Vote” in the Redistricting and Elections Committee.

Why? Because there is big money behind the NPV movement in order to get states to enter into the Compact to achieve a controlling majority of the Electoral College (currently 270 of the total 538 electoral votes.) And that includes Michigan!

Having “Presentations and testimony” now can speed up a vote when a bill is introduced!
It is imperative that this be stopped in Michigan

a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government
the Constitution was bringing into existence.
Franklin replied, “A (representative) republic, if you can keep it.”


Date: 11/1/2011
Time: 9:00 AM
Meeting: Standing Committee Meeting
Redistricting and Elections
Chair: Representative Pete Lund
Location: 521 House Office Building,
124 N. Capitol Lansing, MI

A link to a Goggle map of location of downtown area is HERE
A map of Public Parking (PP) is located below

Please e-mail me at grassrootsinmi@gmail.com IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING


Showing up at a Committee Meeting is ALWAYS preferable and has the highest impact on a bill making it out of Committee or dying however this is a good way for your voice to be heard

All you have to do is:
Mary Lou Terrien, at mterrie@house.mi.gov
Subject: NPV
2. Address e-mail to “Redistricting and Elections Committee Members”
Tell the Committee Members you are against a National Popular Vote Compact in Michigan. It can be as simple as that or you can give a longer reason(s)
SHOULD include Name, address, County, City, e-mail
3. Ask the clerk to enter your e-mail into the record. He will give each member of the Committee a copy of your e-mail

Thank you for all you do for Michigan and for our Republic

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