Feb 28 2013

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If You Can’t Be in Lansing TODAY, You CAN Still Do This!

As you know, the Federal Level One Grant Appropriations bill HB 4111 for the implementation of the Obama Care Health Care Exchange will be voted on today in the House. Even if you can not make to Lansing YOUR voice needs to be heard!

Apparently there are not enough GOP votes to pass HB 4111, SO, contacting YOUR House Rep is vital!

It doesn’t matter if you emailed/called or faxed yesterday…Your representative NEEDS to hear from their constituent, you!

We have the chance to stop this in the House, NOW.

PLEASE call/email/fax your Rep – Contact Information HERE

You may also watch or listen to the House session LIVE today at noon on House TV.

We need to make the statement in no uncertain terms that we oppose passage of this bill that 1st step to the implementation the Health Care Exchange. Right to Work does NOT get a pass on other issues! Doing the right thing once does not permit one to do the wrong thing else where!

Thank you for all you do, YOU are the heart and soul of a free Michigan

Press Release HERE

CLICK either of the images below to download the 2 page PDF document:

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MI HB 4111 Information Insurance Exchanges and Proposed Funds Acceptance 2-28-2013 Page 2 of 2

Click the image to download / view the 2 page PDF document

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