Jan 01 2015

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Happy Limited Government New Year!

“The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress (Legislators) meets.” Will Rogers

First of all I want to extend a Happy New Year to you and yours.


Graphic courtesy of  Right Michigan http://rightmi.com/

Graphic courtesy of
Right Michigan

Secondly, this year is a defining year for Michigan and her citizens. We have an opportunity to undo a great deal of the damage done from the 2014 lame duck session.
Reversing the numerous tax hikes, including the Internet tax rammed through in the last minutes of the 2014 session under the “Transportation Funding Package”

To view the tax hikes click HERE

HOWEVER, the caveat is that “The resolution would require voter approval at the May 12, 2015, regular election. (Obviously a typo here it’s May 5th)

The following bills are tie-barred to House Joint Resolution UU, meaning they would not take effect unless voters approve the amendment to the State Constitution”
In other words, the increases are tied to Michigan’s Constitution being amended to allow for the increase in sales tax. If the amendment fails, all the bills are null and void.

The lame duck also constructed the ballot language HERE for the State Board of Canvassers approval.  Looking at the board members you know approval will be quick

In the coming weeks you will be bombarded by less than truthful PR from various organizations who believe that Michigan CAN be taxed into prosperity.


We know better.


They have tied some good policy into the proposal, using these to elicits votes. Such as increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, competitive and performance based bidding and project warranties for road construction

However, these bills can be resurrected and voted on again in the new session with new incoming Reps and do NOT out weight the tax increases.


EVERYONE can do something to fight these excessive taxes and fees from taking effect thereby demanding that the government do as we do, live by a budget that does not require ever increasing revenue taken from others (taxes)

Grassroots in Michigan will be developing and sending you a free simple bullet flier for you to give to your neighbors, friends, fellow workers. Pin it on boards in stores, leave it with a (generous:-) tip at restaurants.

The point is everyone can help get the real FACTS out. As they say, “all politics is local”

Other free source of getting the FACTS out is letters to the editor, and calling in local talk shows.

And then make calls and offer rides to get those who know the FACTS to the polls on May 5, 2015!


We will be following this closely keeping you updated on upcoming events related to the May 5th vote




You will get emails from anonymous or unknown “organizations” asking for your contact information and for donations. Our advise to find out whom is behind the message and just how they intend to use your money

It’s for this reason we do not advise signing most petitions, it is simply data collecting. Lists are then sold so that more unsolicited and unknown requests show up in your Inbox.


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  1. jgillman

    Happy New Year Joan!

    1. Joan

      Same to you Jason!

  2. Jennifer Lawson

    I will be ready to print out those fliers when I receive them! Thank you, all!!!

    1. Joan

      Working on it in between working on having fun RVing! Thanks!

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