Dec 06 2012

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TODAY Send a message to Support LIFE


I know this is a busy time for you and the right-to-work issue has been in the forefront and is indeed very important however nothing supersedes upholding the Right to Life.

As without upholding the God given right to life, also confirmed in our country’s Foundational documents, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” we will not have a society worth having.

TODAY there are several right to life bills, protecting the sanctity of life. A key bill is HB5711 “which establish that the remains of an aborted fetus are subject to the same laws that apply to the dead bodies of humans who have been born, and revise regulations for the disposition of other fetal remains, with violations subject to three years in prison. Also, to require an abortion provider to ask a a woman seeking an abortion if…any…individual in a position of authority has threatened, intimidated, or coerced her into seeking an abortion.” Core Principles

Please call or e-mail your Senator asking them to support this sanctity of life bill and thank them.

And thank YOU for standing up for the absolute sanity of life.

Your Senator: Find Your Senator or send all GOP Senators an e-mail (below)

Republican Senators E-Mail : Copy and Paste All

For Phil Palvo and Tory Rocca, please go to their web sites

sendbooher@senate.michigan.gov, senjbrandenburg@senate.michigan.gov,

senbcaswell@senate.michigan.gov, senjemmons@senate.michigan.gov ,

senmgreen@senate.michigan.gov, senghansen@senate.michigan.gov,

sendhildenbrand@senate.michigan.gov, senmjansen@senate.michigan.gov,

senjhune@senate.michigan.gov , senrjones@senate.michigan.gov ,

senrkahn@senate.michigan.gov , senmkowall@senate.michigan.gov ,

jimmarleau@senate.michigan.gov , senameekhof@senate.michigan.gov ,

senjmoolenaar@senate.michigan.gov , senmnofs@senate.michigan.gov ,

senjpappageorge@senate.michigan.gov , senjproos@senate.michigan.gov ,

senjproos@senate.michigan.gov , senrichardville@senate.michigan.gov ,





Thank you for all you do, you are the heart and soul of Michigan




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