Mar 20 2012

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It’s The Electability and Inevitability, Stupid


This post (what I believe also) was written by “Shellinda”, the author name for joint work by Shelli Dawdy and Linda Rohman, of Grassroots in Nebraska (GiN), one of Grassroots in Michigan’s (GiM) peers in a coalition of Constitutional, limited government groups across America.

We don’t know about anyone else, but we’re a little tired of having our intelligence insulted.

Fox News earned #1 ratings in Super Tuesday coverage and featured a parade of nattering nabobs

We started writing this article on Monday, well before the votes were in from “Super Tuesday”. When family matters interrupted our task, we hoped we’d be proven wrong and just have to scratch this article. But, alas, as the results came in, intellectual injury was added to insult.

Who’s behaving badly? Answer: A majority of the Republican Party’s ruling class 1 / establishment elite, which includes Republicans in elective office, GOP party officials, and a large number of the talking-head brigade. As a shorthand way to refer to them throughout the remainder of this article, we’re going to borrow a phrase from William Safire and call them “nattering nabobs.”

Here are the two primary insults…

We’re told that Mitt Romney’s nomination is inevitable.

TRANSLATION for those of us who live in fly over country…

Inevitable = it’s Romney’s turn

We’re told that Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate in the GOP race.

TRANSLATION for those of us who don’t live (or wish we lived) inside the Beltway…

Electability =

  • Everyone who matters believes he’s the inevitable candidate 2 (see above)
  • Believes himself that his nomination is inevitable
  • Won Iowa!!! (wait…no, take that back…well, it doesn’t matter, he grabbed the headlines…)
  • Can raise a lot of money (as a bonus also HAS a lot of his own money, which he will spend on an election)
  • Has been perpetually campaigning since 2007, so he’s reeeeeally good at campaigning
  • Only candidate running a real campaign, so of course he’s the only one the nabobs will take seriously 3.
  • Is “Presidential” (We dunno…does that mean he resembles a game show host or that he looks like an aging Ken doll — i.e., as if he’s made out of plastic so you can bounce nickels off his hair?)
  • Knows how to reinvent the perception of himself (this requires sub-translation…means he will change positions on a dime, based on latitude and longitude)
  • Appeals to moderates (well, really conservative people don’t like him, so…hey…moderates must! Except any Democrats, of course. It’s evil to make any sort of effort to appeal to them, ya know.)
  • Had a MAJOR victory in Ohio, the “crown jewel of Super Tuesday”. (ok, so he barely pulled it out…that doesn’t mean anything, it’s still a BIG win!!!)
  • Is the only candidate who can….{drum roll, please}…beat Obama!

What a load of baloney! Clearly, we’re not the ones with the intelligence deficit or learning impairment.

The whole electability thing seems really strange to us. For someone who is so gosh darn electable, before Super Tuesday, there had been higher percentages of people NOT voting for Mitt Romney than percentages of people that HAD in each and every caucus and primary, save ONE.

Percentages for “Not Romney” derived by adding vote percentages for the three other candidates in the GOP contest

Yes, really.

So how about Super Tuesday?

Percentages for Romney versus percentages for other three candidates, including Super Tuesday results

YAWN. . . .Anyone else underwhelmed? 4

But our point here is not about Mitt Romney or his worthiness as a candidate. It’s about a bunch of nattering nabobs who are insulting voters by lining up to tell us what is inevitable and who is electable. In the 1992 Presidential election season, political wizard James Carville, as the legend goes, posted a list of three core ideas to “keep himself and the team focused”. Among them was the now-famous mantra “The economy, stupid”, which has entered the American lexicon as “It’s the economy, stupid”. The list and the mantra were all part of the “inside baseball” of the campaign. (After all, insulting voters’ intelligence by addressing them directly as stupid is not considered a winning strategy. . . . At least, it never used to be.)

Note the title of this article, which is really a sort of double entendre. We think it’s what the nattering nabobs are saying to voters – get on board the train, you silly voters! In reality, that admonition is more properly directed at the nabobs themselves. We, the “little people”, are not the stupid ones here. The nabobs’ peddling of the electability and inevitability messages only proves there’s a profound and increasing learning disability among the peddlers. After all, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Anyone remember 2008…?

John McCain, anyone?

Poor Republican voter turnout?

There is a lot of analysis out there about voting demographics in 2008 – see footnotes 5 for a lot of links. Republican losses and Democratic wins were due to a number of factors which are not related to the points we’re making here. But there are a couple of factors which ARE very important and have decidedly not been part of the “right wing” narrative for the past four years. What was revealed by studies of data and exit polling, etc., was general disillusionment with Republicans and disappointment with available candidates, especially with John McCain as the GOP nominee for President. Among particular segments of Republican voters, including many who typically turn out to vote at higher rates than average, discontent was very high, and turnout more dramatically suppressed. Nebraska’s turnout, for instance, was down 15%.

But let’s not forget 2006.

In the 2006 mid-term election, Republicans were handed their hats. But good luck finding any recognizable media sources with comprehensive, accurate explanations for why Republicans were drubbed. The fact that such an analysis is difficult to find, even going ten pages deep into a Google search with multiple variations of “2006 Republican loss” and “2006 Why Republicans lost”, is very telling 6.

Ramesh Ponnuru’s article on Bloomberg in November, 2011, entitled, “Republicans Lose Way by Misreading Bush History” is an excellent example of the sorts of analyses one can find. Ponnuru’s article actually addresses both elections – 2006 and 2008.

And Ponnuru’s analysis is no HuffPo or DailyKos hit piece. In addition to writing for Bloomberg, Ponnuru apparently regularly writes for The Corner, a blog on the website of National Review, a publication considered a conservative fortress by many. The bullet-point version of Ponnuru’s analysis asserts that Republicans are continuing to make the following mistakes:

  • Expunging impurity: Republicans have attempted to oust liberals and moderates
  • Cutting spending and government (see quote below for some articulation)
  • Adopting a belief that there should be no compromise, proposing unpopular ideas that can’t go anywhere (i.e. abolishing the EPA)

Perhaps our favorite passage from Ponnuru’s analysis of Republican losses:

“Republicans were more popular in Bush’s first term, when they were expanding entitlements, than in his second term, when they were trying to reform one (Social Security). For most of the second term, they exercised more spending restraint than they had done in the first term — and again, there was no evidence it helped them politically.”

The only thing that Ponnuru’s analysis leaves out, which some others include, are Republicans’ two other allegedly fatal errors:

  • Taking on the “social issues”
  • Hard-line positions on immigration

Unfortunately, election 2010 fits right in. Election 2010 was not really the blow out it could’ve been nor was a huge increase in voter turnout the driver. As Rhodes Cooke described it in the Wall Street Journal , “A pro-Democratic electorate in 2006 turned into a pro-Republican one this time.” According to Cooke, turnout overall was not up by much and, in fact, supported year-long polls showing an “enthusiasm gap” for Republicans.

So, the bottom line about 2010? It wasn’t that voters were so jazzed up about Republicans that they turned out in record numbers. Republicans won because many people who regularly or frequently vote were so freaked out about what was going on and because Democrats failed to motivate their own base to turn out. Finally, Republican wins were not by margins as large as some had projected and, in a number of instances, defeat actually was snatched from the jaws of what had appeared to be certain victory, regardless of whether seats in Congress or state offices further down the ballot were involved (Governors, state legislatures).

That brings us to 2012 so far…

. . . And to a third insult to our intelligence. According to the nattering nabobs…


According to this logic, voters should be energetic and motivated. After all, Obama’s policies are so unpopular with the Republican base, no matter who the party nominates those voters will flock to support him in order to avoid four more years of Obama. So, all the party needs to WIN is a nominee that will not alienate those vital independent voters. Wash, spin, rinse, spin, repeat.

