Dec 05 2012

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UPDATE *Vital* YOU are Needed ASAP for Right to Work in Michigan!

Today and tomorrow union activists descended on the Capitol. “Tensions rose at the Capitol late in the afternoon as hundreds of union members packed into the rotunda area, blowing whistles and shouting slogans such as “Union buster” and “Right to work has got to go.”

Seasoned activists from across the state are invited tomorrow (meeting under the big white tent) to continue to lobby for RTW.
Things are moving very quickly as the Senate is in a marathon session while the deal making is being done to hammer out a final bill.
However, YOU still have a chance to make an impact and have your voice heard, ASAP, and to be a part of this historic, revolutionary piece of legislation for Michigan! All eyes will be on Michigan and the impact of passing a Right to Work law will reverberate across this country! NOW IS THE TIME.

I spoke with Rep Mike Shirkey, Tuesday at the Capitol before lobbying for RTW and he said his original bill “contained no exceptions”

Exceptions (say for instance exempting certain sectors from the bill, like fire and police et) are undesirable and a concern because

1. Certain groups of people are exempted from the law therefore exempting them from the freedom to choice to belong to a Union and pay dues or not.

2. Exceptions have cause legal battles in Indiana and in Wisconsin by Unions fighting to get the law declared unconstitutional. In Wisconsin a recent court ruling against the law caused the Attorney General, to seek a stay of the decision pending appeal in order to allow the law to continue in effect

In Indiana, “Among other things, the union claims the law violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by treating building and construction workers and public workers differently from others. The law’s provisions regarding construction trades took effect immediately, impairing existing contracts, the union said. Public employees aren’t allowed to opt out of union membership to the same degree as private-sector worker, the union said.”

Michigan can avoid those battles with a “no exceptions” bill.

Gov Snyder just committed to signing the bill if it comes to his desk but his reluctance stems from the threats from Democrats to withhold their votes that will be needed to pass anything (bills) the governor wants so he will push for concessions such as exceptions

So please e-mail/call and leave a message/home fax TONIGHT IF POSSIBLE

Governor’s Snyder’s Legislative Affairs Office 517-241-3950

Your Senator: Find Your Senator or send all GOP Senators an e-mail (below)

And tell them you support a RTW bill (WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS)

Republican Senators E-Mail : Copy and Paste All
sendbooher@senate.michigan.gov, senjbrandenburg@senate.michigan.gov,
 senbcaswell@senate.michigan.gov, senjemmons@senate.michigan.gov ,
 senmgreen@senate.michigan.gov, senghansen@senate.michigan.gov,
sendhildenbrand@senate.michigan.gov, senmjansen@senate.michigan.gov,
 senjhune@senate.michigan.gov , senrjones@senate.michigan.gov ,
 senrkahn@senate.michigan.gov , senmkowall@senate.michigan.gov ,
 jimmarleau@senate.michigan.gov , senameekhof@senate.michigan.gov ,
 senjmoolenaar@senate.michigan.gov , senmnofs@senate.michigan.gov ,
 senjpappageorge@senate.michigan.gov , senjproos@senate.michigan.gov ,
 senjproos@senate.michigan.gov , senrichardville@senate.michigan.gov ,
sentschuitmaker@senate.michigan.gov, senatorphilpavlov.com, senatortoryrocca.com

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