Aug 25 2013

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The Medicaid Expansion ~ Politics, Policy, Practicality, Principles

“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.” George Washington, letter to Edmund Randolph — 1795

We lay it down as a fundamental, that laws, to be just, must give a reciprocation of right; that, without this, they are mere arbitrary rules of conduct, founded in force, and not in conscience.” Thomas Jefferson ~ Notes on the state of Virginia — 1782


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Medicaid Expansion bill to be voted on Tuesday, Aug. 27 in the Senate

Only YOU Can Defeat the Expansion ~ The “How To”


Michigan citizens,

August 27th is a pivotal moment in Michigan history.  HB 4714, (the Expansion bill) will, in all probability be voted on in the State Senate. Several other bills pertaining to Medicaid may also be voted on, SB 459 & 460 (FLOOR SUMMARY) and SB 422 (FLOOR SUMMARY). (To watch or listen LIVE on Senate TV Tuesday Aug 27th starting at noon click HERE

The bills that are voted out will then go to the State House for a vote. The Medicaid Expansion is not just another issue, it is THE ISSUE, because it is an integral part of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act  or PPACA (commonly referred to as ObamaCare).

If you have been paying attention at all, you know – to Progressives and those who wish to take our form of government, a democratic Republic, and change it to something else – PPACA is a means to an end. That end is SINGLE PAYER, WITH THE GOVERNMENT AS PAYER (think Canadian, European, and Cuban medical care).

There are several methods being employed to defeat the Expansion, HB 4714.

I have fought this battle for several years now and I desire to defeat the expansion of Medicaid in Michigan more than ever. Motivated by that desire, in an earlier Newsletter I promoted Senator Patrick Colbeck’s bills, SB 459 & 460, a proposal for an alternative pilot program for current Medicaid recipients. I’ve come to realize that my position on this proposal was based on political strategy and practicalities.

While the criteria people use to make decisions differ, mine must begin and end with principles. Particularly, my decisions must be based on what I know to be true. For some time now, I’ve been unable to shake that feeling, when you know in your knower, something just isn’t right.

A friend of mine, Shelli Dawdy of Grassroots in Nebraska, who I’ve know since the conference calls to organize the very first tea parties in February 2009, uses this basis too. She said something to me the other night which crystallized that feeling I couldn’t shake and brought clarity: “What’s true is true.”

And I know this much is true: The PPACA is unconstitutional, illegal, and the ultimate illustration of crony capitalism and in Michigan also which serves no one but the cronies. Therefore, the PPACA is immoral; it doesn’t do any of the things advertised, such as helping the poor or lower costs for the majority of Americans.

There is no solution other than resisting with every tool available, legislatively and judicially. Here is just one example: Pruitt v. Sebelius 

In Federal District Court has ruled that in Pruitt v. Sebelius the state of Oklahoma has standing to pursue an important legal challenge, so every state including Michigan, which has a “federally run health insurance exchange”, has the legal standing to sue also, and should proceed as well:

Fox News: “A federal judge allowed a lawsuit challenging the legality of some ObamaCare subsidies to proceed on Monday, ruling against the Obama Administration. The judge in Oklahoma ruled that the state of Oklahoma has legal standing to sue the federal government over federal subsidies in federally run health insurance exchanges.

Forbes: “But the better chance of defunding President Obama’s first step towards socialized medicine may rest with the great state of Oklahoma.  Ironically, almost no one is paying attention, including ObamaCare opponents.”

This is why I can not support Senator Colbeck’s plan as written: it’s under the auspices of the PPACA.

So although the ideas presented are truly worthy, to lower current costs, provide better care, and to transition away from the Medicaid program altogether, they should not be undertaken within the framework of PPACA. They could and should be undertaken separately and independently and I would be happy to work with Senator Colbeck toward such an endeavor – when the time is right.

Since there are only so many hours in the day, only so many people paying attention and who are willing to act, at this time, energy should be focused on substantive effective, solutions to STOP the PPACA, including Medicaid Expansion.

So where do we go from here to defeat the expansion, HB 4714?