But the facts run contrary to the official party line. Turnout at caucuses and primaries is LOW. Moreover, analyses like those coming from Ponnuru, above, and the beating of drums about “inevitability” and “electability” only reinforce growing sentiments among voters that election 2012 is proving to be a reprise of the last several election cycles. In other words, it’s deja vu all over again.



Republicans did not lose in 2006 or 2008 because they were “too conservative”, ousting liberals and moderates, cutting spending or size of government (are you kidding?!), taking on “the social issues”, adopting hard-line stances on immigration, or taking no-compromise positions. Republicans lost then and are failing to motivate voters now because…They haven’t stood for anything different from their Democratic counterparts for a long time! In other words, Ponnuru and all those like him get it almost entirely wrong.

ONE of the many ways today’s Republicans are too much like Democrats:

They adopt the language of the Left (progressivism) and, very often, proceed to put that language into practice.

*FAIR WARNING NOTICE* We’ve chosen GOP Presidential candidates to illustrate this point. We’ll probably end up “goring everyone’s ox” before we’re through; if you have supported one of the candidates at any point, or do now, your candidate is likely to be mentioned.

Class warfare…

  • Newt Gingrich’s attacks against Mitt Romney about his tenure at Bain Capital
  • Ron Paul’s articulations about banking and the Federal Reserve often focus overly much on banks
  • Mitt Romney’s tax plan discusses how “the 1%” will be treated differently

Too often, these arguments sound like they came straight from an Occupy Wall Street talking points memo


Climate Change / Global Warming / “Cap and Trade”…


For most of the candidates, it’s just a shake and shuffle of the current system…


Some media DID cite one of the reasons for suppressed turnout in 2006 - an increasing number of corruption scandals within Republican circles. Most notorious at the time was the wide circle of corruption surrounding “super-lobbyist” Jack Abramoff.

Existence of the Tom Delay, Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed – “K Street Project” – has become more widely known and only added to the perception of corrupt D.C. politics, especially since one of its key engineers, Delay, was forced in 2005 to resign as House Majority Leader when he was indicted for criminal conspiracy associated with illegal campaign contributions 7. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Delay didn’t run for re-election in 2006.

The Delay, Norquist, Reed scheme to solidify Republican power in D.C. by dominating lobbying firms, generally institutionalize lobbying, and create a political career mill for Republicans seemed very much like the mantra, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. But if they join Democrats in “the swamp”, how does that make Republicans any different? In such a climate, it’s no wonder a lot of voters have been turned off.


Whether it’s corruption within the political realm, or corrupt personal conduct, both are character issues. Despite what the natterers might say, CHARACTER MATTERS. And, of all the mistakes Republicans have made in allowing the left to frame the issues, we truly believe it is on the issue of character – of principles and ethics – where Republicans have raised a white flag, and waved it with abandon.

It’s no small irony that we can end almost where we started – the title of this article, again, note, harkens back to the Clinton era. Not only did political whiz kid Carville help firmly entrench a concept that Republicans now embrace – it’s ALL about the economy – Carville’s candidate ultimately helped America dismantle the idea that character counts.

Remember the whole Lewinsky scandal? It wasn’t important that the President of the United States engaged in infidelity adjacent to the Oval Office OR that he lied about it under oath. That was just about sex, right? C’mon now, we all know that’s just what guys do…and don’tcha know, they always lie about those things. Move along, America, there’s nothing to see here – and Republicans, apparently finding this whole new narrative useful, decided to go along for the ride.

Isn’t it ironic that one of the four remaining candidates in the race – Newt Gingrich – engaged, repeatedly, in the same conduct at the very same time, while publicly attacking the President? Gingrich’s repentance rings hollow; creepishly Clintonian. Just WHEN did that “come to Jesus” moment occur for Mr. Gingrich?

Click to view full color version online

The whole sorry narrative has rendered our standards schizophrenic; Newt Gingrich engaged in multiple infidelities, even married one of his paramours, but because it happened a while back, because he says he’s changed, he’s fit to remain in the race. Herman Cain, on the other hand, a target of unproven allegations, and married to the same woman for 43 years, under fire and dropping like a rock in the polls, pulled out of the race.

Throughout the GOP nomination process, involving a dozen candidates, one after another have risen and fallen. As we’ve already asserted and we think we’ve shown in more than one way, voters are not happy with their choices.

The table, below, shows Romney’s percentages compared to Rick Santorum’s.

Romney v. Santorum in GOP Presidential Primaries through Super Tuesday

Why does this chart look this way?

For all the efforts by the nattering nabobs to segregate MORALITY, PRINCIPLES, and CHARACTER and assign them to a category called “SOCIAL ISSUES”, the positions politicians take on things like abortion, the family, homosexual marriage, etc., send a more general message: A MESSAGE ABOUT THE STATE AND NATURE OF A CANDIDATE’S PERSONAL CHARACTER.

Whether it is wholly true and accurate OR NOT, regardless of some flaws, a good many voters who could work up the energy to go to the polls so far obviously perceive something in Rick Santorum that is attractive to them. Could it possibly be that his support for traditional values is sending a signal to the voters? Yikes! Might it be that “social conservatism” the nabobs thought they’d quarantined?


A final word to those nattering nabobs…





It **may** very well be the CHARACTER that makes a candidate ELECTABLE.

(But go ahead, nabobs…dare to be stupid, it’s only the future of the country…)


“Fox News Super Tuesday Collage” created by Shelli Dawdy with images found on FoxNews.com. Fox News‘ coverage was chosen as representing media coverage because it has become the default news network for such coverage, as evidenced by rating trends reported on March 8, 2012, in The Hollywood Reporter. FNC’s ratings for prime time Super Tuesday coverage were equal to ratings for MSNBC and CNN combined, and beat out the only broadcast network to provide election night coverage, NBC.

Pearls Before Swine, March 7, 2012, by Stephan Pastis, scan of editorial cartoon which appeared in the Lincoln Journal Star print edition, March 7, 2012. Full color version of strip can be viewed HERE.



  1. We’ve referred many times in the past year and a half to an article in The American Spectator by Angelo M. Codevilla, entitled “America’s Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution“, which the GiN leadership team believes best articulates the political landscape in America today. America has a ruling class, which cannot be defined by political party affiliation, and that ruling class has clients, beneficiaries and “wanna-bes”; and then, there is the rest of us.
  2. Wikipedia has a partial list for all of the candidates, one site supportive of Romney has many kinds of listsof Romney’s endorsements
  3. Super Tuesday Fox News Channel coverage was full of such information – former anchor Brit Hume, for instance, practically sniffed in disdain regarding how long Romney had been campaigning, how organized the Romney machine is, and how the other candidates just do not measure up.
  4. The numbers for the “Romney / Not Romney” chart image were obtained from an Associated Press chart showing the percentages of votes for each of the four candidates remaining in the race as of this writing. The chart doesn’t have an independent link, but can be seen by scrolling down THIS Google search page for pre-Super Tuesday races, and THIS Google search page, for Super Tuesday. Note that Wyoming is listed in the AP results, but the Wyoming state GOP has rules which provide for county parties to determine when to convene their delegate selection, which are by caucusing. Caucuses are scheduled throughout the state over the next week, so final results aren’t expected until March 10. The Wyoming GOP structure is a rare example today of local control.
  5. America University’s Curtis Gans has a very comprehensive and frequently cited analysis of the 2008 race, which includes explanations of his methodology and the data tables, entitled “Much-hyped Turnout Record Fails to Materialize Convenience Voting Fails to Boost Balloting”, Hot Air‘s Ed Morrisey gives his take in “Notes From The Collapse” on November 5, 2008, CNN’s Political Ticker gives a bit more insight, and Rhodes Cooke’s November 13, 2008, editorial, which is referenced specifically in this article, is worth a full read. For an irritating affirmation that Democrats get the picture about the turn out, even if Republicans don’t, scroll to the bottom of this article and read the paragraph about what Clinton guru James Carville thinks about the 2008 GOP turnout. The guy may get on your last nerve, but, hey, he’s been right before.
  6. A May 2008 Politico article provides no insight to the underlying causes, but does provide a great example of how it’s always all about strategy and finger pointing. What else is interesting about that article is the recognition that things were going to get ugly in November.
  7. Following several lengthy investigations and legal processes, Delay was ultimately sentenced to a three year prison term in January 2011; the case is currently under appeal.

