Aug 18 2014

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Rotten to the Common Core

Rotten to the Common Core

The State Board of Education is seeking public input on the criteria and qualifications for the next State Superintendent!

“The State Board is in the planning process of developing the qualifications and criteria to appoint the next State Superintendent, succeeding Mike Flanagan, who will be retiring one year from now.”

Opportunities to make your voice heard are available through “Facebook page; web page; and public email address for the general public and stakeholders in education to contribute thoughtful suggestions.”



See letter below

Public Input on State Supt Search

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  1. Melanie kurdys

    Tell them to hire a Sup who opposes Common Core and has a track record to actually improving student achievement!

    1. Joan


  2. mosquito

    It would be great if whatever is taught in the schools results in adults recognizing the difference between commom core and common core!

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