Mar 05 2012

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UPDATE: MI Delegate Controversy

Fellow Michiganders,

Immediately following the announcement that the MIGOP would allocate the Republican Party’s two at-large delegates from Tuesday’s statewide primary to candidate Mitt Romney, there was breaking news of a teleconference by the MIGOP Credentials Committees which set off a firestorm that is making national news headlines (example headlines are linked below).

I’ve received a lot of emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls since late last week and I wanted to provide an update.

First of all, I need to express regret for breaking one of my own important cardinal rules, which is to know the source of ALL information before putting anything out publicly, no matter how authentic that information may appear. Such a rule is part and parcel of a standard for credible reporting based on the facts which I have set for myself and because I believe I have a responsibility to the people who follow Grassroots in Michigan.

On Thursday, March 1st I put out an e-mail Newsletter entitled “Dele-Gate: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!”, based on a breaking story by a blogger on the long-standing web site, RightMichigan.com.

I’ve realized the reason I broke my own rule is that the information fit with too many familar truths. However, when a controversy is first breaking the best thing to do is stand back and search for the veritiable facts.

The truth is:

  • The blogger who broke the story works for Strategic National, a political consulting firm hired by the Santorum campaign.
  • There ARE serious questions about what the delegate allocation rules are, how they are made, when they are changed, who has the authority in specific instances
  • There ARE questions about what occurred on the Tuesday evening teleconference convened by the MIGOP Credentials Committee
  • Mitt Romney is the favorite candidate of the Republican “powers that be” when considering the totality of endorsements from the leadership of the MIGOP, the members of the Credentials Committee and prominent Michigan Republicans. Michigan Leaders Lining Up for Romney Amway Founding Families Endorse Romney
  • It’s going to take more time to get to the full truth of the matter because – the more the matter is examined, the more questions that arise.

Since Thursday, I have spent a lot of time looking into this whole matter, including reading the relevant documents at issue, researching background material and events, and making contact with a number of individuals, including Michigan’s National Committeeman Saul Anuzis.

While Mr. Anuzis deserves credit for his willingess to discuss the whole matter at length, when other members of the MIGOP leadership were not, I do have additional questions for him, and will be following up to pursue them.

Once I am able to report information that is verifiable via multiple independent sources, I will report more.

Saul Anuzis’s Statement on Michigan’s Delegate Allocation
February 7th Memo from the Credentials Committee
March 1st Memo Michigan Delegate Allocation Republican National Convention
Santorum Campaign formal request to the RNC for an investigation
Michigan Delegate Drama
Rick Santorum’s Lawyer Protests Michigan Delegate Allocation In Letter To RNC

As always, I appreciate the support and trust of the people who follow Grassroots in Michigan,

Joan Fabiano

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  1. Pasquale Battaglia


    I appreciate your candor and look forward to the results of your fact finding.

    Your Friend,

    1. Joan

      Thank you Pat, appreciate it

  2. Marcy Jankovich

    Joan, I sincerely appreciate your efforts in this regard. Thank you for what you do. We may not always agree on issues, but I am learning that your integrity is stellar and your convictions are based on facts rather than a personal agenda. We need to give “attaboys” every now and then! This is one for you. I look forward to your report.

    1. Joan

      Your “attaboy” came just at the right time! Thank you and very appreciated. There are those whose tunnel vision in a single direction attack those of us who want to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
      I think this should speak volumes to those…”The first to state his case seems right [until] his neighbor comes to cross-examine him.” proverbs 18:17

  3. Loral Orow

    I also thank you for giving this your attention. It seems to me that rules should not be changed halfway through the game. Somehow we must force an honest government and maybe it begins with an issue such as this. I’ll be following to get the complete story too.

  4. CJ Schuman

    Joan, in your quest for the truth about the delegate award for Michigan’s primary, did you ask the question of why the MIGOP decided to take the vote as reported by our SOS, which was tabulated in 15 Districts, and convert it to 14 Districts. Final redistricting should not take place until approximately April 1, (91st day after final adjournment of 2011 Regular Session, P.A. 128/129 of 2011, signed by Governor on 8/9/2011) Using the 2 delegate per district won formula, and our total delegates at 30, no “at-large” delegates exist. The question is, why did the MIGOP mess with the vote tabulation (behind closed doors) when the redistricting plans (congressional, state, and precinct levels) have not yet been put in place. Considering some current precincts are split across new District lines, how was the conversion done? See http://miboecfr.nictusa.com/election/results/12PPR/25.HTM

    1. Joan

      I am asking a lot of question CJ…However I have as of yet been able to find this precise language? “91st day after final adjournment of 2011 Regular Session”,
      Could you please give a cite?

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