Nov 03 2011

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NPV and the Battle for Michigan


We are in a battle here. But first of all I would like to thank the one hundred and thirteen patriots who send e-mail testimonies of their opposition of the National Popular Vote Compact. Testimonies are entered into record and can be view HERE (scroll to bottom of pg) I would also like to thank those in attendance which included several other Tea Party organizers besides myself. There was overwhelming support in opposition to the NPVC! It was quite a lively debate,somewhat marred by a disrespectful outburst by (my embarrassed to admit Rep.) Barb Bryum (D) who favors the NPVC. Rep. Bryum addressed a Tea Party leader opposition witness inappropriately as  “girlfriend” in a tone dripping with abhorrence. Nice

However, despite the overwhelming opposition of the NPVC including a Resolution from the Michigan State GOP Committee, “strongly encouraging all state legislators and the governor to reject the National Popular Vote Compact, and Eric Doster, general counsel for the Michigan Republican Party, railing against the National Popular Vote idea. Republican House Representative Matt Lori, who spoke in favor of the NPV HERE still intends to introduce the NPVC bill in Michigan.


A little background on Rep. Matt Lori:

Rep. Matt Lori represents the 59th District which includes all of St. Joseph County and a portion of Cass County. It is considered a safe Republican district. When he ran for the House (2008) Matt Lori was a St. Joseph County Sheriff.  He held that position. His work experience is chiefly law enforcement. He still has a website. It doesn’t say anything about his positions on the issues. He endorsed John McCain before the primary. He raised about $6000.

Call me skeptical but one has to wonder why a newly elected Representative,(2008) a former sheriff with a law enforcement career, who when running had no issue positions on his website, develops such a passion for a rather complex issue like the NPVC that he is willing to buck his own Party?

Since Rep. Lori is in a district considered to be Republican I would think that he has some explaining to do to his constituents on his support of the National Popular Vote Compact . Perhaps many of his constituents are unaware of his stance?

But make no mistake, this is a battle.

NPVC has tons of money and paid consultants who they fly in to testify around the country (like in Michigan) and obviously someone willing to introduce the bill here in Michigan. Billionaire Tom Golisano is a major funder.

National Popular Vote is partnered with FairVote.  Jonaton Soros (George’s son) is an active supporter and major donor to FairVote. Here’s his commentary in– of all places– The Wall Street Journal. Dec, 15 2008  “It’s time to junk the electoral system and we don’t need an ammendment to do it”

Laureen Oliver is chairwoman of the Lake County group, Support Popular Vote. said, “We believe we can pass it by 2012,” she said. “We may have time to affect the 2012 presidential election. That’s our dream, our hope, and a possibility…..eight states and the District of Columbia already enacting the bill, (Hawaii, Washington, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and Vermont) and D.C. represent 132 electoral votes, or 49 percent of 270.” Wednesday, November 02, 2011


NPVC would be a disaster, encourage voter fraud, and radicalize the system.

It just so happens his constituents have a perfect opportunity to “discuss topics of interest,(NPVC) and tell me what is important to them, help me better represent the people in the House of Representatives.”

State Rep. Matt Lori is sponsoring district coffee hours to give residents a convenient opportunity to meet with him locally on Friday, Nov. 11 at the following times and locations:

8 – 9 a.m.                 LA’s Coffee Cafe 145 W. Michigan Ave., Three Rivers

9:30-10:30 a.m.    Farmhouse Bakery and Restaurant 59573 White Temple Road, Vandalia

No appointment is necessary. All are welcome to hear a legislative update and discuss topics of interest. “This is a convenient way for residents of the district to meet with me and tell me what is important to them,” said Lori, R-Constantine. “It’s an informal discussion and helps me better represent the people in the House of Representatives.”

Please Rep. Lori the people of the 59th District desire that you seriously reconsider introducing a NPVC bill. NPVC is not in the best interest of the people of the 59th District, the citizens of Michigan nor our Republic

The rest of us need to e-mail Rep. Lori and urge him to rethink his position of introducing a NPVC bill when clearly there is so much Michigan opposition to it including that of his own Party.

Contact his Lansing office toll free at 1-877-262-5959 or by e-mail at mattlori@house.mi.gov

I will keep you posted of further developments.

Thank you for all you do for Michigan and our Republic,

Joan Fabiano

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  1. Joan

    FYI…There is a someone with the e-mail address of mvymvy@hotmail.com who scourers the Internet for blog posts in opposition to the NPV so he/she can post NPV propaganda comments on those blogs

    Since there is a lot of money being spend to push the NPV I can assume that this is a poster paid by NPV to do just that

    Therefore, no “comments” by a mvymvy@hotmail.com will be posted


  2. John Crawford

    Belated compliments on a terrific blog, Joan! This issue is going to take a lot of vigilence – AND it’s something that we must oppose all across the country, as you are well aware.

    The NPV Compact really doesn’t even solve ANY “problems” that they claim exist! NONE! They describe these terrible cases of constant mal-governance and injustice handed down by well-meaning but ignorant 18th Century people who “could not agree on how to elect the President”.

    BUT, only because of the new-found brilliance of man (especially a multi-millionaire PhD lottery ticket printing machine inventor and frustrated 2000 Al Gore Elector!) these enlightened geniuses – after 223 years of America eandering in the darkness – have FINALLY come up with the ‘perfect solution’! “Let’s elect the President of the United States exactly the same way that we elect our PTA President!”

    Not even CLOSE! The NPV brings in BOATLOADS of new problems that CANNOT be fixed! But, to the Mob Rule, Pro-Anarchy crowd, it must seem perfect.

    ALL of it is balderdash. Nothing in it has any merit to it at all. So, WHY the millions and millions of dollars being spent to make it happen? The Hidden Agenda!

    Keep after it, Joan! We have no dollars on our side but we ARE on the correct side of the issue here – the American Federation itself is at stake!

    PS: There are a handful of NPV-paid posters out there posting everywhere and none of them use their real names. Another one to watch for is “Ooty Cat”.

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