Dec 31 2016

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Happiest New Year in Eight Years!

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2017 is looking bright and I am encouraged! As Americans, we were granted a “stay of execution” by the grace of almighty God.

Michigan is now a RED state for the 1st time since 1988! Something that many thought would never happen. Just like many thought Michigan would never become a Right to Work state. And our House is the most Conservative we have seen in years.

However, we know it is only a stay. Leftists have been defeated but not destroyed. We must pray and remain diligent to built upon these victories. We need to start planning NOW for the election battle of 2018, as the Leftist most certainly are doing fueled by their anger and defeats. All 110 House seats are up for election in 2018. All 38 Senate seats are up for election in 2018.

From MoveOn.org Moveon.org 2





We need to encourage, vet then help and promote viable, creditable Conservative candidates to fill seats for 2018 and help retain Conservatives who hold seats.

Debbie StabenowCould we even dump Debbie? Yes! With the right candidate and the necessary support.


We need to built upon a red Michigan and a Right to Work Michigan by starting the conversation and organization for the next step for Michigan’s future, to become a NO Income Tax State!

Michigan citizens already pay far to many taxes!

Michigan has a fixed income tax of 4.25% plus a sales tax of 6%. Michigan has a high tax on gasoline due to the fact that the 6% sales tax is collected on gas in addition to all the road taxes.

Taxed Too Much AlreadyAnd hold on to your wallet but thanks to our “Republican majority” and the set of so called road funding bills, your license fees will go up this January. “Cost of owning and operating a vehicle in Michigan to rise

Michigan also will be in the top 6 highest fuel tax in the nation thanks to those same road funding bills while still having some of the worst roads in the U.S.!

We also have property taxes on top of all this.

Michigan also has the highest car insurance premiums in the U.S., and electricity rates are among the highest.

And hold on to your wallet again! Yup that pesky “Republican majority” passed a series of bills that will cause your electric rates to go even higher!

“The Republican-led chamber voted Thursday to boost the required use of renewable sources of power and to keep intact some competition in the electricity market on the final day of the two-year term.” “Michigan House passes energy bills on final day”

President-elect Trump isn’t the only one who has some undoing that needs to be done!

However, for that we need a Conservative legislature and Governor.

So as we celebrate the New Year let us do it with a renewed energy enabled by the example of Donald J. Trump’s candidacy, that anything IS possible as long as your willing to roll up your sleeves, pray and fight to win for Michigan! We can make Michigan Great Again!

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