Jul 25 2012

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Michigan ObamaCare UpDate

Although this is a busy election period we will continue to monitor the establishment of an “ObamaCare” Health Exchange in Michigan.

Shortly after the Supreme Court ruling the governors of several states issued statements refusing to implement Health Care Exchanges in their states and  rejected the Medicaid expansion.

Unfortunately, Michigan’s governor was not among them and continues to press for the creation of an ObamaCare Health Exchange here in Michigan.

The latest push is for legislative approval for appropriations to accept the funds from the Federal government to begin implementation.

I spoke last night with the Chair of the House Health Policy Committee, Rep Gail Haines about today’s appropriations Committee Meeting. She assured me that (like the initial round of Committee Meetings,) she supported by House Speak Jase Bolger would do a complete and thorough series of Meetings even if it takes months….and November IS coming

Rep Gail Haines and Speaker Bolger are to be commended for “holding the fort” despite incredible pressure from the Governor’s office to pass the ObamaCare Bill SB 693 out of Committee and to appropriate money for the creation of the Exchange

Rep. Paul Opsommer, also a member of the Committee issued this statement about today’s meeting

“From what I heard in committee, there is an ocean of uncertainty on why there is truly any need to go forward now with a government healthcare exchange, but the one thing I do feel certain about after today is that all of this is very reminiscent of the mistaken trust we placed in regards to REAL ID, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses, and other federal programs I have had to deal with as chair of the House Transportation Committee. The illusion of the federal government wanting to partner with the state, and letting the state make a customized program, is just that, an illusion, with the reality being that the federal government will mandate a cookie-cutter approach regardless of the name it’s given.

“I look forward to more hearings on this matter, but it would be wise for us to keep our eyes open and to look towards the future on this issue through the light of the lamp of past history.”

However, it appears that Gov Snyder may be ready to create an ObamaCare Health Exchange by Executive order as testimony at the meeting today included:

A very interesting comment was in reference to a section from the Health Exchange final rules in regards to Executive orders…

The testimony was that an executive order was acceptable by the Feds as one of the ways to set up an Obama Care Health Exchange in addition to   Legislature passed law and Administrative rules (in cases where a dept. already have all the legal authority it needs to do so; ie, no new state laws needed).

7. Subpart K–Exchange Functions: Certification of Qualified HealthPlans
    This subpart codifies section 1311(d)(4)(A) of the Affordable Care
Act, which establishes that Exchanges, at a minimum, implement
procedures for the certification, recertification, and decertification
of health plans as QHPs, consistent with guidelines developed by HHS.
This subpart also clarifies the Exchanges’ responsibility related to
the inclusion in the Exchange of certain multi-State plans. We note
that as States establish Exchanges, each State has choices related to
certification of QHPs for the Exchange through the piece of
legislation, executive order, or charter that creates the Exchange.
Alternatively, the Exchange itself may be able to exercise discretion
under existing State and Federal law.

We Need to Do Several Things:

Call/Fax the Governor with your opposition to a ObamaCare Health Exchange in Michigan by any means including the use of an executive order

PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 – Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863 (Phone Numbers of Gov. Snyder’s Executive Staff)

E-mail/Call your House Representative - We will not accept nor vote for ANY who endorse the establishment of a Health Care Exchange!

E-mail House Health Policy Chair Rep. Gail Haines thank her and encourage to continue her work on behalf of “We the people”  of Michigan in the fight against the establishment of an ObamaCare Health Exchange

Phone: (517) 373-0615
Toll Free: (888) 737-4043
Email: GailHaines@house.mi.gov

E-Mail/Call House Speaker Jase Bolger thank him and encourage him to continue his work on behalf of “we the people”  of Michigan in the fight against the establishment of an ObamaCare Health Exchange

Phone: (517) 373-1787
Toll Free: 877-BOLGER-1
Email: JamesBolger@house.mi.gov

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