1. Realize that everyone needs to be engaged if you want to stop the Expansion.

The governor aided and abetted by capitalist cronies in Big Health and their army of lobbyists loaded with promises of campaign cash and potential jobs for the term limited are in it to win it. YOU MUST BE TOO!

Everyone needs to pick up the phone and call their Senator. You may choose to go down to the Capitol and speak with your Senator in person. Alphabetical by last name all contact  Information including Fax for all Senators HERE

Particular focus on:

Sen. Arlan Meekhof  (517) 373-6920
Mike Kowall  (R) 15th State Senate District (517) 373-7840
Tom Casperson  (R) 38th State Senate District (517) 373-7840
Dave Hildebrande (R) 29th State Senate District (517) 373-1801
Howard Walker   (R) 37th State Senate District (517) 373-2413
Mark Jensen (R)  28th State Senate District (517) 373-0797
John Pappageorge (R) 13th State Senate District  (517) 373-2523

For an idea of what you might say in making that call or in visiting with your Senator, the following might provide some ideas:

  • The Medicaid Expansion is not just another issue, it is THE Issue because it is an integral part of the ACA (commonly referred to as ObamaCare). If you have been paying attention at all, you will know – to the Progressives and those who wish to take our form of government, a democratic Republic and change into something else – PPACA is a means to an end. That end is SINGLE PAYER WITH THE GOVERNMENT AS PAYER (think Canada, Europe, Cuba…).
  • The PPACA is unconstitutional, illegal and the ultimate illustration of crony capitalism that serves no one but cronies.Therefore,it is also immoral, because it doesn’t do any of things it advertised, such as help the poor or lower costs.
  • There is no solution other than resisting it with every tool available, legislatively, and judicially and non-compliance. Pruitt v. Sebelius is just one example. A Federal District Court has ruled that in Pruitt v. Sebelius the state of Oklahoma has standing to pursue an important legal challenge, so every state including Michigan, which has a “federally run health insurance exchange”, has the legal standing to sue also, and should proceed as well:
  • Include the information, (You can download, print out and FAX to a Senator(s) that MIGOP Congressional Districts and MIGOP County Parties) have Resolutions against the Medicaid Expansion. There may be more but these were ones I was able to find.

Just added: 5th Congressional District HERE

On 8:15pm on August 26, 2014, the Wayne County Republican Committee voted on a resolution instructing state Senators to vote no on HB4714, or any form of Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and support SB459-60

HERE (#12 & #2)
HERE (#7)
HERE (Livingston County)
HERE (#1)
HERE (#14)
HERE (#3)
HERE (#11)
Washtenaw County HERE
St Clair County HERE

The 10th Congressional District GOP passed resolutions against Medicaid Expansion and Common Core at their August 19th meeting.

2. There will be consequences ~ I will not help in any way or vote for any Senator that votes for this expansion.

If you’re a senior voter as most seniors do and your Senator is aware of that, you may want to inform your Senator that the PPACA cuts Medicare to provide funding for Medicaid

  • “The White House is willing to make bigger Medicare cuts in order to protect Medicaid, senior economic adviser Gene Sperling said Thursday.” The Hill
  • “CMS’s proposed cuts would have come on top of $202 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage prescribed by Obamacare. Taken together, seniors would have been facing benefit cuts and cost increases of as much as $90  a month — or more than $1,000 a year.
    By reversing course, CMS has apparently decided to let Obamacare slowly bleed Medicare Advantage to death.” Forbes
  • “The reduction will occur because of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”), which is reducing Medicare benefits and raising taxes to pay for the expansion of Medicaid and subsidies in the health insurance exchanges.” National Center for Policy Analysis

3. Ask your Senator, about the point the Forbes article so succinctly states, Why is it that “Ironically, almost no one is paying attention, including ObamaCare opponents.?”

4. Call/Fax/Email Attorney General Bill Schuette and ask him to initiate a filing based on the framework of Pruitt v. Sebelius

Phone number(s) and contact e-mail and fax for the Attorney General HERE 


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