Aug 18 2014

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“Wes Press” – 3rd Edition

Behind the Scenes but Not in Front!?


Dear Delegates/Alternates and other interested parties,

The County Conventions are now over and who will be attending the Republican State Convention as voting delegates has been determined.

GrassrootsThe reports coming out on how the different counties handled the election process have been interesting to say the least. Regardless, it is encouraging to see so many actual grassroots people getting involved!  And those affected by the decisions made in Lansing are now actively engaged in the process of determining who those Decision Makers should be.

Thank you for your continued interest in reading these posts. I hope they provide you with the opportunity to get to know a bit more about me before the August 23rd Republican State Convention.  I hope that something you read or will read from these presses will cause you to pledge your support to me.

Many delegates recently received a letter from Lt. Governor Brian Calley. It informed readers why he considers himself grassroots, about his family, and his church background. He went on to explain what he has accomplished in his role of Lt. Governor, as a legislator and his involvement with the Michigan Business Tax, legislation he actually sponsored.

I found the following statements to be of particular interest:

“In order to move policy in a more conservative direction, the Lt. Governor needs to have access to the Governor and credibility with the legislature.”

I could not agree more!  That is why I am not concerned with the inferences that I will be banished to an office in the basement of the Romney Building or in some mysterious corner of Lansing. Do you really believe that a sitting governor would ignore the direction of the grassroots of his party? Governing in a representative republic without the consent of his grassroots would prove to be very difficult. I respect Governor Snyder more than to think he would be so petty.

As far as credibility, I do have relationships with some of the legislators that work towards introducing and promoting strong conservative policies. I feel confident that others when given the opportunity to work with me will understand that I am in tune with the issues, thoughtful, rational and reasonable.  These are qualities I have always had and have honed as an ENGINEER employed by a Fortune 200 company.

Lt. Governor Calley’s letter goes on to state:

“This access allows me to make conservative arguments internally as decisions are being made, rather than trying to work from the outside through the press or other channels.”

And that access has gotten us what exactly? How have those internal arguments actually worked for us? We now have Medicaid Expansion, Common Core, and a senior pension tax. We’re also looking at a substantial gas tax increase that will put an additional financial burden on the working class and seniors.

Another part of the letter reads:

“The bottom line is our Administration has vigorous debates behind the scenes but we come out with united positions. We are not always 100 percent in agreement but my voice is heard and the result of my involvement is more conservative policy.”

GOP Party PlatformNo use writing again what I stated above. The only comment I will make is that I intend to make your conservative voice heard with more emphasis on the conservative values stated in our Republican Platform.

Sometimes it takes someone who lives it, to actually articulate how and what the middle class is still experiencing in a getting-better-but-not-quite-there, economy.

Sometimes it takes someone who lives it, to bring another view or different approach on policy ideas or suggestions that could improve or possibly hurt the lives of Michigan citizens.

I believe in working behind the scenes but totally up front, when it comes to standing against decisions that would negatively affect the future of those living in our state.

If you vote for me, I will be someone who works with the Governor, not for the Governor and believes that together we should both be working for you!

I am looking forward to meeting many of you on August 22nd and August 23rd.  If you have any questions or would like to contact me prior to state convention, please go to my site -


Yours in Freedom,

Wes Nakagiri
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
For more information or to contact me -Visit my WEB SITE




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