Jun 15 2012

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*BREAKING* Snyder’s NITC Agreement with Canada!

JUST IN! Gov.Snyder’s Inter-local Agreement with Canada
to Build the NITC Bridge!

Apparently Gov. Snyder has decided to circumvent the legislature and check mate the referendum for the people to decide on the bridge that will be on the ballot this Fall with an Inter-local agreement!

Keep tuned for more developments!


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  1. Connie L

    In my opinion, Governor Snyder is acting like a dictator. He probably should push his agenda through in his first term because there are probably a lot of people like me who will not vote for him again!
    Connie Lapham

    1. Joan

      Your right Connie. Unfortunately there are far to many people in Michigan that are blind to the the real point:
      It matters than our representatives get circumvented
      It matters that our voices don’t matter (ballot vote)
      Why bother to have representation at all, (a Republic govt) why not just go back to a king?

  2. Vicki

    Voters were incorrectly told that this bridge would cost taxpayers millions of $s. Do you REALLY think they would have voted against it if they had been told the truth??? That Canada is paying??? Still not a given – requires US State Dept. permit & land acquisition. Did you read any of the info above??? What makes you think your representatives wouldn’t have voted for it?? Did you talk to any of them???? The private co. that owns the Ambassador Bridge is the one fighting this – do you know why? They want the money. MI wants the access for trade to the southern portion of our state.

    1. Joan

      Its amazing to me how you can completely overlook the big picture here: Michigan and her Constitution and our Liberties… It doesn’t matter than our representatives get circumvented?

      The Michigan Constitution may allow him to enter into an agreement, but what the agreement says and does is not immune to other Michigan laws. He is still sidestepping the legislature, and creating a dangerous precedent by doing so…You may be in favor of this but there may be something that someone deems “necessary” once this dangerous precedent is set that you are not in favor of, then what?

      Think about it..The big picture

      And a a little info from the Canadian side….”The Governerd keeps saying that the Bridge Company is a “special interest group.” I guess they are. They have an interest in not being put out of business. That must make them special although I would suspect that any business in a similar situation would try and fight back to protect themselves.

      However, I wonder why the Media has never tried to uncover the special interest groups that support DRIC. We know that there are some. For example, Tom Shields has never told us who pays him. I don’t know why his patron is so embarrassed to let us know who he or what company it is. If the DRIC project is such a wonderful one, then shouldn’t we know who is one of the big backers?

      I’m sure that you remember that at last year’s Mackinac conference, an Army of Special Interest lobbyists were to be used by the Governerd’s people to oppose the Bridge Company. I’m still waiting to find out who they are and what their interests are in the DRIC project.

      I have never found out yet who the anonymous donors are who can provide unlimited money to the Funds set up by the Governerd. Why is he hiding that information?

      Should I try and guess who some of these special interest groups are? They could be made up of P3 companies, Wall Street bankers, consultants, lawyers, engineers, contractors and other hangers on who could make millions in fees by the time the transaction is completed. What about some foreign Governments… although I’m not sure what the rules are about how they can lobby in the United States. How about potential users of the crossing who might expect a favour on tolls. There would definitely be people who want to be appointed to some Bridge Authority or Government body that will be responsible for the crossing. No doubt possible Duty Free Shop operators would be involved.” http://www.windsorsquare.ca/2012/06/the-snyder-phenomenon/

    2. Bill

      The reason Governor Snyder is going around the Legislature, which his party controls, is that it would not pass. Please explain to me how a private company or a foreign country can come in and exercise eminent domain to take private property to build a bridge. Only MDOT through the State can do that and they are saying MDOT will have no involvement. Sorry, I was not born yesterday. Neither do I believe the rest of the spin which is pure rubbish.

  3. Truckingal

    We need this bridge built so bad it is ridiculous. But even more ridiculous is the fact that most people here are overlooking the facts involved because of the Maroun-generated false ads and the negative publicity produced by ‘Americans For Prosperity’-which refuses to tell anyone how much Maroun donated to them in this little tit-for-tat.. The Republicans were still willing to vote for this deal on the basis of no tax dollars being used. Then, the usual suspects out of Detroit (the few who arent yet in jail) demanded payola for ‘the community’ -in the form of cash from taxpayers as an amendment placed in the bill by Dems. This automatically would force the Michigan taxpayers to take on a tax responsibility-not for the bridge but to pay off Detroit- which invalidated the Republican lawmakers’ promise to their constituents. This is why the vote failed-because of the Dem poison-pill! Admittedly, most of our Republican reps are so unaware of what goes on in this state outside of Lansing that they actually didnt understand the need for the bridge anyway . . .after all, if THEY go to the Windsor casino, they take the tunnel!

