Dec 11 2014

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**TODAY** Not to Late to Stop the Internet Tax!

“I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Sir Winston Churchill

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Jase Bolger Phone: (517) 373-1787


Michigan Citizens:

Grinch AlertThe lame duck is at it again and….Next Christmas will be a little less bright if the House passes       HB 4202 & HB 4203, the “Internet tax” bills.

EVERYTHING you buy on line, from autos to X-box will be taxed under the “use tax”

Big box chain retailing – not Mom & Pop – along with a taxpayer-funded lobbying organization most Americans know nothing about – are the driving forces behind these bills called the “Main Street Fairness Act” introduced in the Michigan Legislature, in many other states, and in the U.S. Congress.
Big box retailers are motivated primarily by growing fears. They’re looking for some advantage over competitors in an area where they’re all flailing: online retail sales. The chief concern is Amazon.com, which dominates through its efficient presentation and delivery of products with very attractive pricing.

Politicians don’t need much prodding to support contributors’ desired legislation and an Internet sales tax wrapped with a “Main Street” message – promises of more tax revenues isn’t a hard sell.

However, most bricks and mortar stores have online sales and the big box brick and mortar guys and online (i.e Amazon) will be able to absorb the cost of having to collect and report and deliver to the state YOUR taxes. Not that they won’t raise prices to cover that cost but its the SMALL business person, and the Ebay and Etsy seller trying to make it that will lose and many will have to close down leaving YOU less choice for purchases and a way to make some money for a secondary income, college or the retired person supplementing their income.


Increasing costs for everyone isn’t the way to “level the playing field”,
reducing costs is.


For more information: Grassroots in Michigan wrote an exhaustive three part series in 2013 (the year these bills were introduced) on why this tax is NOT fair.


The Tax-Man’s Tangled Web – Exposing the “Main Street Fairness Act – Part 1


State Sales Tax Law Sameness is “Main Street Fairness”??? (Part 2)


“Main Street Fairness”: More Taxation Without Representation (Part 3)


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