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  1. tab faber

    Breaks my heart for this country to be dephiled by communists in the democratic party. The republicans have not proved they are any improvement once you look past the red white and blue rhetoric. We the people are out of options. How can you get folks fired up for this primary when it appears it has already been decided and faith in the republican party has diminished. This election has become about obama, not republicans. If he can be beat, we’ll sigh of relief briefly, then turn to revealing how the new president is trampling our rights and bankrupting our country.

  2. Carol

    The constant union bashing by the Republicans towards anyone who is in a union of any kind. That is my turn off of the year. Join a political party so that they can tell you whatever other membership you may belong to? I don’t think so. With what coporate america has done to this country to date, we need to have unions more than ever. The idea that pensions should be obsolete and no one needs to have a retirement any more? Not even clueless, the squirels who climb the trees outside have more brains than that. The Republican party has gone off a cliff, and is so out of touch with working Americans, the election will probably be the test that needs to be taken for them to wake up. We will just have to see how it all goes. The Dems haven’t got the right recipie for making dog food either. But if a third party ,or fourth or fifth emerged to try to fill the gaps, that would be something that would not supprise me at all.

  3. Jim F

    Big government conservatives will rally around the GOP nominee no, atter who he is. As such they feel its not worth their time to get involved in picking between the three optiond. Its obvious that of the three Romney is the most like Obama, and for some reason the media has labeled him the one most likely to beat Obama. There is also a growing number of small government libertarian Republicans. These guys will not support any of the 3three big government conservatives. They likely will not Republican in the fall. Some of these guys will end up voting voting for the Constitution Party candidate if it ends up being some like Virgil Goode. Or perhaps the Libertarian Party nomoniee if its someone like RJ Harris, some will vote for Obama simply because there is only a chance of 4 more years with him, vs. Up Stito 8the more with Romney. Still a vocal minority will make a conscious decision to not vote encouraging others to do the same. Could big government conservatives get behind a small government Republican like Ron Paul? I don’t lnow. Many of them hate Obama so much that they would, yet with some of the leadership saying they’d rather take Obama over Paul, it could go either way. Regadless if the GOP doesn’t $olove something to appease these new young libertarians Obama will certainly win 4vote more years, and even if they do, he still might.

  4. KeithL

    I am a precinct delegate in Redford Township, Michigan, which is on the border of Detroit.
    I have been slowly changeing who I support to ABO… as each desirable candidate is eliminated or goes away.
    The GOP machine is not listening to the conservative uprising that is taking place in America, and it does so at it’s own peril.
    I believe that the insiders don’t understand that we now know of all the corruption in Washington and see our lives and country being changed forever just for their lust for money and power.
    We will not stand for it. We will reluctantly vote for ABO because as we see it we have no other choice right now.
    But I for one will keep on forgeing ahead until we can root out this corruption that has taken hold of our politicians.

  5. Debra Eifert

    I think that after seeing the votes splitting the party in 2008, some are afraid that it will happen again, so they have not stepped out in support yet, I do want a man with character, and a back bone, and do not think Romney is the one to lead us. many others feel the same.

  6. Stephanie Whitbeck

    The Republican vote was NOT down. Here is what Bill Ballenger wrote in his March 5, 2012 “Inside Michigan Politics” Vol XIII, No. 34:

    1. among his headlines in the newsletter: “Romney Dodges the Bullet, Wins Michigan Squeaker in Highest GOP Presidential Primary Turnout Since Ford v. Reagan in 1976″

    2. And the accompanying narrative that goes with that headline is:

    “The TOTAL vote in the TWO primaries was actually down from 2008 and a previous contested primary (on the Republican side) in 2000, but voters who cast ballots in the GOP primary last Tuesday totalled roughly a million, WHICH WAS THE HIGHEST TURNOUT SINCE President Gerald Ford used a ‘whistle-stop’ tour through Michigan to turn back ex-California Gov Ronald Reagan in 1976.” (emphasis added to make it clearer than there were actually two primaries that occured in Michigan, one for the Dems and one for the Repubs – - and since the Republican turnout was higher than usual, it would have been the Dem side that was sufficiently lower than ususal so that when the two vote turn-outs were added together, the resulting combined total was lower and this might explain results in other states, too)

  7. Jason Fulton

    Our votes don’t matter anymore. It’s that simple. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and it’s being carried by the lowest bidding foriegn investor……

  8. Frank F

    Yes, character does matter and hopefully citizens will make that choice when they step into the polls in november and choose wisely.

  9. mk

    I believe the primary numbers are down due to lack of passion of the people. Each candidate has his flaws. Each candidate touts conservatism. Do we really believe the top three are true conservatives? In some respects they are, in some, not so. Each of the top three have pushed socialist ideas during their political life for party or personal reasons.

    All is not lost. Most people will rally behind the GOP candidate in the November election because they understand in the “whole picture” that the American people’s freedoms are actually being taken away every day.

    I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of Republicans pushing the Agenda 21 “One World Government”. It is truely an embarrasement to what the US Constitution stands for. We need leaders that learn toward being constitutionalists.

  10. Dennis Kelly

    OK Joan, I believe low turn out is due to the the lack of understanding or caring by those 18 – 35 yrs old. I have observed that those who show up to any conservative or Republican political event are 50 – 80 yrs old. I’ve been to enough to know. I am a former Tea Party Pres. and current Secretary, Emmett County Republicans. The culture, media and education has dumbed down the youth to utter apathy. I am one of those who believe the GOP is sick and it is the current leadership that is clueless. I am also one of those who believe Mitt Romney is the only electable candidate and it grieves that the media is manipulating the sentiments and doubt about him. I believe that the left is utterly afraid of Romney and is doing everything to cast doubts. Duped again as usual.

  11. Todd W.

    The reasons this Precinct Delegate believes turn-out is so low is…

    1. The election is pre-determined. We are brainwashed that Romney is heir to the throne before it ever started. There is mounting evidence of Election Fraud in most states for Romney & Santorum both.

    2. Everyone is so truned off by the political scene they just try & tune it out as they feel they truly have no say anyhow.

    3. Not a dimes worth of difference between any of the candidates (except one and he will not be allowed to win) anyway so what does it matter? The drastic changes needed will not be implemented by any of them (except one).

    It is truly a sad era in American politics as we are no longer ‘a government by the people’.

  12. Graham Chapman

    Conservatives are looking for a candidate that will stand tough on the important issues such as repealing O care, zeroing the federal deficit, auditing the fed, restoring fiscal sanity, defending the family, developing an energy policy for self sufficiency, national defense, combating radical Islam within our own country, defending our boarders, stopping illegal immigration… Is anyone listening… HELLO, are you listening?

  13. Cherie Vaughn

    The caucus turnout was down because many folks weren’t thrilled with the candidates that have been given to us by the Republican establishment.

    Personally, I am sick of career politicians that will tickle our ears on the campaign trail and then do whatever the h*ll they want when they get in office. I am tired of politicians that care more about power and re-election than doing what is the right thing for the country and the majority of Americans.

