Apr 02 2010

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Liberal “reporter” and homosexual Activist Tries to Bully His Way Into Private Grassroots in Michigan Meeting!

Many in the tea party movement are aware of the increasing attempts by liberals (progressives) to try and smear tea party activists or tie the whole movement to a few extremists. We are also aware of the intimidation tactics often used by the left to bully or scare tea party activists or even in some cases use physical violence

We are also well aware that these nefarious attempts are because the leftist are genuinely afraid of the affects the tea party movement has had in countering the socialist/fascist agenda by the current administration as evidence by the Unconstitutional abomination commonly known as the health care bill.

Last night, the tea party group, Grassroots in Michigan experienced a taste of these intimidation tactics at a private meeting held for members

First of all it is important to note that citizens have a right to gather at voluntary members meetings. Grassroots in Michigan is not a government entity, non-profit, 501(c) (3) or (4), or incorporated in any way. Grassroots in Michigan is a true grassroots group consisting of like-minded Michigan citizens and as such we have a right to gather and have simple rules.

One such rule is that we do not allow reporters at our meeting. Never have. The reasons are simple, the meetings are for members to discuss various topics without feeling that are under a microscope or that they may be mis-quoted. We want to foster the exchange of ideas within a safe and private environment, which is our prerogative and right.

However that changed last night, Thursday as a “reporter” from the liberal online blog Michigan Messenger, Todd Heywood attempted to bully his way into our meeting and use” ambush” Style interview tactics on our unwary members as they came to the meeting. Questions such as, “Why won’t she let me in and “What is going on in there!” to members who were unaware of that had been transpiring over a period of several days.

I have had a previous experience with Mr. Heywood hostile and un-factual “reporting” in January when he posted this below. The statements in red are attributed to me by Mr. Heywood when they are in fact made by another. My response is below where I point out that fact.

Michigan tea bag protestors won’t join national protest at Detroit Auto Show
I would post the link buy why give them the hits?

By Todd A. Heywood 1/11/10 10:20 AM
As the Detroit Auto Show gets underway this week, thousands are expected to attend the event, including U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
That announcement lead the national Tea Party movement to call on their supporters to converge on the auto show to protest “Government Motors.” The folks in the movement are opposed to the bailouts which helped the Chrysler and GM move in and out of bankruptcy quickly last year.

But this weekend, Joan Fabiano from the Michigan grass roots tea party and based in the Lansing area, issued a facebook statement saying the national folks could not count on the Michigan “patriots” to join them in Detroit.

In conclusion it is my opinion that this protest is ill-conceived and quite frankly an attempt at attention grabbing grand standing by those outside and unfortunately inside of Michigan.

Fabiano in her statement reminds the national movement that she is a “Christian” and that there are thousands of Christians who had nothing to do with the bail out but work for GM. To this revelation she asks:
Why must some Americans boycott G.M. and throw INNOCENT people, such as myself, out on the street trying to find another job in this economy? Did I do something wrong? Would you like to see yourself out of a job if your company’s leadership made the errors and you had NOTHING to do with it?

There is irony at work here. Fabiano is a retired General Motors employee who would likely have lost a lot had the Obama administration not stepped in to prop up the nation’s largest automaker and guide it through bankruptcy proceedings. And now she’s shocked — shocked! — that anyone would protest such a bailout.

And yet Fabiano herself rants against the government bailout of the banks. At the July 4 tea party at the state Capitol in Lansing she shouted, “We are tired of the out-of-control spending, tired of the socialization of our government, tired of the erosion of our personal liberties.”

She appears in a movie that protests the similar bailouts of banks. Does she not realize that banks have employees too and that failing to help the banks would also have harmed innocent employees of those banks who were not responsible for the behavior of the company’s leadership?

On her own blog, Fabiano regularly inveighs against government bailouts. It just doesn’t seem to apply when a bailout benefits her.

My Responce:

Joanfabiano 2 months ago
In the interest of truth, which appears to be a foreign concept here judging by this post…….the comments attributed to me by this web site are NOT mine, but were left on a public web site as quoted in my letter by another poster, a current GM worker…”Additionally, I believe this comment left by a current GM worker on yet another “national site” speaks volumes to us Michiganders.“Why must some Americans boycott G.M. and throw INNOCENT people, such as myself, out on the street trying to find another job in this economy? Did I do something wrong? Would you like to see yourself out of a job if your company’s leadership made the errors and you had NOTHING to do with it?”

If anyone would bother to actually take a few minutes on my blog, it would become obvious that I favored bankruptcy over a government take over of GM, potentially incurring a loss of income and benefits to myself…But why bother with facts when cherry-picking is easy and fits your agenda?

And first you rail against tea party protests, now you rail when a tea party doesn’t protest..so very fickle! Or perhaps it interferes with your “lock step” theory of the tea party movement

However thanks for the PR for my blog and the new film documentary that your low readership may generate

Joan Fabiano

What had transpired over several days was this:

I had posted our Grassroots in Michigan Meet Up on Face Book

I received a message from Todd Heywood asking for the location stating he intended to come to the meeting. Todd Heywood is not my friend on Facebook, however evidently one of my friends passed who was, passed along the invite to our meeting

I replied to him that we allow do not allow reporters at our meetings.

On Thursday I received a phone call from him and as was just getting ready to step into the shower, I told him to call back. He called back and evidently I missed his call. He left a message stating he WAS coming to our meeting.

Additionally he called the church that we rent for our meetings to confirm the location.

Because of his aggressive stance and that he obviously did not respect our rights, we were rightfully concerned that he may try to force his way in, or cause a disturbance to “create” a story.

In order to protect our members and our right to privacy, we went into a “lock down” mode, locking the front door and manning it with a “beefy” patriot allowing invited members entrance. Mr. Heywood, asked several times, why he was disbarred, knowing full well why and continued to “interview” unwary members coming to our meeting. (See video below) It is important to note also that Mr. Heywood positioned himself in front of the church, which is private property. We could have called the police but we knew this was probably what he wanted, to “create” a scene then report on it.

I suspect Mr. Heywood’s interest in coming to our meeting was because of our invited speaker, Joe Folland, Michigan Director of Oath Keepers

Recently an extremist group in Adrian,Michigan calling themselves “christain” were arrested by the FBI. There have been attempts by the liberal media to connect these extremists to the tea party movement or other lawful militia groups in a organized campaign to smear the whole tea party movement.

Or perhaps it was because Mr. Heywood knew that I was invited on the Michigan leg of the Tea Party Express III “Vote Them Out Tour Or perhaps both.

The bottom line here is that liberals do not respect the privacy and rights of others. That reported attempts to smear, and intimidate tea party groups are a reality and ARE happening.

However as citizen patriots, these attempts are BACKFIRING and only increases our desire to fight for our country, our form of government, a representative Republic and our way to life and have increased the public awareness of these despicable actions.

“I have not yet begun to fight” John Paul Jones
Naval officer of the American Revolutionary War

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    The person in this video does not look very aggressive to me…

  2. admin

    He wasn’t allowed to be…however his not taking no for an answer is considered
    aggressive tactics for a “reporter”

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