Jun 11 2014

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**TODAY** Politicans Push for YOUR Money! Call to Say “NO”!

“Excessive taxation…will carry reason and reflection to every man’s door, and particularly in the hour of election” Jefferson letter to John Taylor — 1798



JUST IN: Speaking of compromises with Democrats…When you do down that road it leads to a black hole! Road Funding Discussions Dredge Up ‘Right To Work’

This it it folks, Senate Majority leader, Randy Richardville is pushing for a roll call vote today because he is being pushed by the Governor to increase fuel or sales taxes.

The compromise with the Democrats is: “provide some form of tax relief for working families.”

Who knows what that is? But compromises come at a cost. And haven’t the Republican majority compromised on policy enough with the minority Democrats?!

In fact big tax increases ARE Democrat policy!

“Richardville’s most recent fuel tax proposal would convert existing excise taxes — 19-cents per gallon for gasoline and 15-cents for diesel — to an adjustable version based on the average wholesale prices of fuel. If wholesale prices stayed where they are now, gas and diesel taxes would rise to 26 cents in 2015 and upwards of 40 cents by 2018.”  Mlive

Michigan Gas Tax

Potholes can be fixed without raising taxes! We can fix our roads without huge tax increase. $1.7 billion is the figure being thrown around!

Everyone argues about the amount, but the whole reason we are in this mess is money that should be going to roads isn’t going to roads.

Yes, that’s right! The tax you pay on gas does not all go to roads! So we propose to solve that problem by what, making it worse?

Millions of state funds are being diverted from highway uses to mass transit subsidies (Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF) which is primarily used for mass transit) and other non-highway activities of often dubious value.

SOME BACKGROUND: “Then, in 2003, an important legislative change was made that masks the true level of transfers to the SOS for “collection services……The net result of these changes is that the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) is being reduced by some $98 million per year to cover SOS collection expenses, thereby reducing the need for General Fund contributions to the SOS.

The MTF has also been used to pay for the services of a number of other state agencies. In 2005 some $43.4 million was transferred from the MTF via interdepartmental grants (IDGs) to other state departments, including SOS, for “collection expenses” and for various other services. An additional $31.1 million of MTF monies were appropriated for Information Services and the MEDC in FY 2005. MDOT also contracted for a variety of other services from state departments, at a cost of $70.1 million in 2005. The grants were for services provided to MDOT, such as for State Police, Civil Service, etc., and for the noted collection expenses. While these are reasonable service charges in most cases, they still reduce the amount of money available for road investment.” Road Funding: Time for a Change By Dr. John C. Taylor, published on April 16, 2007

Notice how the debate on whether or not this money goes to mass transit is not even mentioned?

And by the way now railroads are getting into the act of holding out their hand!

Railroads need funding, too

Mass transit and schools have siphoned off enough!

The Primary elections are coming in August and incumbents would be wise to learn from Eric Cantor’s historic Primary loss yesterday to local tea party backed grassroots candidate Dave Brat.

RepubicratVoters are sick of “business as usual” and being dismissed by the very persons who are supposed to represent them. Voters are sick of Republicans pushing Liberal policies. As Nolan Finely noted in his recent op-ed, “If Republicans are going to make policy like Democrats, whats the point of electing them?”  The Detroit News


August is coming! It would be good to remind your Senator if he/she is not term limited, that when calling, “NO new taxes!”

SenPColbeck@senate.michigan.gov, sendbooher@senate.michigan.gov, senjbrandenburg@senate.michigan.gov, sentcasperson@senate.michigan.gov, SenBCaswell@senate.michigan.gov, senjemmons@senate.michigan.gov, senmgreen@senate.michigan.gov, senghansen@senate.michigan.gov, SenDHildenbrand@senate.michigan.gov, SenJHune@senate.michigan.gov, senmjansen@senate.michigan.gov, SenRJones@senate.michigan.gov, senrkahn@senate.michigan.gov, SenMKowall@senate.michigan.gov, jimmarleau@senate.michigan.gov, SenAMeekhof@senate.michigan.gov, senjmoolenaar@senate.michigan.gov, senmnofs@senate.michigan.gov, senjpappageorge@senate.michigan.gov, senppavlov@senate.michigan.gov, SenJProos@senate.michigan.gov, SenRichardville@senate.michigan.gov, SenDRobertson@senate.michigan.gov, sentrocca@senate.michigan.gov, sentschuitmaker@senate.michigan.gov, SenHWalker@senate.michigan.gov,



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Thank YOU for all you do, you are the heart and soul of a free Michigan


Joan Fabiano, founder Grassroots in Michigan

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