    Why vote, when they have already picked our candidate for us? Yes, I did my civic duty and voted, but I had to choose between two front runners that I don’t totally believe in politically and one of them I don’t like personally. Where was the Repub establishment when Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and others were being run out on a rail? The media was doing their dirty work. Saved them the trouble of taking them down themselves.

    I’m at the point where I will vote for Mickey Mouse if it gets the current occupant out of office. Whatever, people. Let’s get this over and done.

  14. Gene Stagner

    There are just too many ignorant and uninformed voters, they don’t pay attention to the implications of Obama’s actions. We must simply find a way to get to people that think national politics don’t affect them and provide alternatve solutions!

  15. David Wallin

    Informed activists are looking over the horizon and seeing trouble while rest are not really looking and comfortable with ever greater dependency on government.

    The problem is presently the comfortable dependency group outnumber the informed activists plus they are not really looking over the hill yet at how a federal bankrupt government will affect their dependency. They have swiitched sides from
    independence to dependence and they will soon switch back again suddenly and without choice.

    Apathy will turn into injury.

  16. Andrew Fink

    Republicans are united in a “dump Obama” mode. They are not committed to a particular candidate to accomplish that, so they are not showing up.

    This explains the relatively strong Ron Paul showing as well. His supporters are on a mission more narrow than dumping Mr. Obama. They want to dump Washington.

  17. David Smith

    Not a succinct article but right on. I don’t believe any of the Repubs would be a good leader and I’d rather vote for a known, Obama, than an unknown entity; anyone else currently running.

    May be we could entice Jeb Bush to run.

  18. Renee Gilroy

    I believe the Republican elite are part of the New World Order. Did not Papa Bush sign Agenda 21? I believe they hate conservatives and are trying to foster Romenycare on us, which we don’t want. I think he will win. Nevertheless I voted for Santorum even though he has voted for many big government projects. He is the only candidate not for Obamacare or Romneycare or some of government controlled ‘care’. Hopefully we can get back to individual programs that people can buy just like CONGRESS, which is utterly corrupt. The Constitution has been repeatedly ignored and we no longer have a Supreme Court that will honor it; now we have liberal socialists on the Court, determined to ‘transform’ America. There is much to be discouraged about and it is why some have given up.

  19. Len lew

    I like Gingrich but he doesn’t have enough money!, big ideas and he’s done it before,can debate anyone (establishment doesn’t like him) which makes me like him more !

    Santorum shoots himself in the foot with social issues he can’t get’er done !

    And Romneycare says it all for me !

  20. Stephanie

    Personally, I did vote. I voted for Ron Paul. My educated guess is that if you weren’t supporting Ron Paul, you had little to nothing to get excited about. The remainder of the GOP candidates are all a part of the long-entrenched GOP Establishment. In other words, Obama wearing a different color. Especially egregious is Mitt Romney, who at this point has been being advertised in ever poll, article or newsclip as the defecto nominee. Who knows if these articles are based on any fact whatsoever and frankly, I don’t care. The fact is the Establishment will make sure he wins, if necessary, by the same means Obama won.

    More and more I am coming to the conclusion that enough voter fraud exists in important precincts that it is possible to rig the elections enough to tip the odds toward the pre-chosen person. While that may sound crazy, it’s the only explanation I can come up with if Romney wins because I sure can’t find any large number of people excited about supporting him. At least not so they’ll admit. If there are people truly supporting him, it is for their own, personal gain, not because they think he’s the ‘answer’ to our problems.

  21. Larry Leidlein

    Party regulars telling us Romney is the only choice, pushing yet another moderate while doing everything they can to stop conservative candidates

  22. Rogue Warrior

    I think there are several reasons for the low voter turnout and apathy in the Michigan primary. One would think that conservatives would have come out in droves after the last six years of federal governance.

    1. Population Fatigue. The general population is extremely fatigued by the daily assault on our rights, our Constitution, and our daily life. How long can the typical person stay focused on our political problems?

    2. Inadequate Alternative. The GOP response since 2010 has been to hold off these attacks on the People. This may be viewed as ineffective – no movement forward, while the federal bureaucracy continues the assault bypassing Congress.

    3. Watered-Down Impact. The apportionment of delegates as opposed to a winner take all delegates diminishes the perceived importance of voting.

    4. Open Primary. The ability of Democrats to vote in determining the GOP candidate lessens the voice of conservatives and Tea Party people.

    5. GOP Betrayal. The reason the GOP fell out of grace in 2006 was not due to the Iraq war, as the media reported back then. It was because the GOP adopted the high, wasteful spending habits of the left. Even President Bush, a hero in handling the initial 9/11 response, turned to No Child Left Behind, TARP, and Medicare Part D (instead of a free market solution). The GOP lost credibility and their status as an alternative to Progressive thinking. They have yet to prove their reliability.

    6. The Elite Media. Voters relying on the traditional media are presented with a portrayal of Romney, Rick and Gingrich as the modern-day Larry, Moe, and Curly – with Ron Paul providing relief as Curly Joe. They are painted as incompetent, out-of-touch, uncaring, anti-ordinary-man and stupid. These viewers see no real alternative to Obama.

    7. Surrender. Many of my conservative friends see our situation as hopeless. Too much debt, no jobs, an entrenched Washington establishment, no border security, government-controlled health care, no rule of law in our Justice Department, politicians running the Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan wars, weakness abroad amidst a rising Iran threat – the list doesn’t seem to end.

    8. No Inspirational Leader. None of the four GOP candidates are very inspirational. People in America’s crisis are looking for a Ronald Reagan. There is only one Ronald Reagan, and even he evolved into an inspirational leader.

  23. Karen P., Charlevoix, MI Precinct Delegate and county Vice-Chair

    We are not thrilled by any of the candidates, and therefore have trouble deciding for whom to vote. However, when we HAVE our candidate, even if it were Porky Pig, we will be motivated to vote for him in order to get Obama out of office! THEN we will be energized.

  24. sharon G.

    More of the same…..until the GOP decides who the candidate is, and he chooses a running mate, there is little to get excited about. Now if Christy or Rubio got involved as vice-presidntial picks, it’s all over for Obama.
    If Obama is re-elected, I fear it will be the LAST “election” we will ever see in this country.

  25. David Bergman

    The open primary leaves many outstate Republicans with a very sour taste in their mouths. It is quite obvious that the powers that be in Michigan will do anything to avoid a conservative candidate. Thus, we end up with the likes of McCain, etc. Allowing Independents and Democrats to participate in our primary discourages many Republican voters. It is discouraging at best.

  26. Tom H.

    Commerce Twp., MI, precinct delegate.

    In my mind why the Republican turn out has been so low has a couple reasons;
    1) These are the best candidates the Rebuplicans can put together, combined they would make a very good candidate, but each of them are at oppisite ends of the spectrum of the Rebuplican party and voters. Many non-involved party voters that I have talked to don’t like any of the candidates, so they don’t vote at all.
    2) The Republican Party (and voters who claim they are Republicans) are very fragmented and all over the map, it will be very difficult to select a candidate that appeals to all of them and get some of the independent voters too, that is what we will need to beat Obama.
    3) Too much negative talk and cutting each other down, instead of building momentum for the Republican Party, the candidates are portraying how stupid politics really is, no matter which party you support. I heard a recent poll that stated that under 60% of Republicans support the current Republican candidates and that 80% of Democrats support Obama’s actions and administration, how are the Republicans going to win this fall with numbers like that?
    4) Unless the Republican party can gain some momentum and arrive at a platform that appeals to the wide spectrum of Republican voters, I believe the turn out of voters will be low in November and we will loose the election in November and we can say good bye to America forever (that is the simple message). If we loose this November, the Republican Party will never again win an election, the liberals and socialists (people living off the government) are gaining voters every day, while good ole faithful Americans are not gaining in population.
    5) The Republican Party needs to excite the young people, just like Obama (the preacher) did in 2008. Rick Snyder of Michigan did an excellent job of exciting the young people of Michigan in his 2010 election by a landslide over a Democrat in a very pro-union state.
    6) In conclusion, not one candidate appeals to the wide spectrum of Republicans and it will be very difficult to get them to come out united to stand for the good of this country and beat Obama in November. Example, my wife a middle ground Republican, will not vote for Santorium if he is the Republican candidate.

