Aug 04 2012

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Last Chance to Watch the US Senate GOP Candidate Debate…Who won?

We are only 3 days away from the Primary and your last chance to watch the only debate between the remaining three candidates for US Senate, Clark Durant, Randy Heckman and Pete Hoesktra.

I was at the taping watching and I can honestly say that I believe Clark Durant won by proving he will be a pit bull taking on Debbie Stabenow!

However I want to know what YOU think AFTER you watch. Which candidate do you think showed that he could take on Debbie and win?  Because the truth is, we have an extremely tough battle ahead to replace the long time incumbent, Debbie Stabenow.

After viewing the debate let me know what YOU think! 

GOP Senate Candidate Debate

Sunday, August 5, at 12:30 and 11:30 p.m. on WKAR-TV.

It will be available for Internet on-demand viewing at video.wkar.org beginning Friday.



To view a sample ballot for your area click on the Michigan Voter Information Center link




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  1. Sean House

    It was clear that Clark Durant held a strong grasp of the issues, Hekman was nearly clueless and Hoekstra was running from every question and answer….CLARK DURANT WON !!!!

  2. Bill Wonsik

    After watching this debate it is clear that Clark Durant won. The only thing Pete Hoekstra has going for him is the money and support of the Republican establishment, as he had a hard time trying to defend his voting record. Randy Hekman didn’t seem that all prepared and tended to flow with the others. It is unfortunate that all of the candidates decided to spend so much of the debate on personal/political type attacks on each other rather than how to fix our country, but that seems to be the nature of politics these days. If you want change in Washington to a smaller constitutional republic of our founders than Durant or Hekman is your candidate. If you want a Republican establishment Washington insider who will have a hard time debating Debbie because of his voting record then Hoekstra is your man.

    What I fear is if Clark Durant wins the primary that the Michigan Republican establishment will not back him in the general election as we have seen them do with other Conservative Tea Party candidates in the past.

  3. Anne

    Hi Joanie,

    Thanks ssooo much for the info!! I, too, feel it is imperative that we unseat Stabenow! My ‘puter didn’t deliver your email to me until the second timing of the debate was almost over, and I didn’t even open the email until just now. Unfortunately, the debate won’t be available at the WKAR website until after the primary.

    My thoughts: Initially, I was strongly going with Hoekstra. I liked several things about him when he was in the House, thought he was a man of integrity (very important to me), and I also thought his House experience would make him the strongest candidate to defeat Stabenow. Also, shortly after Hoekstra announced he was running, Jack Hoogendyk, (also a man of integrity who endorses Hoekstra), hosted a small (about 40 people) private meet and greet with Hoekstra in a very small auditorium in Farmington Hills that I attended. Hoekstra spoke about himself, Rep. Steve King from Iowa (whom I hold in high regard) spoke and sang his praises for Hoekstra, and then there was a brief question and answer period. My confidence in Hoekstra was reinforced. Also, during the q and a, Hoekstra admitted that his vote in favor of Cash for Clunkers was a big mistake. I was pleased that he admitted it, although I was troubled about his judgement for voting for C for C at all, (I was vehemently against C for C!) and I did not give it another thought.

    But throughout this campaign, I have investigated further. I found out that when Hoekstra was in the House, he voted to raise the debt ceiling several times and voted in favor of either TARP or the Stimulus package, I can’t remember which but both of them were very bad programs, not to mention that voting for C for C was bothering me. These actions are not the actions of a true Conservative. Then he co-founded the Tea Party Caucus with much fanfare. I became troubled because I was seeing that he was talking the Conservative talk but did not recently walk the Conservative walk when it was direly needed….was joining the Tea Party Caucus the act of just a politician trying to ride the bandwagon of the now-popular and growing Tea Party movement?

    I was becoming more and more impressed with Durant, Hekkmann, and the fellow who recently backed out of the race, I can’t remember his name at the moment. But Durant was easily pulling ahead of Hekkmann in polls and I know that we need a strong candidate to defeat Stabenow. I was pleased with what I was finding out about Durant.

    Endorsements carry much weight with me regarding judicial candidates because we can’t easily find out a lot of info regarding non-partisan candidates. With partisan races/candidates, I do my own homework and don’t follow endorsements much…but not this time, especially since I was still on the fence with Hoekstra and Durant (btw both are pro-life and that is my number 1 criteria for any candidate for any office). I recently received a pro-Hoekstra flyer and a pro-Durant flyer via snail mail. Hoekstra was being endorsed by Michele Backmann, Paul Ryan, and Sen. Pat Toomey…I like them alot. But then I saw an endorsement by Comrade Jennifer Snyder for Hoekstra….red flags went up for me big time!!! Then I looked at Durant’s flyer. In addition to you, there were endorsements from Sen. Mike Lee, Hillsdale’s Larry Arn, Michele Malkin, and Edwin Meese….I adore them!! I also saw an endorsement for Durant from the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce….that’s Hoekstra’s back yard…something is wrong in Denmark, pardon the pun.

    I turned in my absentee ballot yesterday (I work the elections, but I’m never assigned my own polling place). I voted for Durant without hesitation.

  4. Susan Quinlan

    It was clear that Durant won. He is able to fight well and doesn’t use doublspeak, which I am sick of.

  5. SovereignMary

    Randy Heckman may be a nice chap, but he was not at all prepared and seemed to expect a tea and crumpets sit down instead of a debate.
    Clark Durant was really prepared and laid out very well many of the issues concerning the taxpayers and what needs to be done to resolve many of them.
    I am very biased AGAINST Pete Hoekstra and his 18 years as a career politician in congress. No matter how much he promises to bring about change I can’t help but worry that he will not be able to change his stripes when his background and history was to vote for ‘Cash for Clunkers’, bailouts, and numerous times voting to increase his congressional pay and raising the unsustainable debt ceiling.

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