Jun 26 2012

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From time to time we feature different authors who we feel add important observations and facts to an issue. The article below is written from “across the bridge” by Canadian blogger/author Ed Arditti who has closely followed the NITC/DRIC process from both sides of the Bridge and has written a series of investigative reports which may be found HERE

He has two excellent articles of late,…

I need to ask this question. Is the Governerd somehow a descendant of the Indian tribe that sold Manhattan to the Dutch for $24? That deal was a brilliant transaction compared with the deal that the Governerd signed with Canada….to read the article The Selling Out Of Michigan And The United States

The Agreement itself may be found HERE

And his latest is assessment of the Bridge Agreement.

This article will give you two choices dear reader:

1) You can read all of it to determine that the so-called Canada/Michigan Agreement is nothing more than a 54 page nonbinding Letter of Intent without a legal obligation to do anything on Canada’s part and with no remedy to allow Michigan to force compliance on Canada, and

1a) You can read the sneaky, Machiavellian way that Michigan will pay out money for DRIC


2) You can discover how disadvantaged Michigan is under the Letter of Intent by reading this excerpt only from a news story that shows how detailed Canada’s control over the border file is and that the Governerd admits that he is powerless to do anything about it: to read the rest of the article…The PM/Governerd Non-Agreement DRIC Agreement

Mr. Arditti also address the question of that “pesky” Constitution: Article I, Section 10: “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation;”

The Governor does have to get a Presidential Permit

This authority applies to all new border crossings and to all substantial modifications of existing crossings at the international border. Working with federal agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the General Services Administration, the Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, and the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of State determines whether a proposed border-crossing project is in the U.S. national interest.

The Obama administration is very likely to support the bridge as Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood attended the announcement of the agreement and both Gov. Snyder and the Canadians have been in close communications with the Obama administration on the bridge project.

Does the Presidential permit, like the Governor and his bridge do an end run around the Constitution by granting the power to a state in the name of national interest?

I am not a Constitutional scholar however it appears to be a plain meaning and there are many questions that need to be answered including encroachment of Michigan sovereign but Constitutionality should be first and foremost

We at Grassroots in Michigan are not opposed to a Bridge, but we are opposed to the methodology used by the current administration and the negation of the best interest of Michigan and her citizens.


However the big questions are “If something sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?” Why would Canada foot the bill? Why would Gov. Snyder go the the extremes of circumventing our Reps (our voice), and cut a shaky deal with Canada?


We want to hear from you. What do YOU think? 



Ambassador Bridge group collects 420K signatures to get new bridge question on ballot

The group has collected more than 420,000 signatures, almost 100,000 more than needed, Blashfield said. Petition campaigns always try to turn in a cushion of signatures because they must be verified as those of registered voters.

The committee will continue collecting signatures right up until the July 9 deadline to turn in petitions to the Secretary of State.

However, apparently the Governor deliberately wants to keep out the voice of the People:

“The bridge deal signed Friday between Michigan and Canada includes language intended to nullify a petition drive to require a public vote on the New International Trade Crossing.

I signed about two weeks ago. If you have not signed and want to sign the petition information is available on the web site “The  People Should Decide”

Supreme Court Ruling: Our New Health Care “Adventure”

From our sister Group, Grassroots in Nebraska

So, the long-awaited moment is nearly here. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on several health care “reform” cases1 this week. Most probably the ruling will come today, which is the last day officially scheduled in the current term. Some pundits have wondered whether the Court will even extend the term because of the health care rulings – but other say that’s not likely.

Regardless of precisely when a ruling is released, many have looked for it to provide certainty on the whole issue of health care. But, as President Kennedy once said:

” …the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.”

~ State of the Union Address, January 11, 1962

.…to read the rest of the article click HERE



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  1. George Kinsella

    The International Bridge at Sault Ste Marie was built with Canadian funds in 1963 and was paid
    back by tolls, finishing in 2000. The Bridge is worth a billion a year in additional commerce to
    the North Mich region.

  2. SouthIslander

    It is truly amazing how fast a well-intentioned individual, once elected to an important office, can quickly change to a power-hungry headline-grabbing non-thinking politician. Once our governor announced he was going to run again, it became apparent all sense of working for the best of Michigan had slowly drained out of his head. God help the USA and Michigan from our current leaders.