    Thank you,


  27. jim tanner

    Hard to figure people out. They voted for Obama didn’t they. McCain was a loser from the beginning. He is nothing , but a RINO. Paul is the only valid candidate as far as I’m concerned , but not many will vote for Him for whatever silly reason. There won’t be much change no matter who is elected , but We certainly don’t want Obama again. Have to get the old retred Nute out of the way. He represdents nothing but the old guard. Mitch in the Senate and John in the House the democrates can’t lose.

  28. Pat D. Flushing, MI Precinct delegate

    Reasons for low turnout:
    There is not strong excitement about any of the candidates across the whole party. There is not a person in the race that really fires up the base. All have strengths but each candidate has negatives that turn much of the base from them.
    As far as policy goes there is very little difference in broad major policy between Gingrich, Romney and Santorum and the big differences with Paul are his negatives with the rest of the party. All want to cut spending, repeal Obama care, balance the budget, etc.
    I do believe that once we have picked a candidate and November rolls around that the enthusiasm will be up and we will be united behind the candidate that opposes Obama. All of us are passionate about anybody but Obama.

  29. Tom

    The rift between the GOP and the grassroots conservatives continues to grow, and should the GOP ignore the conservatives this election cycle, they will be writing their own political epitaph…a 3rd political party is brewing, and will relegate the GOP to the footnotes of American political history if they do not return to their professed values and Constitutional government. There is no time left for ‘compromise’.

  30. Mark G.

    Voter appathy caused by a lack of choice in a leader with character is the reason for low voter turn out. As a precinct delegate for the GOP in Michigan, I am considering voting independent in November so I do not have to hold my nose and cast a ballot for a GOP establishment candidate who does not understand that we do not need another politician from a different party to change DC, but rather we need a leader with the foresight, insight, and character like William Wilburforce to regain our Republic and prosper our nation.

  31. Connie L

    I believe the low voter turnout in Michigan and elsewhere is because none of the potential presidential candidates are that appealing to the voters. If there was more enthusiasm for supporting a particular candidate, the voting numbers would be higher.

    Also, a good number of registered voters do not understand the importance of “the Primary”.; Its an attitude of let someone else narrow it down to one candidate and I will vote in the general election.

  32. stacia

    I believe we need to vote for anyone but Obama. I dont care who. As you see we cant fight him as he has so many numbnuts supporting him. But, with a republican in office, no matter what their faults, we will be on their butts if they dont do what is right.

  33. Joe Baublis

    Very good comprehensive analysis. It raises the issue of the “Santorum Paradox” which is not merely a 2006 loss in Pennsylvania with amazing national support in 2011. The paradox has become a saga as exemplified in his Iowa “win-loss” the Michigan “loss-tie” and other states as well. The paradox has a delightful financial aspect as well when one considers that Santorum was campaigning in a pick-up when his colleague was flying a jet.. The Santorum paradox reveals how sunlight may appear to defeat shadows of political corruption but only in a fleeting fits because it was individuals who braved the establishment to reveal polling truth. Ultimately, the Santorum paradox saga demonstrates that our Nation’s spirit has been neglected because Santorum is crying to restore constitutional blessings, which transcend mere governance. Whether or not a potentially renewed vigilance can revive the original American spirit is in doubt. If not, then People should be preparing for a syndicate-style government.

  34. Sandi Bockelman

    I wholeheartedly agree that CHARACTER matters! Clinton’s presidency woke me up to politics. People always thought I was crazy to say I could never vote for a candidate who cheated on their spouse. I figured it would be impossible to trust someone who considered infidelity acceptable behavior. What other poor choices would they make? What other lies would they tell? Infidelity is a telltale sign of pure self-interest. I wasn’t going to vote in 2008 until Sarah Palin came into the picture. Wish she was on the ballot this year. As for low voter turnout in the primaries, people I talk with seem disgusted with the whole process. Most say they will vote for whomever becomes the GOP nominee, but they don’t really like any of them. They wish someone with the best characteristics of all four would come forward. I was a Herman Cain supporter and am now backing Rick Santorum. He has some problems, but poor character is not one of them.

  35. David Wells

    I believe the lower turnout has to do with how complicated our world and the current race is. The hard core political “junkies” follow the race closely and sometimes lose sight of the fact that not everyones’ lives involve a day to day analysis and following of the current political issues. Rarely does a truely charismatic candidate with few flaws and who has a history of supporting conservative issues and actively opposing liberal issues come along. The Republican Party started with a large field of exceptional and conservative people running for President. Of course each had both individual flaws and aspects attactive to GOP voters. GOP voters are not all in agreement on all issues. While most profess to be fiscally conservative and for limited government (though when elected this frequently has not been the case in practice after GOP officials take office) there are variances in opinion as to how fiscally conservative we should be and how limited our government should be. There are also differences of opinion within the GOP on social issues as well as foreign and military affars. Although all four of the current remaining candidates hold starkly different views than the current President, they do accurately reflect the differences in opinion on various issues within the GOP. Because many GOP voters are having a difficult time deciding due to the fact that they like and dislike some of the aspects of two or more candidate, many are not voting at all – but with the belief that they are safely doing so because they know whoever wins will be better, from their perspective, than the current President.

  36. Kevin Gillette

    Until we eliminate the open primary joke we insist on in Michigan, our presidential primary will never be of importance. Our results are now lost in the shuffle of endless primaries, etc.

    Nationally, we must develop uniform closed primary, caucus or convention rules for our party. Then, we must also insist on proportional delegate assignment, and committed delegates.

    The State of Michigan wasted $10-12 million on a primary that means very little.

  37. AnnaMarie

    Primarily there has been no good Republican leadership. Now they are starting to allow an extreme conservative religious right direction. OMG! Please do something to save us from that horror! Please note the ship is still sailing without its rudder.

    My opinion is that GrassRoots for one, plus GOP never listened to their own best candidate. You have had Ron Paul, who I feel is the ONLY one that could have defeated Obama. He has been everything that you say you want, but no one has ever really backed him up, and what a shame. He has had no party support…except for the real individual (us) grassroot citizenry.

    The candidates, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, etc., each in their own way, are not good proper Presidential material. Choosing a nominee has just all been too much of a 3 ring circus. We all love to witness and watch the dirty laundry but we don’t want to vote for it. People are not so gullible to believe that the things that these candidates say, are going to make America any better. Please tell me, how many times and ways can we hear this, and nothing ever changes? and so therefore, lets just go with what we have, before we get into an even bigger mess. Result: I’m not going to vote for anyone.

    Also, this nation has more opinions on things than it ever has had. All our lives have become more complicated, so we are more diverse. Everyones opinion matters, its not just my way or the highway. Politics has always been about compromise, it has to be, not always pretty or excactly what we want, but its the only way to get it to work . And generally it works out well enough for the good of everyone. If not, wait for the next election and see if it can be changed. I see less GOP willingness to do that tough compromise.

    People are disgusted with all the ‘special interest’ groups and arguing, with nastyness, half truths, lies, ridgid thinking, and it changes nothing. This election year we have a good and holy, versus evil, philosophy. Wow! All too extreme and unbelieveable. So In the end we just want to stick our heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. Remember that in any election, even when the vote is a so-called land slide, MORE than half the country might not feel that way. The administration in power always has to remember those, because they matter too.

