Dec 31 2012

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A Great Way to Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year Michigan!

We are ringing in the new year with a new look to our web site! We will still have some tweaking but we would like to know how YOU like the new look? Please feel free to leave your comments. Also we will be changing how we deliver our Newsletter. In the past, our provider costs had been paid for by a generous donor, however for most of this year I personally have incurred the cost. Being a “pass the hat” grassroots organization we have decided that unless someone offers to donate the funds for the upcoming year we will be going to a new source to deliver our Newsletters. So please bear with us as we change sometime in February.

We are also ringing in the new year by standing along side Hobby Lobby and their fight for religious freedom

As many know, Hobby Lobby owner and CEO David Green is refusing to offer their employees the morning after pill as part of the Obama Care insurance coverage and filed a lawsuit. Hobby Lobby is facing a fine of $1.3 million PER DAY for their refusal to compromise their religious convictions.

Just recently, Justice Sotomayor, in her capacity as circuit justice for the Tenth Circuit,denying the emergency application by which the individual members of the Green family and their two closely-held family businesses sought an injunction, pending appeal, against the HHS mandate.”

However the battle is NOT over and Hobby Lobby NEEDS our support!

Grassroots in Michigan along with other liberty minded grassroots and Christian groups across the country have organized a “HOBBY LOBBY SHOPPING DAY” by patronizing a Hobby Lobby store near you!

DATE: Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013
WHEN: 8:00am-9:000m
(Hobby Lobby is not open on Sunday)
WHERE: Your local Hobby Lobby To find your local store click HERE
Event is posted on Facebook HERE

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  1. Ron Fedoronko

    Website looks good. The email should be black on white and 30% larger to read on my phone where I always read it if I do.

    1. Joan

      Thanks for the input, just what I am looking for! when going to be the new deliver system I hope we can address the problem of readability from Smart phones
      as increasingly more and more people receive their e-mail that way

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