Feb 12 2013

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*BREAKING* ObamaCare Vote Imminent!

We have learned that the 30.9 million of Federal money being offered to Michigan to fund the Health Care Exchange (referenced in our Jan. 29th “2013 Obama Care in MI and More! article) could see a Committee vote anytime! Grassroots in Michigan joined with other activists from across the state has issued a Press Release on the Health Care Exchange and the expansion of Medicaid in Michigan

This money is key to jump-starting the Health Care Exchange this year!

We stopped it last year we can do it again! We MUST Do It!

Stopping the funding of the Health Care Exchange is also a key component to stopping the expansion of Medicaid in Michigan because the Exchange will administer the program.

 Simple Action Plan! Only two e-mails to send,

House and Senate Appropriation Committees!

**Action Item**


“I do not want the 30.9 million dollars of Federal money to be appropriated for any Health Care Exchange and I do not support the expansion of Medicaid”


E-mail/Call/Fax House Appropriation Chair, Rep. Joseph Haveman

Phone: (517) 373-0830
Toll Free: (866) 908-4347
Email: JosephHaveman@house.mi.gov

You may also e-mail the Members of the House Appropriation Committee at the same time,same e-mail

AlPscholka@house.mi.gov ,EileenKowall@house.michigan.gov, mattlori@house.mi.gov, BillRogers@house.mi.gov,JohnWalsh@house.mi.gov, JonBumstead@house.mi.gov,AnthonyForlini@house.mi.gov,PeterMacGregor@house.mi.gov, GregMacMaster@house.mi.gov, NancyJenkins@house.mi.gov, PaulMuxlow@house.mi.gov,EarlPoleski@house.mi.gov, PhilPotvin@house.mi.gov, MikeMcCready@house.mi.gov ,MartinHowrylak@house.mi.gov, RobVerHeulen@house.mi.gov, RashidaTlaib@house.mi.gov, TerryBrown@house.mi.gov,FredDurhal@house.mi.gov,SeanMcCann@house.mi.gov, BrandonDillon@house.mi.gov, SarahRoberts@house.mi.gov, AndrewKandrevas@house.mi.gov, PamFaris@house.mi.gov, AdamZemke@house.mi.gov,SamSingh@house.mi.gov


House Appropriation Committee

 Al Pscholka (Maj. VC), Majority Caucus Chair Kowall, Lori, Rogers, John Walsh, House Speaker Pro Tempore, Bumstead, Forlini, MacGregor, MacMaster, Jenkins, Muxlow, Poleski, Potvin, McCready, Howrylak, VerHeulen, Tlaib (Min. VC), Brown, Durhal, McCann, Dillon, Roberts, Kandrevas, Faris, Zemke, Singh


Senate Appropriation Committee

 E-mail/Call/Fax Senate Appropriation Chair: Sen. Roger Kahn

(517) 373-1760
Toll Free:1-866-305-2132
E-mail: senrkahn@senate.michigan.gov

 You may also e-mail the Members of the Senate Sub Appropriation Committee for Human Services at the same time, same e-mail

SenBCaswell@senate.michigan.gov,senmjansen@senate.michigan.gov, SenJProos@senate.michigan.gov,

Department of Human Services

Senators Caswell (C), Jansen (VC), Proos and Gregory (MVC) Form E-mail contact, no direct email address

**Further Updates**


Save your e-mails! We will inform you of any Committee meetings dealing with these issues. Notice only has to be 18 hours in advance of any Committee meeting so watch your e-mail!

If you can not attend you may send your e-mail to the Committee Clerk (we will supply contact information) and ask that it be entered into public testimony. If you can attend, we will provide Committees meeting time Location etc.

More information on Obama Care, its Mandates and Cost to You

Obama Care and Its Mandates

CBO Is Increasingly Skeptical About Obama Care

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