    No one we can believe in?? can’t even get our party to back their own best??? get out the word? Make sure he gets proper media coverage? Why didn’t you fight for your best ? where were you during the negative way people treated him in the news and at debates? I just assume you are not interested in making things better than Obama. Why should I vote and believe in the GOP? You didn’t even believe in yourselves.

    Well, I for one, DID vote, and of course it was for Dr. Ron Paul. Too bad you all weren’t paying attention, and now you have lost it. So sorry…just my opinon. Good luck.

    1. AnnaMarie

      “Your comment is awaiting moderation”……..????? by whom????

      1. Joan

        By the owner of the site. Posting isn’t a right. Most creditable sites moderate comments to filter spammers and vulgarity

        1. AnnaMarie

          Thank you for your post. I understand about rights. I am sorry I am not a very good writer, and was unaware of my spamming and vulgarity. God bless America.

          1. Joan

            AnnaMarie I didn’t say your were spamming or vulgar I was merely replying to your question of awaiting moderation and whom is moderating comments. Your comment is already approved

      2. Anna Marie

        I just have to ask…..are you still awaiting moderation?? I know I am,…or was I just censored for some reason and don’t know it?

        1. Joan

          Your comment was already approved. You should be able to see it

  38. juanita

    !. Apathy,
    2. All the negative Campainging is a turn off!
    3. How much voter fraud is present and does my vote really count.
    4. Both parties are now corrurpt so give us somebody we can trust.

    Still i agree any Rebulican will hopefully be better than Obama and as Stacy says, “We will be on their butts.”

  39. worninshoes

    We aren’t able to field a candidate with any spark. There’s no clear message. The Republicans continue to fall flat-faced and flat-footed into the snares of non-issues laid by the DNC that are obvious to any noodle. When our potential candidates keep jumping into those holes, who’s to support? It’s just going to be “anybody but Obama” on the ticket to prevent the Supreme Court from falling into an abyss.

  40. SovereignMary

    Voter delusion is not just a recent occurrence. Many have backed away from bothering to go to the polls because they fail to see any difference between either dominate Political Party’s.
    Both dominate Party’s have been on a tax and spend roll and the expansion of government bureaucracies for far too long as well as egregiously promoting and passing unlawful regulations that run counter to the U.S. Constitution and which have created destructive economic stability as well as undermining the individual’s liberties.
    All too often we’ve witnessed many politicians and candidates on either side of the aisle make promises to the people that they soon after violate and usurp in order to carry out an inexcusable and unlawful agenda. This destroys the faith and trust that people have placed in those whom they have elected to represent them. The outcome is that many who once took the time to go to the polls have found themselves betrayed time and time again. The consequence is that many no longer even attempt to vote in the primaries and many have been turned off to even bothering to register to vote at all.

  41. Nicholas Sundquist

    I think people that are paying attention at all have seen this play out too many times before. Folks realize that it just dosn’t make any differance whether Newt, Mitt, or Rick, win the nomination. I for one can’t see much differance between President Bush and President Obama. And the way the Republican party is pushing Mr. Romney I find more than a little disturbing. He is perhaps the only man in America that could loose to Mr Obama. If Mr Romney wins the nomination I predict a very low turn out on election day. He is probably a worse candidate than John McCain was. Another close race will have folks convinced that the country is about equaly devided on which sort of socialism to have. Please consider supporting Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

  42. Mike Elliott

    In 2010 the Tea Party was still very active and very energized. the reasons for this effort and anger have not gone away! However those that invested the time, energy and money have either tired out or think that we have had our effect on the public. I hope we canall support themas gainand get us all back in the streets!!! A cleasr comparison between the Tea Party effort and the Occupy (Democratic Party) hoard is very clear and needs to be put in front of people every night!

    The national and state events worked! These events help give a real face and voice to the real American people. these events can still be used this year! Independance Day should be the focus. We want, agian, to be independant from higher taxes., governemnet control of everything in our lives, We want to have control and responsibility for our own destiny. We want to be free to go
    participate in the promise of the free enterprise system.

    We must not let the Liberals define us as women hating, reproductive neanderthals. In recent weeks by answering the liberal medias calculated questions with any respect has led us down a very deep “rat hole”!. Our responces must be clear and unified … Noone (in the Conservative/Republican movement) is talking about these issues , only the liberals and every time the media asks us one of those leading questions we shoiuld answer with “may be you should ask the Democrates as they are the only ones talking about these issues.” We want to go back to local control of schools, give all business back to the private sector, stop all attempts to seize rights from our people even in a time of War, remove all unelected control ie Czars, cut governemnet control of education, energy, commerce, labor and transportation.

    Economy, energyj freedom and personal responsibility are our focus!

  43. Gene C.

    Kalamazoo, MI; precinct delegate

    All of the Tea Party folks I know voted. For others it may be that they know the fix is in. As soon as Romney formally declared, the majority of the elected GOP office holders endorsed him; before anyone else declared? The brouhaha over snatching one more delegate for Romney did not do anything to allay the feeling of the fix being in.

    Actions in other states with lost ballets, delayed results, strong arm tactics at Caucus sites, etc just go to illustrate to what lengths some will go to in order to gain power.

    When you are told who the nominee will be, you are not real enthusiastic about anything involved with the process.

  44. Shelly B

    Precinct Delegate for Milan Township. I’m with Gene St., voters have no clue what is ahead, and what’s at stake. They believe that nothing that may be going on will affect them. No idea of the harm being inflicted on our infrastructure and the education of our next generation.

    Whoever gets picked, that’s when we need to really get behind the candidate; have a good hope that our candidate can truly make the necessary changes to restore our Republic. (The few conservatives in the Senate need re-enforcements! Goodbye, Debbie! And Randy Richardville, too, if it comes to that.)

  45. L B, Republican precinct delegate

    The short answer for why voter turnout is lower is that conservatives have all but given up. But I think there are reasons for that. Take me, for instance. I’m a conservative who got involved with the issue that spawned the Tea Party—-health care. Many of us decided to do more than simply vote (which I’ve done in every election—federal, state, local—- since I turned voting age) and get involved. In my case, I ran for and won the position of precinct delegate and worked feverishly to get Republicans into office. And what happened, at least at the federal level? A big, fat, nothing. Oh, probably someone could make the case that things would be worse than they are if it weren’t for the Republicans in the House, but it looks to me like President Obama and the Senate and the democrats in the House are making up rules as they go and no one is stopping them. The “people” elected the Republicans to STOP WHAT WAS GOING ON and it didn’t work. I’ve concluded that there is no “fight” in Republicans. No one is challenging the press for why they turn a blind eye to the antics of this president and his administration. Newt Gingrich is the only person I’ve seen in years who dared to challenge the press and the people watching his debates loved it! But even Newt, for all his bravado, isn’t asking the tough questions, like, “Why, Mr. President, did you release a forged birth certificate, from the White House, to the American people?” Now, I for one would really like to hear the answer. The document is a clear forgery, yet the press doesn’t talk about it, Republicans aren’t making an issue of it, Democrats obviously don’t care about it……we have all but lost any semblance of honesty and decency in this country, and Truth doesn’t matter any longer. So, back to why voter turnout is low. People probably know that Democrats are garbage and were hoping against hope that Republicans would be the salvation of our system, but now they see that Republicans are not men and women of high moral character, and they’ve lost direction. Where do we turn from here? We can’t count on the Republicans to say “no” to the Fed, we can’t count on Republicans to scream at the top of their lungs that we have a fake as our President, much less about the injustices Americans are enduring (think GM bondholder and MF Global thefts)….I could go on and on. Unless and until the Republican “establishment” realizes that we’re in the fight for our lives as a nation and respond appropriately, both Republican and independent voters will no longer be engaged. And not having conservatives engaged is a horrifying thought to me……

