Mar 13 2016

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“Let all the poisons….

“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud now hatch out.”

“I Claudius” by Robert Graves


Bill Sanders NowlingMy story on Bill Nowling, the former spokesperson for the Michigan Republican Party, Governor Rick Snyder’s 2010 campaign and current communications strategist to the Snyder administration who “FELT THE BERN” and voted for self-described socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders in the GOP Primary was picked up by a local news service and the interview of Nowling and GOP Chair spokesperson Sarah Anderson is very interesting.

1. Bill Nowling is NOT the only Republican who said they would vote for a Liberal instead of the Donald Trump, he is just the only one foolish enough to say so in public, on Facebook on a post that has since been deleted. If Nowling is so passionate about his position why delete the thread?

As reported, “On Facebook, several Republicans in recent days said they would vote for Hillary Clinton if Mr. Trump is the nominee,…

Screen shot 2016-03-09 at 9.31.02 AMPrivately, a number of well-known Republicans have told reporters they will not support Mr. Trump, and some have said they would not support Sen. Ted Cruz …should he be the GOP nominee…..many may not vote for president or vote for a minor party candidate.”

Really? Where are the brow beating calls for unity we saw in the last presidential campaign?

Last campaign if you would have made statements like Nowling you were a traitor, now you are some kind of patriot?

And where were Obama laugingall those MIGOP “patriots” when Gov Snyder (R) was pushing the SCOTUS Care Exchanges,(hat tip to a true American patriot, Justice Antonin Scalia)  along with GOP legislators which have proved to be miserable failed disasters costing taxpayers to the tune of $2.4 billion as many state exchanges have folded like a cheap suit?

And where were all those MIGOP “patriots” when Gov Snyder(R) and GOP legislators passed the Medicaid Expansion that will cost Michigan taxpayers millions more?

And where were all these MIGOP “patriots” when the Gov. Snyder (R) once again aided and abetted by most Stop Prosal OneGOP legislators kicked sand in the face of the people of Michigan and voted for higher taxes for roads after the people said NO by 80% to 20%?

Nowling went on to say,”… while he would disagree with Mr. Sanders on many things, he was also the kind of person whom people of opposing sides could work with. “That’s something we’ve forgotten how to do,”

Sanders the socialist?? Forgotten how to work with?? Most Congressional GOP have worked almost nonstop to help Obama push his policies!  Let all join hands and sing Kumbaya!

But wait! There is more

On Socialism vs Capitalism:

Michigan State Housing Development Authority Director Kevin Elsenheimer posted a quote from  Margaret Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Nowling posted back to this, saying, “And capitalism refis debt to make it other people’s debt. Just sayin’.

Just sayin’?!!
“Mr. Nowling said he has not given up many of his conservative credentials, saying he is still for lower taxes and is skeptical of government’s ability to “achieve any good for people.” He also said Ms. Clinton does have more experience to be president.”  

Ok I am ALMOST speechless on this one! Like “Christian” the word “Conservative” has obviously lost all  meaning. Saying it doesn’t make it so. I could stand in a garage but that doesn’t make me a car. Actions not words.

2. Deny, Deny ,Deny

“Sarah Anderson, the current Michigan Republican Party spokesperson, expressed surprise when told of Mr. Nowling’s post. But she also said she was not worried that Mr. Nowling was emblematic of any movement of Republicans against Mr. Trump.”

This would be laughable if we didn’t have day to day truth of the validity of the organized movement by the GOP status quo against Donald Trump Romney Putz

Mitt Romney Attacks Donald Trump, Pushes for Contested Convention

Tech billionaires plot with GOP leaders at exclusive island resort to stop Trump

“Ms. Anderson said once the “long and divisive” primary is done, then a healing process can begin,….Even so, she said, the party couldn’t condone behavior such as Mr. Trump mocking disabled people.”

Not withstanding the Party obviously has no problem with Nowling voting for a socialist Democrat in the Primary as MIGOP spokesperson, Ms Anderson, never addressed it.

And the big finish to Bill Nowling’s interview,  “Given the mood of the electorate I’m not sure (a healing process) is plausible. There is so much animosity.”

Gee Bill do you think you and other GOP status quo controllers might have contributed to any of that animosity??

Just curious but do we know Nowling wasn’t in Chicago recently?


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  1. Bruce Venable

    this is one crazy election cycle, you can’t trust anybody anymore! can’t trust those who call themself Republicans, Conservative, Christian, Tea Party, all those labels seems to mean nothing anymore! you have all these people calling themselves tea party Patriots, conservatives, constitutionalist, and they reject the true conservative, and constitutionalist Ted Cruz, and are supporting Donald Trump, Hippocrates! same with Christians, rejecting the true Christian, and supporting Donald Trump, hypocrites! hypocrisy seems to be running rampant!

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