Feb 03 2012

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Why I am Supporting Clark Durant for US Senate


When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed upon your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, ‘just men who will rule in the fear of God.’

The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded.

If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make the administer the laws.” Noah Webster, 1832



First of all I want to make it very clear that my endorsement is always, my own personal endorsement. I believe that is the personal responsibility of each individual to vet and then choose their candidate

That being said, this is a very important race, it is not out of the realm of possibility that President Obama could be reelected. That possibility makes Congressional races just that more important.

In coming to my conclusion to support Clark Durant I used this criteria

1. Issues
2. Experience/Leadership/Character
3. Ability to raise money
4. Electability

1. Issues

Clark is a Constitutional Conservative who believes “the principles enshrined in the United States Constitution have made us the greatest country in the history of mankind. Progressivism seeks to destroy this and The American Way by reading into the Constitution rights that do not exist, and creating roles and responsibilities for the government and its bureaucratic tentacles, which of course, are based on unsustainable economic models.”

“Federalism matters. It is a vital bulwark of liberty. We have neglected its protection to our peril.” Clark Durant

Clark Durant is for limited government, free markets, simpler and fair tax system, securing our borders, a defender of our 2nd Amendment rights and most importantly Clark believes in the sanctity of human life And traditional marriage (one man, one woman) as the cornerstone of the family and society.

2. Experiences and Leadership and Character

Thought out his life Clark has shown himself to be not only a thinker but also a doer, using American initiative and ingenuity, in the service of others. Either through public service such as turning around a state sub-subsidized bankrupt Ann Arbor Railroad by turning it into a profitable private enterprise. Or after leaving the military in 1971, Durant served as the assistant to the president of Hillsdale College and then as a Vice President of the college in 1972-1973. Durant co-founded and started Imprimis a monthly speech digest with a 2010 circulation over 2 million. Co-founding, Cornerstone School 1991 in Detroit. Otherwise, charitable, such as spending the first six years of his legal career defending low-income people who could not afford a lawyer in a variety of civil and criminal matters.

3. Ability to raise money

It is a fact of life that campaigns need money it takes millions to run a Congressional campaign. Clark Durant has shown an ability to raise money not just from organizations but individual campaign contributions. Clark raised almost 1.4 million dollars in less than 4 months of campaigning.
Clark Durant Campaign Contributions to date HERE

4. Electability

Clark Durant is the only primary candidate that has won a statewide election. He has shown he can motivate the grassroots passion not only through campaign contributors but also by “boots on the ground.” Because Clark is not a career politician he can engage Debbie Stabenow as being one and is not burdened with the problem of having the same voting record as Debbie Stabenow on several important issues (TARP, debt increases)

Clark represents a clear contrast between a citizen legislator and a career politician.

Debbie Stabenow, career politician whose policies and votes line up with Obama. Presiding over a Michigan decline while pandering to special interests.

Clark Durant, a seasoned leader in both the public and private area, possessing a keen intellect with a studied knowledge, deep respect and statesman’s commitment to our Republic and Founding documents and offering the right solutions for Michigan and our country. Hillsdale College president, Larry Arndt discusses that commitment in his video endorsement of Clark HERE

And lets not forget gravitas! When faced with a long campaign trail, personality does count in a candidate. Clark is a “people person” and an excellent communicator with a warm wit.

The other primary candidates have not either/or

1. Have not yet gained the depth of seasoned experience for the magnitude of a Congressional office race against an entrenched incumbent

2. Shown the ability to motivate contributors via campaign contributions needed for a Congressional race

3. Troubling voting record on major issues that does not adhere to a tea party philosophy of limited government.

In closing I ask my fellow tea party adherents to join the effort to help the most viable candidate to beat Debbie Stabenow and provide the necessary leadership, ideas and grit to help return our government from broken and failing to a Constitutional Republic in 2012, Clark Durant

To learn more or how you can help beat Debbie Go to Clark Durant for Senate web site

A brief side bar about my endorsement of Clark Durant and the MI4CS Convention

The decision was made not to participate in the Convention for several reasons.

Our believe is that the tea party is a movement and philosophy and not a Party. Parties have Conventions, movements and philosophies do not.

Although well intentioned in an attempt to unite all Michigan tea parties the effort has had the opposite outcome because it mistakenly sought to define and confine a movement based on the *criteria of some. Additionally, there were problems in the process and transparency for example, the idea of a Convention was not a local idea rather the result of a National Group reaching out to state activists. Although we agree that national groups certainly have a place, that place is not attempting to intervene and control actions in the states with promises of support. Moreover, although touting the number of participants the MI4CS organization as of this writing refuses to release the names of the participating groups, all of which has lead many other tea party groups to withdraw.

However instead of just opposing an idea in and consideration of a viable solution to a Party-type Convention, I believe a better path for unity, devoid of divisiveness and contention and yet an event that would draw awareness to the effort and candidates could have been a Conference. The purpose would be to discover which candidate each was supporting and then those parties combine to help their candidate in the Primary. Prior to the Conference, tea party groups and adherents would vet the candidates by using their chosen vetting tools.

However, that being said, I support the freedom to choose to participate or not and respect each tea party group’s decision and ask that they join the Durant effort, effectively willing to put “boots on the ground” and also financial support to reach the ultimate goal, to beat Debbie Stabenow and help the return to a Constitutional Republic. 

Joan Fabiano
Organizer Grassroots in Michigan
Est. Feb. 2009

*MI4CS Criteria for TEA Party Involvement

TEA Party groups participating in Michigan4ConservativeSenate must meet the following qualifications unless otherwise approved by the MI4CS District Communication Representatives:
-A TEA Party/912/ Liberty group with a mission or purpose of promoting the Constitution of the United States and/or Conservative Principles through various avenues such as rallies, meetings, education, projects, and activities.
-A TEA Party/912/Liberty group which was started in a grassroots manner by local people who have local decision making control over all aspects of the group and is not influenced or controlled or regulated by a state or national organization.
-A group that is not affiliated in membership with any current political party such as Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc.
-An Active TEA Party/912 or liberty group which is active through meetings, rallies, events, projects, or group activities
-An active group for at least 3 months by Nov. 12th, 2011 (the meeting at Dewitt).
-A group with at least 10 active members.
-A group that is not a chapter of a national organization separate from the TEA Parties such as but not limited to American’s for Prosperity, Campaign for Liberty, Ace, etc.
- A group that has an avenue of members holding leadership of the TEA Party group accountable through such ways as annual voting, communication at general meetings or events, etc

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  1. Wayne Wilhelmi

    Does he have the courage to tell Michigan voters Obama’s goal is make us a socialist country, making us more dependent on the government? Can he tell us that those who support Obama as Debbie does are socialists, not liberals?


    1. Joan

      Wayne Why not ask him? clarkdurant2012@gmail.com

  2. Gary Glenn

    Wayne, I say that in every speech.

  3. golf

    I have read some excellent stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much attempt you put to create the sort of magnificent informative web site.

    1. Joan

      Thank you. Its rather like having a full time job sometimes!

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