  3. Tom Shields

    It’s interesting that this Canadian writer is so concerned with the “selling out of Michigan and the United States.” Mr. Arditti is a long time backer for Mattie Moroun and will attack any project that threatens Mr. Moroun’s monopoly over traffic between Detroit and Windsor. There are 25 other publicly owned bridges between the United States and Canada. They all have some kind of agreement between the state and Canada that was approved by the federal government. That is how the US handles international crossings.

    While we are all skeptical of government projects – roads and bridges are one thing that government does. We will all travel over many miles of roads and cross many bridges today and they are all likely to have been built and paid for by the government. If we had to have a public vote on each mile of road or bridge built, none of them would ever get built. We have to trust that government will make the right decisions of when and where roads will be built.

    This new public/private partnership agreement between Canada and Michigan is exactly the type of project conservatives should be supporting. The project will be bid to private firm. They will finance the building of the bridge, they will design it, build it, operate it and maintain it. We have private business operating a publicly owned bridge. If there are cost overruns, they will have to cover it.

    The cost to build the connection from the bridge to I-75 on the Michigan side will be paid for by the Canadians. (By the way, the $230 million Gateway connection from I-75 to the Ambassador Bridge was paid for by our tax dollars) The Canadians and the private operators will be paid back with the toll revenues. If the toll revenues do not cover the costs in any year, the Canadians will cover the shortfall. That’s the agreement. There can be no Michigan tax dollars used to pay for the the bridge or the connection to I-75.

    Michigan gets a free bridge, 10,000 construction jobs on our side of the river and new infrastructure to support our trade with Canada that supports more than 230,000 jobs in Michigan.

    Mr. Moroun will still have his bridge. Thousands of cars and trucks will still cross it every day. He’ll still make millions of dollars each year. He can also bid to build, maintain and operate the new Bridge.

    More than 160 Michigan based business organizations and companies have formed a coalition to encourage the Governor to move forward with this project. They include the Michigan Chamber and more then 20 other local chambers of commerce, the Farm Bureau, Amway, Steelcase and all the automotive companies. They all recognize the importance of safe, reliable and efficient access to the Canadian market where we sell 50% of all our international trade.

    If you would like more information, I would suggest you visit http://www.NewInternationalTradeCrossing.com or http://www.BuildtheBridge.com.

    1. Joan

      Really Tom you can hardly cast aspersions on Mr.Arditti intents when you are a paid political consultant to push the bridge apparently any way possible. Their point man in the public battle to build the bridge is Tom Shields, president of Marketing Resource Group in Lansing. http://www.freep.com/article/20110424/NEWS06/104240599/There-big-names-both-sides-bridge-debate

      And I think the big questions points well taken here. We need to be asking what is in it for Gov. Snyder?
      And you claim “Michigan gets a free bridge” Really? Does anyone really think that Canada is giving us a free bridge out of the goodness of their heart? “If something sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?” I have a bad feeling we will find out….

      1. Chad

        Canada is funding the bridge, not giving Michigan a free bridge. Why are they funding the bridge? It should be obvious – they’ll be benefiting from a new bridge along with Michigan. The new bridge will allow direct connections to highways, get traffic of Windsor’s streets, provide redundancy, etc. And the Ambassador Bridge is 83 years old, after all.

        Again, this should be obvious.

  4. Mary Kay

    We need the bridge. The Governor had the courage to go against Matty and his money. Matty has a vested interest in proventing this project. He has put out false information. The truckers and unions are backing this project. The new bridge will lower polution produced by truck waiting to cross the existing bridge. Our state will benefit by thousand of good paying jobs. Thank you Gov. Snyder.

    1. Joan

      The Union backing it sounds like an excellent reason to be cautious. However does it matter how we get a new bridge? If you needed a new coat, what would you be willing to do
      to get one? Would you expect someone else to pay for it? Fudge the facts? Take it and give the store an IOU? Be careful what you “need” Mary Kay, you just might get it

      1. Chad

        The bridge will be Canada’s as well. It will sit on the border, after all. What don’t you understand about this? The Ambassador Bridge, which sits on same border, was funded by Americans, not the Canadians (the reverse of what is happening here). Do you think Canadians where wringing their hands with worry thinking “If something sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?”.

  5. Anthony

    I feel liked I helped the Governor win however once in power He will not return any mail either e-mail or written leter. I am truley disapointed. The bridge should be on the ballot

    Damm the citizens full steam ahead


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