Jul 27 2014

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The Obama Care Michigan STATE Exchange is Making a Comeback! Which Candidates Support it?

“The ultimate arbiter is the people of the Union.”  Thomas Jefferson
letter to William Johnson — 1823


Michigan Citizen Voters:

As many of you know, this Tuesday: A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, (which can affect the nation) ruled 2-1 that the IRS went too far in extending subsidies to those who buy insurance through the federally run exchange, known as HealthCare.gov.

Hours later another federal appeals court — the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (affects four states in the Southeast) — on a similar case, upheld the subsidies in their entirety.

“President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul suffered a potentially crippling blow as a U.S. appeals court ruled the government can’t give financial assistance to anyone buying coverage on the insurance marketplace run by federal authorities.” Insurance Journal

However, the caveat is where our legislators come in: The decision said the law “unambiguously restricts” the subsidies to insurance bought on state-run exchanges.

In an article for Mackinac Policy Center, “Obamacare’s Survival up to State Legislators” Jack McHugh sums it up: “This case poses an existential threat to the law euphemistically known as “the Affordable Care Act.” If the current decision is upheld, the ACA’s survival will be in the hands of legislators in Michigan and 35 other states. In plain English, Obamacare will likely collapse if its subsidies are not available in more than half the states, or even a significant number of those states.”

Election 2014SMALLAnd that is why, ladies and gentleman, the legislators who brought you the 2011 bill to create a state Obama Care Exchange SB 693 intend to reintroduce the bill!

And no doubt try to ram it though BEFORE the General Election!

Oh and lets not forget the extra Fed dollars and the benefit to political power brokers,the hospitals and the candidates who gain from their campaign dollars.

SB 693 PASSED the Senate in 2011 but grassroots activists like yourself stopped it in Committee before it reached the House.

No-ObamacareAnother very good reason that Constitutionalists are elected in the Primary to run in November.

And that is why you need to know BEFORE you vote in the Primary where the candidates stand. A good indicator of whether incumbent candidates will support the reintroduction of a state Obamacare exchange is: Did they support the Exchange the first time around?

To see a list of everyone who has voted for the Exchange or anything dealing with the supporting Obama Care including it’s main component, Medicaid Expansion (1)


 Click HERE


(1) The governor’s budget includes total funding for the Department of Community Health of $17.4 billion, includ­ing $2.9 billion in state General Fund dollars, an increase of approximately 3% over the current year. The bulk of the funding is for the state’s Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan programs (74%)…

The budget for D CH is the state’s largest, growing by more than 60% between Fiscal Years 2005 and 2014. This year, federal funds make up nearly 69% of the DCH budget.

Medicaid: Approximately one in every five Michigan residents relies on Medicaid for healthcare coverage, and more than half of all births are paid for by the program. In the current fiscal year, the governor projects that 1.8 million Michigan residents will be covered by Medicaid. MI League for Public Policy

The total budget is up 6% over the previous year with a $3 billion increase.

That added money is mostly federal dollars. It’s slated to help with Michigan’s new expansion of Medicaid eligibility. 9&10 News

obama CronySMALL


This is the state prostituting itself for Federal Funds with strings attached Fed programs like Obama Care and Medicaid. It is why Governor Snyder and his crony legislators want it. M-O-N-E-Y









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  1. Patricia fischer

    I left the convention as a new delegate totally disallusioned. It was clear to me that everything had been predetermined and preselected by someone.  This contributes to the problems we are having in politics today. Why become invoved if you cannot effect change?  As I left, I heard several others stating the same thing. I came prepared
     to participate in a democratic event. This convention was a waste of my time.

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