Aug 12 2014

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** SPECIAL MESSAGE ** Wes Press 1ST Edition


Hello Precinct Delegates and other interested parties,

WesMy name is Wes Nakagiri and I’m sure you have heard by now that I am running for the position of Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor will be selected BY THE DELEGATES at the MIGOP State Convention on Saturday, August 23rd.

If you are wondering why I am sending you this message via so many different means of communication and organizations, it’s because I have always believed the best voter is the most informed voter.

I define an informed voter as someone who is NOT “educated” through television ads, radio spots and glossy mailers. But one that does their own research and takes advantage of every opportunity to get to the truth about the issues and the candidates that could potentially affect you, your family, this state and our country.

A recent Gongwer article based on the race for Lt. Governor quoted a gentleman as saying “He needs to learn more about Mr. Nakagiri.” In the week leading up to the convention I will help him – and any others interested – to know exactly who I am, what I believe and why I am running. And I appreciate every effort my supporters put forth to help me get my message out to those who have been elected Precinct Delegates.

During the next few days I – with the help of some friends – will be sending out what I am calling the “Wes Press”. This will be a few paragraphs every other day, in hopes that anyone looking to know more about this race will see why they should be supporting me for the office of Lieutenant Governor.

If you desire more information or would like to contact me, please go to my site


Wes Press – 1st Edition

“The TEA Party Must Come To Its Senses!?”

Nolan Finley put out the article linked below entitled “The TEA Party must come to its senses.” Now if I was the wordsmith that Nolan is I would have rebutted with, “WE HAVE!” and that is why the Establishment is having so many problems!

Mr. Finley doesn’t understand that the problems the Republicans are having are with fellow Republicans! It’s not the evil TEA Party but Conservative Republicans battling Moderate to Liberal Republicans. Platform Republicans vs Big Tent Republicans.

The article is full of Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson quotes. I couldn’t help but hone in on this one, “They’d rather go down to defeat than bend on their principles.”

Allow me to provide a little dictionary help for Mr. Finley and Mr. Patterson. The meaning of Principle: A moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions.

Am I – are we – supposed to feel bad that our principles, our values, our morals actually mean something? That many of us still believe a handshake “seals the deal” and our word is our bond?

I believe that because so many have waivered on their principles, have compromised their integrity, “mis-spoke” instead of lied, and accepted instead of excepted, that it’s become commonplace for Americans to be suspicious and skeptical of their leaders. Our legislators have become “politicians” instead of Representatives.

I can assure you my word is my oath, my values solid and my motives honest. I will support and defend the platform of our party as it aligns with the principles that guide my life. My desire to serve as your Lt. Governor is based solely on looking to represent you. If elected, I’ll have your back!




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