Apr 23 2013

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Common Core Update & ACTION ITEM

Rotten to the Common Core

1. Action Item from activist Melanie Kurdys
The House will likely vote this week on the state Department of Education’s budget. Please call/email/fax ASAP and inform your Rep to: STOP ALL funding for Common Core’s implementation in Michigan’s Department of Education budget.

Last week, Melanie was invited to a debate about common core in Grand Rapids on a public TV channel WGVU. To watch the debate, click HERE

2. Bill Update
HB 4276 – The stopping Common Core bill has had one Education Committee meeting. And will have another. Your testimony is vital! You may testify several ways:
1. Testify (speak) in person
2. Attend committee meeting and fill out a brief testimony but NOT speak
3. E-mail your testimony in support of HB 4276 to the Education Committee Clerk at mabdul@house.mi.gov and ask that your e-mail be entered into public testimony.
To be notified via e-mail of upcoming Education Committee Meetings : YOU MAY SIGN UP FOR EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEETINGS NOTICE HERE

3. Guest Author
Grassroots in Michigan is pleased to have Karen Braun as a guest author writing on the topic of Common Core.

A little about Karen:
Karen Braun is married to Steve and a home school mom of six children, All six children were (will be) home educated through high school.

Karen is a popular blogger at SpunkyHomeschool, a free-lance writer and conference speaker on issues related to education, parenting, and family life. She has appeared on television, radio, and in print defending home education and the family. Most recently, Karen testified in the Michigan House Education Committee in Support of HB 4276 to prohibit Common Core State Standards to be used in Michigan. Her article “Homeschooling ‘Internationally Benchmarked’” was published in the April 2013, issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and focused on how national and international standards will impact home education.

 Karen resides in Canton, MI with her husband and four of her six children.

Homeschoolers and Data Tracking

Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations at HSLDA has an article discussing the data tracking aspect of Common Core. National Databases: Collecting Student-Specific Data is unnecessary and Orwellian.

The 2009 federal stimulus bill created the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) program as “a new one-time appropriation of $53.6 billion.” [1] With this money, the Department of Education would award states money in exchange for a commitment to develop and use pre-kindergarten through post-secondary and career data systems, among other criteria.
A national database of student-specific data is very concerning for many reasons. The national databases being created now include detailed records of students, including race, gender, birth information, learning disabilities, detailed academic records, and much more. This information is being collected soon after birth, all the way through graduation from college.The more personal information that is included, the greater the danger to the student’s privacy and safety if the data is breached. Will certain data make it harder for students to get into higher education? Will it be disclosed to government employers, or even private employers?HSLDA believes that each student is unique, with far more to offer society than just the sum of their academic years. Government tracking students from soon after birth until they graduate from college is Orwellian and seems like a “Big Brother” mentality, and has no place in a free society.It is important to note that there are many reasons for aggregated student data to be available. Such data is helpful for researchers, and it is reported widely so that parents and policy makers can determine how students are doing academically. But HSLDA believes that there are very little reasons for the government to track student-specific data.

National Databases and student tracking are not new to President Obama. It’s been in the work since President Bush and in the blueprint for years before that….to continue reading click HERE


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