Dec 18 2014

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Snyder’s New Proposal for Road Funding

“I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Sir Winston Churchill


Michigan Gas TaxThe legislature is being asked to approve a wholesale tax on motor fuels, registration changes for motor vehicles registrations and heavy trucks and reforms to transportation related matters. They’re also being asked to restore the state’s Earned Income Tax credit.

Those changes would only go into effect if voters approve the May ballot measure.

The deal was announced during a noon new conference.

The news conferences came as lawmakers were back at it in Lansing, working out a deal to fix the state’s crumbling roads. Lawmakers in both the House and Senate are expected to vote on the measure sometime this afternoon WXYZ Detroit

The deal will need 2/3rds support in both chambers and they only have until late this afternoon when the Senate is scheduled to adjourn to get it passed. Expect a looong session so ITS NOT TO LATE TO CALL YOUR HOUSE REP AND SENATOR!

For some ideas to fund the roads without increasing taxes:Patrick Colbeck: Increasing taxes should be last option to fixing our roads

And how about cutting spending?? Lawmakers Could Balance Budget by Cutting Spending and Selling State Assets

Watch Senate TV HERE 

Watch House TV HERE

The deal came about to “get er done” as the legislature could not agree on a plan. The Senate voted for the high tax increase and the House voted for Bolger’s “revenue neutral” plan

However, this is a double tax folks! The Internet tax is included in Snyder’s plan as a “use tax.” Remember when we spoke about bargaining chips? The Internet tax bills they tried to ram through in lame duck, the so called “Main Street Fairness” tax bills HB 4202 & HB 4203 are part of this deal with Democrats who wanted to reinstitute the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Homestead Exemption.

Republicans increasing taxes and Democrats asking for tax relief?

If these bills pass expect a media campaign in favor of Snyder’s proposal like you won’t believe!

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