  46. John Brock

    Sure I can tell you why, the party as a whole is backing one of two candidates. They will not beat Obama. They have no more content in their messages than he does. Most of the peolpe that I haqve spoken with are saying the same thing, why is it that we are not backing Ron Paul ( He has content). He has content and a great message. I have not even heard the question writers for the debates ask any questions with real content. I know die hard Dem`s who are voting for Ron Paul. People who have watched every debate and have come to the same conclusion that I have, he is the only one with real proven charactor. I wish the Republican Party would stop being war mongers and become lovers. War is not the only way to pay for a buget that is way out of line, just ask Ron Paul.
    P.S. I ran for the 109th district Michigan House seat in 2010 and I still am amazed at the lack of content in the questions ask and the answers given…. John Brock

  47. Eric Scheie

    I’m a Republican precinct delegate (and past unsuccessful City Council candidate) in Ann Arbor. Several Democrat friends told me that they were being encouraged to vote for Santorum because that would mess up the Republicans. This made sure that I went out and voted for Romney, even though I am less than enthusiastic about ANY of the candidates. In this town many Democrats did vote in the Republican primary, but I think that in general the low turnout reflects an overall lack of enthusiasm or indifference by Republicans over this crop of choices. (I happen to be a small-l libertarian Republican, but Ron Paul’s foreign policy scares me, so I couldn’t vote for him.)

  48. Lori R

    I believe citizens of the Republican Party ARE seeing they Aren’t Who We Thought They Were, Small Government, Constitutional, OPEN Dialogue. When the MI GOP got behind 1 Candidate, Romney, and Pushed this man onto the public, it Turned Many People Off. I’m not a fan, but I Did Vote in the MI Primary and it wasn’t for Romney. When I found out there was a Tie between Romney and Santorum AND Behind Closed Doors, the MI GOP Chose Romney as the winner, I Lost ALL Faith in the MI GOP. As a Precinct Delegate, I cannot Consciously go door to door and Ask residence to Support an Organization I Have Lost Faith In. I’m not even sure IF I should re-apply for Precinct Delegate. What happens IF Romney looses in the end and Santorum Becomes the Republican For President? WILL the MI GOP Get Behind Santorum and make a Great Platform or will they be silent? My heart says the second. Precinct Delegates Have to turn in their paperwork for the Aug Primary by May 14 or 15. We Won’t Know Who the Nominee for Prez will be. IF it’s Romney, I Still don’t know IF I can Consciously go door to door Asking residence to Support this man WHO the MI GOP has tagged, The Man, and behind closed doors, In My Eyes, Cheated. I WILL have to Pray on this Decision and Pray hard. I WILL get the answer …

  49. Liberty Dude

    The New World Order, IMF and the Bilderger’s run both sides and tell America what to think through their controlled media. They want Obama reelected to continue their cause, to destroy America with progressive socialism and speed the eventual conversion to a one world govenment and monetary system. WAKE UP!! Join the restored Republic. This is the only way to defeat this. We the People! go to: http://www.michigandejure.com if you are in Michigan. In other states, BING [not google] Republic form of government. Think I’m crazy? Bing: Georgia Guide Stones. Their agenda is carved in stone!

  50. Denis C.

    Precinct delegate, Livonia MI.

    People are fed up with a party system that keeps serving up the same brand of plastic pre-packaged demagogues. There’s not much out there for those who believe in Constitutional principles. However it came about, the current presidential candidate recruitment process apparently only dredges up surrender monkeys, wife ditchers, bedroom peepers, and those with a record of willing acquiescence to national socialist total control.

    I’ve made up my mind I’m not going to vote for Romney. If he’s the nominee in November, whoever the Libertarians put up will get my vote. The Anybody-But-Obama crowd has a short memory. How did he get the opportunity to get elected in the first place? It was in large part due to choices made in mid-decade by the short-sighted and self-centered elected Republican establishment that held all three houses of government at the time. “Compassionate Conservatives” and “Bring Home The Bacon” careerists looked out for their own immediate interests, not where the country was going.

    The same old saying still holds true – “You can’t fix the Democrat problem unless you first fix the Republican problem”. That phrase was widely heard in 2009, but you never hear it today – why? Are memories really that short, that a couple of years of destructive Democrat rule have obliterated everything previous?

    If this country is going to be reduced by economic circumstances to a 1930s style panic of big government control, better it should happen quickly under a Democrat label, than gradually in low gear with Republican credit.

  51. LaserTip

    1) Must get peoples attention in “seconds” as opposed to minutes and hours. People do not have time to research “truth and fact”…repeated “seconds” of facts will eventually sink in.
    2) Provide fiscal assistance to those familiar with the issues…TEA Parties, Patriot Groups, Conservative public, Constitutional Activists…etc.
    3) Produce high quality DVD videos of political and factual information and provide at no cost for supportive organizations.
    4) Bring Conservative Political leaders together in local communities for speaking engagements with “meet the leader” opportunities…no cost to the community or its voter attendants.
    5) Spend money on the people, not on the campaign.
    6) Concentrate on locating and prosecuting corrupt activities and make sure violators are extricated from office.
    7) Demand “repeal” of useless laws and regulations instead of trying to find excuses to “propose and pass” more laws and regulations.
    8) Make sure there is no chance for voting fraud….demand credibility at elections.
    9) Bring “God” back into our culture.
    10) Demand “free-market”, “capitalistic”, “right to work”, environment.

    I could go on forever, but hopefully the message is clear…people do not trust political leaders. They simply have exhausted patience from years of lies and deception. Voters will again become involved when they find reason to trust the system, and the leaders have to be the reason for that trust.
    TEA Party President…GOP Executive Committee…Precinct Delegate…Planning and Zoning Secretary…God Loving Patriot.

  52. Betz

    The trouble is that there is no standard throughout the Republican party on caucuses or primaries. The New Hampshire causes was so convoluted that it really was a false primary. Open primaries let anyone claim to be a Republican so damocraps and other spoilers can vote. That is not allowing votes to be of value. All delegates should be elected with over sight of the process and then the voting for candidates should follow
    the same rules throughout all states.

  53. Joann F.

    The reason for the low turnout may be that the voting date had been moved up. Many senior citizens (snowbirds) travel South. We in the South received absentee forms to fill out but didn’t know what the vote was about, therefore we did not file the request for an absentee ballot.
    We did not know who to vote for anyway.
    We do not like how Michigan primaries are set up~~as in crossover voting or open primaries.
    We loathe the elite Republicans and the media selecting our candidate. No to Jeb Bush, we’re sick of the Bushes.
    Term limits are the answer, everybody in Congress are protecting their own re-election chances.
    Many people take absolutely no interest in politics, either they do not vote or if they vote are completely uniformed.
    Romney allowed his PAC to run the most hateful ads against his opponents. Romneycare is our reason to not support him.

  54. John B.

    I think it’s a pretty simple case of the only remaining 3 serious candidates each bring so much “baggage” to the arena that it really doesn’t make much difference in most republican voter’s minds who wins the primary.
    Hopefully, repubs will crawl out of their funk and get behind the eventual nominee to accomplish the main objective, defeating Barak Obama, when this primary season is over.
    Furthermore, I think the republican party bosses who wrote the rule book for this years primaries should be fired.

  55. Michael H.

    Interesting read…TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already). If this is a core belief and your main objective is to save America. Then spending must be cut! Cuts are hard and everyone must be willing to give something up if not everything; to save the Country.

    Only Ron Paul will stand alone when it is not the popular thing to do. He has proven it. His idea of good governing is using veto power to prevent expenditures.

