Aug 01 2012

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MI “Pelosi” Moment and GOP Senate Candidate Debate!

“We Have to Pass the Bill So That I Can Find Out What Is In It

Apparently we had a “Pelosi Moment” at the Health Policy Committee Meeting yesterday. An attendee at the meeting reported that Rep. Callton, Committe Vice-chair, (and Brian Calley’s hand picked successor) who is in favor of establishing an ObamaCare Health Exchange and did a presentation on Utah establishing an exchange, said in Committee that he has not read the Marleau bill (co-sponsored by Rick Jones, Roger Kahn, Mark Jansen, John Gleason (D) which would establish an ObamaCare Health Exchange in Michigan.

Additionally, a news source quotes Rep. Callton as agreeing with the lead Democrat on the Committee, Rep. Lesia Liss

She said, “Yes. It’s time to move. Time to go, yes and let’s get this done.”

Rep. Mike Callton is with her saying, “We can study this until the cows come home.”

When Committee Chair Gail Haines said she has more questions, Callton said, “I’m ready to go.

I think we and especially his constituents in the 87th District described as “solid GOP” who elected him in 2010, need to ask him why he is in favor of bill he has not read and why he is joining hands and singing Kumbaya with the Committee Democrats in pushing for an ObamaCare Exchange instead of the prudent and meticulous approach of Chairwomen and fellow GOP Gail Haines?

And while we are at it, lets follow the money..

Oh lookie here the top contributors to Mike Callton are…. Surprise!

Health Professionals $25,572

Insurance $6,150

Hospitals & Nursing Homes $5,875

And for good measure the MEA $5,625

We do agreed with you Mike on one thing, “I’m ready to go” ….We are ready to have you go! Another ObamaCare sellout with a Primary in his future.

Rep. Mike Callton contact Info:

Phone: (517) 373-0842
Toll Free: (855) 373-0842
FAX: (517) 373-6979
Email: MikeCallton@house.mi.gov

GOP Senate Candidate Debate

You don’t want to miss this as we are only 6 Days from the Primary and an opportunity to hear all the candidates!

Pete Hoekstra, Clark Durant (My personal choice) and Randall Hekman have agreed to a single moderator, no-rules format in a program to be anchored by senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

The 2 p.m. taping will be webcast live at WKAR.org
This “Off the Record” special will be aired on WKAR-TV

Friday, August 3, at 8:30 p.m.,
Saturday at 6 p.m. on WKAR World
Sunday, August 5, at 12:30 and 11:30 p.m. on WKAR-TV.

It will be available for on-demand viewing at video.wkar.org beginning Friday.


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  1. Mary MacMaster

    Please save us from the likes of Rep. Mike Callton (R) who ultimately seems to be a Nancy Pelosi clone.
    If he cannot safeguard his constituents by taking the time under the auspices of your tax dollars then he should not be holding any government office!

    1. Joan

      I agree totally!

  2. Mary MacMaster

    I left a message on Rep. Callton’s office voice mail to let him know that I took the time to read my Sen. Jim Marleau’s ‘Health Care Exchange’ bill and told him that I am shocked that he did not do his do diligence to read it himself. I also stated that he should wait until after the November elections – or did he not have faith in defeating Obama? I also read off the list of his contributors and let him know that his actions and opinion were plastered all over Facebook.

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