Feb 13 2014

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RNC Committeewoman Candidate Questionnaire Results

 UPDATE: Ronna Romney McDaniels won the election for new MIGOP National Committee woman.


I have received many questions from Party members about the candidates for National Committee person. In order to gain insight to give input to our state committee members I have complied a questionnaire of most asked questions. I believe that people should know where those who wish to be in leadership positions stand on issues and policy.

As you know voting will take place at a 8:00 a.m. session on Saturday, February 15th. This has placed a time burden on both candidate and membership in gaining valuable information needed in order to make a knowledge choice so I want to thank all the candidates for taking time out from their very busy schedules to answer these questions.

State FlagI would encourage precinct delegates to contact their State Committee person and inform them of your choice for the new RNC Committeewoman

To access the completed questionnaire for Mary Sear Click HERE
To access the completed questionnaire for Sandra Kahn Click HERE
To access the completed questionnaire for Ronna Romney McDaniel   Click HERE 

Contact Your State Committee person

Click this LINK to access contact information for your committee person.

I have omitted telephone numbers as a right of privacy however calls are appropriate if you already have access to your committee person’s phone number.

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  1. Denis Curran

    The State committee members who voted this weekend will be the same ones who will be coming around cajoling precinct delegates next January, asking to be re-elected. They’ll be telling them how conservative they are, and how well they represent them. The August and November elections will intervene before then, and this vote may be distant and forgotten. Talk is cheap, but actions are real. Let’s try and preserve a complete record of this event, and keep it in mind at the 2015 district caucuses. Does anybody have any notes of how the committee members voted? A little record keeping now will go a long way later.

    1. Joan


      I am not on State Committee however I know some folks who are and expect to receive an accounting including a vote total or a reasonable estimate

      Thanks for commenting


  2. Shirley

    I would like to know how my rep voted for this position

    1. Joan

      Email or call him/her and ask

  3. Denis Curran

    A message written by one individual may be blown off. A letter signed by several interested people, ESPECIALLY if they are precinct delegates, will probably get enough concern to get a response, even if it is evasive.

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