Nov 15 2011

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Senator “CyberStalker” aka Rick Jones

I believe constituents and citizens need to be aware of any inappropriate conduct of their elected officials. My intent is not to engage in some silly tit-for-tat feud However, Michigan citizens have a right to expect that their Senators conduct themselves in a manner befitting their office.

Rick Jones is at it again. Somebody needs to put his computer in a lock box
Unbelievably, I received this Facebook e-mail message (below) from the Senator
Evidently Rick Jones has never heard of a “Screenshot”

Rick Jones took his his computer and e-mailed me on Facebook because he was feeling the displeasure from his constituents (fortunately I am not one) and others from a post I did HERE about the passing of SB 693(setting up an Obama Care Insurance Exchange in Michigan) and those who voted “Yes.” including Jones. I also made note of his now infamous comment made on the Senate floor that he had to “plug his nose and vote for the bill”

Sending a harassing and bullying e-mail is disgraceful behavior from a Senator and violates CHAPTER I – SECTION 3 LEGISLATIVE CONDUCT AND ETHICS
1.301 LEGISLATIVE CONDUCT of the Michigan Legislative Handbook & Directory states:
Each Senator shall conduct himself or herself to justify the confidence placed in him or her by the people and shall, by personal example and admonition to colleagues, maintain the integrity and responsibility of his or her office.

This incident is particularly disconcerting to women or anyone who has ever been the victim of harassment.

In addtion, the fact that he initiated contact with me, several times and then continued, escalating to harassing, and factious insults could rise to the level of cyberstalking. Considering that Rick Jones was a sheriff before starting a new career in politics makes his behavior even more shocking. His constituents and Michigan deserve better.

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  1. Deb M

    Two years ago, when Rick Jones was in the House of Representatives, he also engaged me in “computer harrasment” on his State computer. As one of his constituents, I am entitled to express my viewpoints on legislation; however, if those points do not agree with his personal views or those he is ordered to follow by his party, he takes extreme offense and measures to defend himself, including outlandish claims and personal attacks. I, too, advised him of the necessity to conduct himself in a “statesman-like” manner, and complained of his computer use to his party leader at the time. Nothing was done. This elected official is like a dog with a bone and seems insistent on having the “last word” with everyone on anything.

  2. Nancy

    Yes he is abusive and nasty. I too have tried to engage him on subjects and if it doesn’t sure his personal agenda or views he is very very abusive in his emails. He blocked me from his FB page. And the personal emails between us were full of vitriol and accusations and insults. This man professes to be a Christian and I am appalled at his behavior.

    Being a strong Constitutional Conservative I am appalled that this man is allowed to continue be kept in office with his attitude. He is from my hometown where I no longer live but if I did I would personally go door to door to have him removed from office. The man is a complete raving out of control lunatic IMHO. His attacks on people who he does not agree with is outrageous.

  3. zyzy

    this is stupid

    1. Joan

      I agree. Its hard to imagine a siting Senator sending just a message!

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