    Rick Santorum has come out and said several times; if you want Constitutional Government and a smaller one to vote for Ron Paul. Obviously, his desire is to grow the power.

    Assuming all on this thread are TEA Partiers; we obviously can’t come togther to support a core belief and unite behind a single candidate. Therefore uniting all Republicans behind a candidate this year will be more difficult.

    Ron Paul pulls more support from Democrats & Independants then any other Republican candidate. If you want to believe polls; he also has shown that he most consistently beats Obama.

    The chart with Mitt & Rick was interesting. What would it look like if we lable part of it; “the Not Santorum vote”? Many on this thread said they will not support Santorum.

    I hope many of you will at least look into Gary Glenn for Senator.

  56. Kathleen Lauer

    The main message for the Republican Party (any party for that matter) is to get out and vote so whoever becomes the GOP candidate they will win the Presidential Election.

    I’m at a point I truly don’t care who the candidate will be, my MAIN THING AND MAIN MESSAGE TO ALL IS TO GET OUT AND VOTE so that our country will have a Republican Administration.

    Need a Campaign Group/Leader to constantly, continuously, endlessly, every day through newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet, etc. to stress the importance of keeping our nation free and solvent, urge, ask, request, even beg Republicans to get out and vote.

  57. Karen Schafer

    I think that there are several reasons for low turn-out at the Republican primary. One, I think there is information overload. While the debates can be good, who can watch them all, but also one begins to wonder who can even be trusted. I also think many people aren’t even paying attention. They hear some short sound bytes from the media and they believe it without looking or thinking a little deeper. The media agenda makes many of us feel like we people of faith and character are in the minority. I hope that is not the reality. While no candidate is perfect, it is unfortunate that each candidate is fully scrutinized while Obama got none of that. The thinking of many is that Santorum can’t win, but I think he can. I would like to have a candidate like Santorum who I could back without reservation and I would be able to say with conviction why I support him.

  58. Robin B.

    Voter apathy…The people paying attention and doing their homework voted, the dems who wanted to cause mischief voted, most others did not. Not because they don’t understand what is at stake, but they aren’t too hip on the the field, but will vote in November for ANYONE BUT OBAMA. I have yet to find one person who will openly tell me they are planning on voting for him, they do not like him or his policies and that includes people whom I know for certain voted for Obama in 2008. Most of those people still get their “news” from lame stream media or the water cooler, not really informed, but they know that Obama’s nihilist tactics are not right. They feel it and they are scarred. Personally, I like Romney’s business background a heck of a lot better than the other’s political background and b.s. and I believe that the House & Senate are probably the most important in putting in constitutional representatives, whoever the “R” president is WILL fall into line, if we have the right people in place to guide him. Obama cannot win another term, this Republic will be gone forever if he succeeds.

  59. Robert "Skip" Schulz

    We have A LOT of people that ‘call’ themselves Democrats, but ‘think’ Republican. Problem is those people feel the State and National GOP Party will ‘annoint’ the Candidate that the ‘elite’ on the State and National Level want anyway. Many of my Best Friends are in Local and County Office AS A DEMOCRAT, simply because they ‘think’ they have to be a Democrat to show they are not a part of a party run by the annointed and appointed few. Our Party has to get back to the BASICS, and that is BUILDING THE PARTY FROM THE GROUP UP…and that is on a LOCAL and COUNTY LEVEL, where those on the LOCAL and COUNTY Level feel they have a ‘say.’ I never thought I would say/write this, but I am now going to where we just may have to go to a County Caucus system.

  60. "Ex" Tea Partier

    Joan does a great job and I appreciate her asking for our opiniona.
    I believe that any falloff from previous Republican turnouts is very simply our own fault. Many of us marched in Washington, Lansing and locally in support of the TP movement forever hoping that a much stronger platform would be delivered given the timeframe involved and literally Michigan’s future at stake. What we received 3 years later was a front page article in the Wall Street journal last week touting Indiana Tea partier’s accomplishments at Michigan’s expense and a tea party tax day rally in Lansing last spring that was sponsored by over 40 different TP groups…none of which was even represented on the Capital lawn as both Dick Morris AND Herman Caine spoke.
    As others have mentioned it is all about voter apathy and not wanting to offend either your fellow Michigander or your own pocketbook. We elected a governor that literally never promised much nor promised to hurt anyone’s feelings (too much) and that’s what we got. Our Tea party leaders were never forced to reveal exactly what was said when they met with Michigan Republican leadership or better yet forced to meet in public with them in the first place…so guys like Randy Richardville were “OK” until proven otherwise (when it was to late). In 2010, the last time Michigan Republican candidates of any note were in the same building together here in SW Michigan…TP leadership thought it would be a good idea to simply not invite Fred Upton because “they didn’t like him…”
    After Upton rolled to a victory yet again and TP leadership supported the same opponent in 2012…Upton simply announced that the Tea Partier not only supported him and promised not to run against him…but that several local leaders could back his story.
    My point is that this is not anybody’s fault but our own. Michigan TPers have skirted every single issue that a 150% completely broke state and nation is forced to face. We won’t touch immigration yet illegal immigration in this border state is RAMPANT and will most definitely be in the headlines again soon. We won’t touch union issues either in the disastrous bailout realm or heaven forbid in the long term pension issues that have destroyed our fiscal ratings. We won’t discuss Detroit because even our own legislators won’t discuss Detroit in any ‘real’ fiscal terms.

    I heard a Detroit area Tea party leader on the radio once brag about how the Tea party wasn’t about Republicans and Democrats and that all were happily working “together” to push their “united” platform in Lansing.

    History will show that the tea party tried to be everything to eveybody and that while debate was rampant and ‘better’ candidates elected…DISCUSSION NEVER WENT BEYOND “LIBERTY, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIMITED GOVERNMENT…” to the much larger and more pressing issue of the shared sacrifices required IMMEDIATELY to staunch the fiscal bloodletting sapping our strength so rapidly since the movement started.

    Once the presidential slate was set and it was clear that no candidate would be arguing AGAINST Paul Ryan’s plan to balance the budget in 28 years and to let everybody over 55 ride off into the proverbial entitlement sunset ‘untouched’…I think that voting in the Michigan Republican primary became far less important than it should have been for a lot of (thinking) people.

  61. Marilyn M

    I think a lot of people didn’t go to the polls because it’s hard to decide between the candidates, I know there is a lot of hatred out there for Romney, coming from the “religious right”, which is rather confusing, but, nonetheless, its hard to decide. I am a born again Christian, but, I’m not going to elect a pastor, which in itself is rather difficult, but a President to lead my America back to where she once was, about 4 years ago. I see a lot of good in both Romney and Santorum. I heard both of them speak, and when I heard Santorum, first, I thought he was my guy, but then I heard Romney speak and I knew he was it. So, I think some people just couldn’t decide and decided to let someone else decide for them. No hate, just indecision. I am a precinct delegate.

  62. "Ex" Tea Partier

    Marilyn said,
    “…I think some people just couldn’t decide and decided to let someone else decide for them. No hate, just indecision..”

    I think that you’re right on with that assumption Marilyn as we have witnessed the same indecision in this movement. Folks have seemed to believe that “anybody but Obama” and just finally being a part of any movement fighting back or voting ‘the right way’ in November is indeed enough for the history books.
    Unfortunately, both the nation and Michigan have required much bolder commitments from all of us (including me) during these last few years and frankly Michigan’s latest voter turnout proved otherwise (not knocking Tea Party participants or the effort in general but facts are facts).
    When your party is out spending millions of dollars to hold early elections under the pretense that Michigan Republicans will not only show up but that the leaders themselves will Delegate the votes properly afterwards…I think Michiganders (much too late) have come to the realization that we have needed to ask much better questions during this critical period of time than most ever believed was needed.

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