Oct 19 2015

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**SHOWDOWN IN LANSING** Road Funding Debate – Your Invited!

Showdownwith textDowntown Lansing, Capital Square


In our last Newsletter we spoke about Senator Colbeck’s challenge to his colleagues in the Senate and House to dispense with politics-as-usual and debate on road funding to fix roads without raising your taxes in an open and public manner. SEE IT ON YOU TUBE HERE


Someone has taken him up on his offer, Ingham County Liberal and fellow Senator Curtis Hertel


This isn’t just a debate about road funding, at it’s core it is a debate between Constitutional limited government and big government.


Details below:


We need you in Lansing on Tuesday October 20th if at all possible.


1. From 12 noon til 1:15 we will gather at Central United Methodist Church, 215 N. Capital in Lansing (map here). We are arranging for a presentation of the history of the effort to fund the road repairs that Michigan needs over the past few years including the smokey back room deal called Prop. 1 that was destroyed by 81% to 19% by fed up Michigan voters.

Since this is grassroots gathering, bring a sack lunch, and some snacks to share if you wish. If you have any letters or messages for your representative bring them along. We intend to have someone video statements to your legislator also.


Colbeck Hertel2. The debate between Senator Colbeck and Senator Hertel will take place in the Appropriations Room on the 3rd floor of the Capital Building from 1:30 to 2:15.

Just a short walk across the street from the church.


The debate will be moderated by Kyle Melinn of MIRS News Service.

A podcast of the event will be made available by MIRS after the event


Use #RdTaxDebate and #mitcot on Twitter


See you there!


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  1. Rhonda

    What a huge freaking waste of time there isn’t one person in our government that gives two craps about what the American people think their in office to obtain a pay check and pipe smoke up everyone’s butt and what’s very sad is we the idiots put these fools in office go ahead and gather voice your opinion it is NEVER heard because we don’t matter.

  2. Marilyn Wootton

    Wish I could attend. I would like to ask Curtis Hertel why the legislature can’t live within its means. There is much waste in the budget. Lots of money going to areas that constituents no nothing about and would never approve. Make the cuts necessary to fund the road repair from reductions in the budget. Invite the public to help. Lots of us would be willing.

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