    There are obviously special interests involved: you dont get things like this done otherwise-unless taxpayers foot the bill. Unless you’re willing to pay for it, somebody somewhere who can gain from it will invariably be involved. The grapevine says Cintra, the operators of Toronto’s 407 hwy and indirectly the folks Mitch Daniels made his deal with for the Indiana toll road are the guys with the money. I dont doubt it. However, this contract is for the actual cost of building the bridge-a considerable expense we dont otherwise have. Much will depend on the actual particulars of the contract. and that there be strict limits to the operations leases and tolls charged..

    The real problem here is Snyder’s willingness to circumvent our constitutional process. Anybody with half a brain knew that Snyder was never a conservative; he no doubt was nominated via cross-over votes and our spineless and corrupt Republican Party leadership has never been very interested in upholding constitutional points anyway. If we dont get him-and Republican leadership-under control, he is going to break the bank with things like high-speed rail and ‘green energy’ and EPA overreach. The matching funds we need (which is OUR money, btw-sent to Washington under revenue-sharing) to fix our highways is part of the deal.We need this done. We need the jobs expansion possibilities that come with this new span. We need the improved border security we get with a better placement. What we DONT need is the bunch of spineless, clueless Republicans who are apparently either too stupid to find out facts and fight for what’s right or too busy making their own special deals and feathering their own nests! Once again, ‘conservatives’ have painted themselves into a corner. Snyder is-and always was-Obama-lite. Until we stop the Republican Party from playing us like a fiddle, we will have no choice in what is done to us.

  4. John

    Hey Joan,

    Let’s get this right now. If the bridge is not costing Michigan anything then how can Governor Snyder be “circumventing the legislature” . Why would he have to get permission to build something that isn’t costing the taxpayers money? If it was costing you and I money it would be a different ballgame. And, who cares who the P3 people are. Sounds like you are one of those big business haters or maybe you just find fault with everyone. You need all the facts not what if senarios. I don’t know all the facts and won’t pretend I do but you are saying you don’t have all the facts yet you know it is the wrong thing to do. Grassroots needs to find someone who can find out the facts before complaining about everything to anyone when they know nothing about what is going on.

    See Snyders reasoning below.

    Governor Snyder on Why We Need A New Bridge Now

    June 15, 2012
    By Governor Rick Snyder

    You might not realize it, but Detroit is the busiest commercial border crossing in North America. Some 8,000 trucks cross the bridge into Canada each day, and all of that trade supports 257,000 jobs across Michigan. But unless we act now, those jobs could be in jeopardy because of our total dependence on the 83-year-old Ambassador Bridge as the primary point of entry into our neighbor to the north.

    That’s why I’m so excited to announce today a new agreement between Michigan and Canada that lays the groundwork for the New International Trade Crossing — a bridge between Detroit and Windsor that is vital to protecting Michigan’s jobs and $70 billion-a-year trade with Canada. The best part of the agreement is that the bridge will create thousands of new jobs – including 10,000 Michigan jobs related to the project — and it won’t cost Michigan taxpayers one penny.

    You might ask why the bridge is needed, and that’s a good question. Today, we rely on the decades-old Ambassador Bridge to carry 99 percent of commercial traffic through Detroit. It’s narrow, only has four lanes for commercial traffic, has never been re-decked, lacks a direct freeway-to-freeway connection, and dumps traffic into commercial streets in Windsor, where trucks get stopped by 18 stoplights on the way to the highway. Compare that to the crossings in Buffalo, where twice the number of lanes to carry about 60 percent of the trade at the Detroit-Windsor crossing. All of that adds up to long waits, with one trucker remarking, “You know, you’re in a line sometimes up to four, or five or six hours.”

    If you’re not a trucker, that might not seem like a problem. But for the companies relying on getting parts to their factories on time or shipping their products to customers, time is money. The automotive industry, for example, reports that delays at the border add significant costs to the cars they sell. If businesses see that our border crossing is hurting their bottom line, they may locate their operations elsewhere, meaning that Michigan’s economy will lose out on new jobs. Companies want reliable ways to get their products to market, but unfortunately that’s not what they’re getting today. It’s not surprising, then, that our automotive industry, statewide and local business organizations, and four former governors agree that Michigan needs the New International Trade Crossing.

    There’s another reason, too, that we should build a second bridge to Canada – ensuring Michigan’s economic security. If disaster strikes, if the Ambassador Bridge were attacked, or if massive repairs were needed, our trade would effectively be shut down, and Michigan’s workers would suffer. We saw that in Minnesota when the Mississippi River bridge collapsed in 2007 — one year and nearly $300 million later, a replacement was completed, but not without significant cost to the people of the state.

