Jun 13 2014

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**Follow-Up** Legislature Adjourns Without Tax Increase!!

“The ultimate arbiter is the people of the Union.”  Thomas Jefferson
letter to William Johnson — 1823


Lipstick on a pigDespite the best efforts, arm twisting, promises and amendment upon amendment) of Gov. Snyder, Senate majority leader Randy Richardville (term limited) and Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (term limited) to put lipstick on a pig the legislature could not  muster the votes Thursday for a big tax increase. The Senate has adjourned until July 16 returns August 13, but doesn’t resume the regular schedule until September 9.

In fact it was high drama under the Dome as Snyder, Richardville and Snyder huddled trying to find a way to “get er done” including keeping the Senators in session long into the night on Tuesday to wear them down however, time after time the big tax increase was rejected.

Democrat Senate MINORITY (hint, hint Republicans) leader Gretchen Whitmer kept Democrat demands going.  And as reported in a local news service, Sen. Roger Kahn (R-Saginaw Township), a vital backer of more taxes for roads, stormed out of the Senate in frustration chased by reporters, but the only thing they could get out of him was ” I don’t want to talk to you.”

(And they accuse us of being petulant if we don’t get our way?!)

Amid the confusion and shock of Kahn taking a hike, Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R-Lawton), presiding over the Senate, laughed uncomfortably, and Meekhof tried to stifle a smile. ( I am sure he wasn’t the only one)

However, any ray of hope that some kind of a gas tax bill, big or small, probably left with him.”

It could not be worse for the “Governerd” who pushed hard for the tax increase.

MI Taxed Too Much Already SMALL“Taxed Too Much Already” grassroots activists from across the state, lobbied called and send emails. And you have to wonder if Eric Cantor’s historic defeat by tea party challenger Dave Brat was on some Senators minds as the election looms.

And speaking of elections, the current GOP “leadership” handed the Democrats a major policy issue to use in the upcoming elections:

Republicans pushing for a tax increases, which is Democrat policy

Democrats fighting the tax increases which should be Republican policy, unless there was other forms of tax relief “for the poor and middle class”.

Democrats candidates going door to door this election season WILL be reminding voters. Way to go GOP “leadership”

However, it may help limited government Constitutional candidates running against big government incumbents. Way to go GOP leadership!

But the ONLY way to prevent increased taxes and big government is to vote into office limited government Constitutional candidates who know their boss isn’t the Governor or Party leaders but the people who voted them in office, their constituents, guided by Michigan’s Constitution when making policy in the upcoming August Primary.

Much credit goes to Sen. Patrick Colbeck who to my knowledge was the only Senator to be publicly vocal against the huge tax increases.  See video of Sen. Colbeck’s passionate speech on the Senate floor. He offered solutions that did not raise taxes.  A huge thank you to Senator Colbeck for standing in the gap for Michigan tax payers!

Now lets enjoy summer and work to get those limited government Constitutional candidates into office!



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  1. Dave Agema

    They will recess, get re-elected and then in lame duck pass the gas tax. Demand that they prioritize spending in other areas, use the 6% sales tax on gas and put it in roads,
    not schools and use the MRTF fund to repair roads, not buy more government land.

    1. Joan

      Wow Dave, we are a little pessimistic aren’t we? Lets just work our fannies off until the August Primary and see how it all shakes out, shall we?

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