    Today, we have an opportunity to greatly improve our border crossing, give businesses more of a reason to grow and expand in our state, and help make Michigan the global transportation hub that it can and should be. And we can do it at no cost to the people of Michigan, thanks to our friends in Canada. The New International Trade Crossing will be a great accomplishment for the people of our state, and it will be another giant step toward reinventing Michigan.

    1. Joan

      Hey John,

      I am well aware of the reasons Synder, the “Republican Jennifer Granholm” states. And you are pointing to his reasons as automatic facts? Like “all the jobs” or “no taxpayer money”…now

      And you have way to many “ifs” that do not have answers. However no one has all the the facts because no one knows the specifics of the agreement ..yet….for example not even the House or Senate Chairmen of Transportation that were left completely out of the loop while Snyder hunkered down with the Prime Minister.

      What is wrong is for the Gov to try and ram the Bridge through (sound familiar?) by any means necessary and by circumventing our representatives and therefore our voice.

      October 20, 2011

      2nd Detroit-Windsor bridge plan hits a dead end in Michigan Senate

      A state Senate committee fell short in two attempts to muster enough support to approve the proposed new bridge linking Detroit and Windsor this afternoon, bringing to an end, at least temporarily, efforts to win legislative backing for the project.

      Try to remember we are a “representative Republic” and we have a Constitution and a process to make laws and Snyder must allow them

      And, who cares who the P3 people are.
      Apparently YOU don’t. Do you know what a P3 COULD be? How about China? For decades into the future? In other words, the Bridge Company would become the P3 partner of the Governments, some foreign P3 operator
      But who cares right?

      Oh and look! More new authorities! Domestic and foreign. new International Authority to set guidelines for choosing a private contractor, or concessionaire, who will design, finance, build, and operate the bridge for decades into the future.The authority will have three members from Michigan and three from Canada. A second entity known as the Crossing Authority, based in Canada, will hire the concessionaire and be responsible for progress on the bridge. http://www.freep.com/article/20120615/NEWS06/120615058/U-S-Canada-bridge-announcement?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

      You might ask yourself what is in it for Snyder instead of throwing out ludicrous accusations like “you are one of those big business haters or maybe you just find fault with everyone.”

      And take a look around the site to see I have been following this for over 2 years now…And remember, be careful what you wish for, you might get it..for “decades into the future”

  5. Robin B

    I read the Governor’s agreement and it looks like a win for MI. I dont see what the Tea Party would have against this bridge. The document states that Canada is taking all the risks and that MI still has 50% of the say in who gets hired and how things get handeled. I am not so naive to believe everything will be as it is stated but the state needs this crossing and a good deal seems to have been made. As for your comments about the Governer “going around” the legistalors; it appears that the bill that was passed has quite a few flaws and will not stand up in court. One more thing; I support the Tea Party stance on many issues. The tone of your writing on this subject is not one that lends itself to put the Tea party in a favorable light. Try to be less “Michelle Malkin” like and respect all parties involved. Thank you for your time and the work you do on this site. It was very helpful to me.

    1. Joan

      Robin B. Oh sorry I get a little testy when politicians are willing to sell out Michigan and I have NO respect for that. Why don’t you ponder what is in it for Synder that he is so willing to do so?

      Try to be less “Michelle Malkin” like and respect all parties involved.

      I never try to be anyone but me and I don’t try at that, I just am. However, I will take your back hand compliment to being compared to the lovely patriot Michelle Malkin, thank you!

  6. Pete

    If something is too good to be true, it usually is.

    My goodness, if the past few years haven’t proven that to everyone as pension funds, states, and entire countries face the prospect of needing to get bailed out I don’t know what will. As the Canadians throw more and more supposed “freebies” at us to try to overcome objections, that should be throwing up red flags to everyone that there is more here than meets the eye. That is why the legislature did not approve it, and now it has become a supposed case of the ends justifying the means with a legislative end around. If this agreement gets off the ground, who the investing partner is will eventually tell the full story. It may be hidden with shell companies within shell companies, but no investor will touch this without double digit guaranteed profits. That is why Maroun is fighting this. If he has a day where a single car doesn’t cross his bridge, he makes no money. He is now being asked to “compete” against a plan that would still provide a profit to the other guy under that same scenario? No wonder he won’t go quietly! This is the equivalent to predatory pricing run amok! And it will be the Canadians who determine who that lucky winner is. If not a Canadian bank or pension fund directly, those will surely be some of the major investors. Canada realizes they are in a prime position to determine the route the NAFTA trade highway will go through, and they’ll do what it takes to make sure it goes through THEIR bridge, and they can make taking the Ambassador VERY inconvenient on their side of the river once their bridge is up and running.

    Not everyone realizes this is the equivalent of them winning the lottery in 30 or so years, but they do.

    1. Joan

      Pete you took the words right out of my mouth! If something is too good to be true, it usually is.

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